On the Day of Departure

For my dear friend, Graeme MacQueen, the great 9/11 writer, who departed yesterday from life’s mystery to the other.

When you are ready
And the day dawns
Remember how love
Wraps you in its arms
And the sweet sound
Of grace lifts you up
Lighter than a feather
And places you onboard
The silent ship that sails
Calmly out to sea. Listen
To us calling, “Bon Voyage,
Let us know when you arrive”

3 thoughts on “On the Day of Departure”

  1. Ed, Your Beautiful, Poignant Poem is in Honor of your dear friend the Great Graeme MacQueen who deeply respected, admired and loved you. How fortunate you both were to share your work, insights, friendship with each other over the years….

    I too was fortunate to have spoken again with Graeme that fateful morning of his final day on this earth. He had just sent me an email saying “Carol, It’s ok that I’m leaving this earth. I’m not afraid”. I cried with Graeme that fateful morning and I am still crying now…..

    Graeme MacQueen is a “Man of Conscience”…The depth, breath and scope of his compelling body of writing and research work is conscience driven. Graeme’s fierce belief system compelled him to shine a laser beam against any form of fraud and injustice. Graeme was a Beautiful Man of Peace, generous, compassionate to all his friends and colleagues, teaching us real life lessons of wisdom and empathy along the way…I will forever cherish my friendship and honor his work including his latest gem. The Pentagon’s B-Movie” found at ratical.org, We all love and honor Graeme. May his Soul Rest in Peace in the Great Forever. We will plan a Memorial in Honor of Graeme MacQueen in New York, Please join us.

  2. So sad Edward, that he will never get the chance to see some kind of justice for his hard work.
    Or maybe he will. ‘There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio _ _ _ _’

  3. Graeme was a great man. I had the privilege and honor of sharing the stage with him in Walkerton Ontario many years ago. I have never met anyone quite like him and probably never will.

    I am also a big fan of your work Mr. Curtin

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