2 thoughts on “Heal the Divide”

  1. I agree Newton….we have a disaster, an emergency…actually we’ve had this emergency for a very long time….we ignore it.
    I think we need to talk more intimately as humans and not dwell on past events, hero’s that never were and all of the brain activity/distractions from doing something real during this emergency. Citizens need to start gathering and talking from their blood and guts, develop trust, caring, ideas, strategies….if one is hungry…hopefully any book will also be edible. We really need to wake up !

  2. The key difference between 1968 and 2023 is the strong strain of idealism/sense of possibility which infused and inspired many of us young boomers. That was the wind beneath RFK’s wings. That wind died long ago, so how can RFK Jr. hope to get off the ground? Something akin to divine intervention would seem to be necessary. Thus it becomes increasingly clear to me–as to my friend, Ed–that a future worth having hinges on the existence of God. The tragedy, of course, is that there are many gods who are not God, and, as the Greeks were fond of saying, when gods quarrel, men die.

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