Robert Kennedy Jr. in An Extraordinary Debate Performance Vs. Alan Dershowitz

Do not miss this debate.  RFK, Jr. finally gets a chance to show the world the truth about Big Pharma, the CDC, NIH, and the U.S. Congress’s complicity in a vast criminal enterprise that is protected by law and is allowed to use the American people as guinea pigs for obscene profits.


15 thoughts on “Robert Kennedy Jr. in An Extraordinary Debate Performance Vs. Alan Dershowitz”

  1. I guess I would not seem sophisticated enough to simply state Dershowitz is a gigantic fraud! I’m sure he has always been.

    “The truth is less believed than the lies of the emperor” More relevant today than ever!

  2. If there is a more pathetic transparent shill for oligarchy than Dershowitz I’d be hard pressed to name him. Dershowtiz’s attacks on Norman Finkelstein’s tenure forever mark him as a cowardly amoral shill for power.

  3. Postmodernism and its Discontents: Pervasive Anomie

    It seems to me error or sin of Postmodernism is straightforward: ultimately, to de-legitmize [suppress, cancel, malign, destroy] the likes of Marx and Durkheim, for example. And in present case: destroy any critique of drug pushing cartels and their life-destroying vaccination project, putting chips in us, etc.

    Marx’ elucidation of Capitalism, a grand theory to be sure viz. consequences of the Big C.

    His meta theory more relevant now than ever.

    It was about a systemic critique about production and distribution of goods and services, and the accumulation of capital by dominant powers, UK, Germany, France, a coming power, US, etc.

    And, this is key: implicitly, how this Euro-centric phenomena came to dominate social relations – social relations in its broadest sense to include industrial relations and all many of relations, between people, and agents of institutions, also broadly speaking.

    Marx’ theory can reasonably be read as a warning to us all, rich and poor and destitute alike, anywhere: beware of the big C. It is not your friend.

    To people of Europe and beyond, a world wide warning, as it were.

    Its universalism is not in dispute among reasonable and rational folks, anywhere.

    And it’s in part an antidote to what Martin Luther King labeled the three evils of:
    and war/terrorism/military/etc. – the essential functions of powerful actors and states to perpetuate the Big C.

    And the evils of those pushing vaccines at all costs.

    Peter Kivisto, his book: Key Ideas in Sociology. First published July 22, 1997 includes discussion of Post Modernism, and how it has been and is being employed.

    You may [or may not] conclude that PM critique of Marx, in terms of a general rejection of meta narrative, completely distorts and turns upside down
    1] a humanistic critique
    2] and replace this with an ideology [a religion, a myth, nonsense] – another as it were meta narrative actually — that actually justifies, theoretically at least: canceling any critique of anything — using among other things identity politics and political correctness, and multi culturalism and so on and so forth.

    This, this PM perspective: justifies: de-legitmizing, suppressing, canceling, maligning, and destroying any critique of anything! — including critique of the big C. – and thus become a bogeyman for the big C., [and by extension continued neo imperialism of people around the world injured and killed and maimed and destroyed by the big C].

    For my taste, I particularly like this sentence and sentence from Kivisto:

    “Thus, the end of grand narrative signals the exhaustion of the modernist project, with its conviction that human knowledge could be used to remedy problems in both nature and the social world and, in the process, to facilitate more humane and sustainable societies. We arrive at a state of, as Durkheim termed it, pervasive anomie.”


  4. RFK’s response to Dershowitz saying we should trust the Big Pharma execs as honorable men with our best interests at heart was breathtaking. Not only are they not honorable, they’re criminals. And he was quite convincing, like a good trial lawyer.

  5. In an interview, I once heard Ed answer a question along the lines of why he had such sharp edges to his opinions. I think the subject was the World Trade Center Atrocity, but it doesn’t matter. Ed’s answer was that he was simply out of bullshit. So is RFK Jr.

  6. In the beginning argument Dershowitz uses how 18 year old men who were drafted by law during WWII by their Government to serve and using this as the same concept that it should be mandatory to take the Covid vaccine. I believe these two issues are not comparable due to the fact that we live in different times and circumstances.
    People of coloured background, the elderly, and the people who were already sick were targeted by the man-made Covid-19 virus. So why should we trust any vaccine that hasn’t been safely tested for Covid. And since 1989 vaccines have caused serious physical and mental injuries in children with no safety protocols involved and also have been known to pass around other known viruses to others. I personally have no desire to have my body violated by any vaccine made in these questionable times where our Human Rights are being systematically strip away by our Governments. MY BODY, MY CHOICE.
    Dershowitz addressed Robert three times about the wearing of masks and whether he was wearing one himself when he ventured outside his home during the debate. He came across as a dog with a bone he couldn’t let go. Anyone who has taken Science in high school knows that you get sick from breathing in Co2.
    I fine that Dershowitz is a two face creature who believes that we should go ahead and get the Covid vaccine even if we are dragged to the doctor’s office kicking and screaming against our Constitutional Human Rights Amendment. He believes that the testing for Covid vaccine should not proceed until after the fact that we have all been vaccinated. And then there are times he says he is in complete agreement with Robert. Is he Mr. Hide or Mr. Jekyll?

  7. Dershowitz was a parade of wet farts. Bobby was disciplined and focused, scoring major indisputable poinrs and had Dickowitz on his heels. D was saved by the bell to stink another day, sadly

    1. He either is unaware and then he’s ignorant, or, more likely, he used it as a tactic to try to get RFK, Jr. to react emotionally, get off topic, and look bad. That Bobby did not take the bait demanded incredible self-discipline and is a testament, not only to his intelligence, but to his character. I found it quite breathtaking and salute him.

      1. I agree with this wholeheartedly! Bobby Kennedy is just unflappable. He didn’t rise to the bait Dershowitz dangled several times to get him off topic. I admire this courageous man who follows the truth wherever it leads.

  8. Clearly Robert Kennedy knows a hell of a lot more about vaccines than Alan Dershowitz. Dershowitz is playing defense for the pharmaceutical industry and dismissing Bobby’s information as conspiracy. Why the big emphasis masks? That is irrelevant.

    1. Chris, Bobby controls the debate completely once it gets rolling. By the end, Dershowitz know clearly he has lost. Pax, Ed

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