6 thoughts on “New Book Due Out September 1”

  1. Blown away by the initial reviews. Even more by the reviewers. Looks like Ed has, in a way I didn’t think possible, outdone himself with this one. Give me that book!

    1. This can really help—if enough people buy, borrow, give, lend, recommend and read it. True, it’s probably mostly already online, as I found while looking for a review. But what a luxury for people who spend too much time in screenland to at last read the essays in something one can pull from a shelf and leaf through nonelectronically, underline sentences, write in the margins. Twenty-four more days.

  2. I once considered writing a book about life in this society. It was titled; ‘Something for Everyone’. The book consisted of 100 blank pages between 2 covers.

  3. I’m really looking forward to reading your book Ed. Every such breath of sanity is deeply appreciated in today’s virtual desert of truth.

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