Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.: To Heal the Great Divide

It has been fifty-five years since Senator Robert F. Kennedy stepped onto the presidential nominating stage to try to mend the massive breach that had opened in American society.  The country was torn asunder by the Vietnam War, racism, poverty, the assassination of President Kennedy and the soon-to-be assassination of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.  Chaos reigned as Lyndon Johnson lied and Richard Nixon matched him in verbal and actual treachery.  A war between Middle America and the elites running the government was breaking out across the country.  A great divide between whites and blacks, rich and poor, the working class and the upper class was opening wide.  The Tet Offensive had just ripped the face off the official lies about the course of the war in Vietnam and the emperor, Lyndon Jonson, stood naked and would soon announce that he would not run again.

On March 16, 1968, Senator Kennedy declared his candidacy with these words:

I do not run for the presidency merely to oppose any man but to propose new policies. I run because I am convinced that this country is on a perilous course and because I have such strong feelings about what must be done, and I feel that I’m obliged to do all that I can.

I run to seek new policies – policies to end the bloodshed in Vietnam and in our cities, policies to close the gaps that now exist between black and white, between rich and poor, between young and old, in this country and around the rest of the world.

By the end of 1968, a plague year if there ever were one, Richard Nixon, together with his goon squad, prepared to occupy the White House, Vietnam raged on, and everything King and Kennedy stood for seemed lost.  Ignorance, vituperation, and the divide-and-conquer technique long practiced by the power elites set into the body politic like a deadly cancer.  Something died, all hope seemed lost, and the perilous course RFK spoke of was never stopped.  Jackals with polished faces have sat in the White House ever since.

Today hope is resurrected.  Enter Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. center stage who will declare his candidacy for the Democratic nomination for president on Wednesday, April 19, in Boston, Massachusetts.

The wheel of history has turned and 2023 resembles 1968 in many ways while getting worse in others.  The divide in the country remains but has greatly widened.  The CIA and the intelligence agencies totally control the mainstream media now.  The Pentagon’s budget has increased exponentially.  The U.S. wages a savage war against Russia in Ukraine under the blatant lie of defending freedom while supporting Nazis and greatly risking nuclear war.  It provokes war with China.  Permanent war is government policy with military bases and CIA and special forces all over the world, waging semi-clandestine wars, or maybe just wars that people don’t want to know about.  The gap between the rich and the poor has widened while the elites mock working class people as moronic deplorables.  The Department of Defense controls the development, manufacturing, clinical testing, supply, production, and distribution of the mRNA vaccines, while the criminal pharmaceutical companies reap obscene profits.  Lies are piled upon lies in what amounts to an Orwellian nightmare.  And while LBJ and Nixon have been replaced by Joe Biden, the warfare state roll on.

Some things have changed, of course.  In 1968, liberals were turning against the U.S. war against Vietnam and were growing wary of the CIA.  Today they support all the Democratic-led wars and love the CIA.  They trust the obvious media lies and those of a proven liar such as Anthony Fauci.  Nowhere is this sadly truer than with the extended Kennedy family, who in their support for Biden, Fauci, the CIA, etc. have betrayed JFK and RFK.  Their smugness and support for Biden against their brother who is carrying on his uncle’s and father’s legacy is betrayal of the worst kind.

Despite a family actively opposed to his candidacy, despite all the media lies about him, and despite the odds makers giving him little chance, RFK, Jr. is entering the race.  It is an act of supreme moral courage.

Like his father in ’68, he is the only candidate who can heal this nation’s great divide.

That he is opposed by a huge array of people who will lie about him because he is a truthteller does not deter him.  Those lies immediately started up again as soon as word got out that he might run.  It’s an old story.

Trash will be thrown at him.  Every blemish of his nearly seventy years will be dredged up to paint him as a villain, a flawed man, a hypocrite – name all the negative terms you can think of and the real hypocrites, in their self-righteous rage, will use them against him.  They will bounce off him.  He is ready.

When Bobby, Jr. was young, his father handed him a book and said with urgency, “I want you to read this.”  It was Albert Camus’s The Plague.  He read it and it has informed his life ever since.  Just as in 1968, we live in plague times, and the plague is US, it runs through all our institutions and, as in Camus’s books, the rats are running wild, devouring truth and the values that can redeem us.  As he has written in his beautiful and important book, American Values: Lessons I Learned from My Family, Camus’s analysis of Sisyphus and the ancient Greeks has taught him an important lesson:

It is neither our position nor our circumstances that define us, according to the Stoics, but our response to those circumstance; when destiny crushes us, small heroic gestures of courage and service can bring us peace and fulfillment. In applying our shoulder to the stone, we give order to a chaotic universe. Of the many wonderful things my father left me, this philosophical truth was perhaps the most useful. In many ways, it has defined my life, and has allowed me to find serenity and purpose even in the most trying and tragic circumstances. (p.287)

Despite its brilliance, American Values (see this) was completely ignored by the mainstream press.  Why?  Because it revolves around “Chapter 9, Senator Robert F. Kennedy” and the long war between the Kennedys and the CIA that resulted in the deaths of JFK and RFK.  In this chapter, RFK, Jr. brilliantly shows that he fully grasps the CIA’s evil history.  All the other chapters, while very interesting personal and family history, pale in importance.   No member of the Kennedy family since JFK or RFK has dared to say what RFK, Jr. does in this book.  He indicts the CIA.  This is probably not a small part of his extended family’s animosity toward him.  Family taboos must be protected, as if they were state secrets.

But his indictment of the CIA is the fundamental reason why it and the media will at all costs try to prevent him from getting the nomination.  The character assassination will be intense.

Kennedy knows he faces an uphill battle for the presidency, but no matter what forces are aligned against him, political and familial, he will not back down.

He will surprise all the pundits, for his appeal crosses party lines.  He is tough and very smart.  He has been so hated and falsely maligned by the mainstream media for so long that he is skilled at keeping to his message, which I think will be positive and inspirational, something that this country is desperate for after so many years of lies and treachery.

Even Biden’s supporters in the Democratic party know he is a flawed candidate on his last legs, laboring to keep his words straight and his steps solid.  While he may have long served as the establishment’s war puppet, there are many nervous Democrats who want to finally cut their strings with him.  And the Republicans are a party in disarray, internally torn and tired of the Trump saga which will not end.

Two clowns don’t make for a pretty picture running the country and the world into the ground.  Biden and Trump and their predecessors are naked now and not just does one boy see it and shout it only to be ignored.  There is a growing feeling throughout the country that truth and goodness spoken clearly are desperately needed to unite the country through common values. Bob Dylan got it right back a few years:

While preachers preach of evil fates
Teachers teach that knowledge waits
Can lead to hundred-dollar plates
Goodness hides behind its gates
But even the president of the United States
Sometimes must have to stand naked

Every day Americans are bombarded with bad news: the U.S. war against Russia via Ukraine, the lies about the “threats” from Russia and China, the collapsing economy, toxic spills, gun violence, corporate gangsters ripping off the average American and funneling those monies to the politicians who pimp for them, the egregious Covid-19 and “vaccine” lies that are daily being exposed as deadly frauds, the growing threat of nuclear war, etc.

Bad bad news, and with it a growing public sense of hopelessness.  A pall of unacknowledged depression smothers the country.  People are dying for hope, as they were in 1968.  In their inner hearts there is this desperate yearning for one brave soul to stand up and tell Americans the truth about what has happened to their country.  Bobby Kennedy, Jr. is the only one who can move Americans to hope again.

For years he has been telling harsh truths that many who profit from the lies do not want to hear. That our waters are polluted and the chemical companies are criminals; that the pharmaceutical companies are criminal enterprises polluting people’s bodies; that the CIA is organized crime polluting people’s minds and assassinating its anti-war leaders; that the Pentagon is a criminal enterprise not defending but risking American’s lives and their livelihood; that the U.S. government has joined with mega-corporations to run a Mob-like fleecing of the American people; that not one of Sirhan Sirhan’s bullets killed his father, Senator Robert Kennedy, who was shot from behind at close range by a CIA hit man; that the so-called Covid vaccines are very dangerous and have never been appropriately tested and many people are dying and being injured as a result; that Anthony Fauci is a liar and fraud who fronts for Big Pharma (see this) in the Covid-19 crisis that is an intelligence-run operation controlled by spooks working with medical technocrats; and that we are close to losing our country and any semblance of its democratic ideals.

These are not liberal or conservative positions.  They are self-evident conclusions of a patriot, as they should be for everyone.

And because they have become such to more and more Americans who can think without reacting, Kennedy’s voice and his candidacy will grow in strength across the great divide.

The media attacks will be intense and simply full of lies.  They love to call him an “anti-vaxxer,” when he is not opposed to all vaccines.  But no matter how many times he has explained this, the media twist it to serve their masters.

For example, The New York Post recently published a slimy piece that could serve as a template for all the propaganda aimed at Kennedy.  Let me quote:

Robert has said Sirhan did not actually participate in the murder of Sen. Robert F. Kennedy during a Los Angeles presidential campaign stop in 1968.

This of course is a lie.  RFK, Jr. has said that Sirhan fired a pistol but none of his bullets hit the Senator.  He has said a CIA hit man shot his father at close range from behind as the official autopsy clearly showed, while Sirhan was standing in front of the Senator.

Lie number two.  The Post writes:

In it [a speech], he implied that those who oppose vaccines are being persecuted more severely than Anne Frank, the German teen who hid from the Nazis in Amsterdam before being sent to her death at Auschwitz.

He never implied that.  His point was clear: that in the coming digital surveillance state there will be nowhere to hide, not even in an attic, because the surveillance technology will track everyone everywhere, day and night.

These are but a few examples.  Look and you will find them everywhere now and in the coming days.

The hyenas with polished faces will try like hell to dismiss Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. as a flake, a fraud, and a conspiracy nut on an ego-trip.  Too many people can now see through such propaganda.  He is the real thing, our best hope to bridge the great divide that has been created by the elites to divide the American people.

He will not back down, and all people of good will who believe the U.S. can still find its way out of the morass we find ourselves in, should back him up.  He has warned us, he has given us his voice, and his moral courage should be followed by all who hope to hope.

The pundits who dismiss his chances will then be shocked.

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  2. I didn’t realize, or I wasn’t aware that there are rich families that are ideologically leftists, altruists and well intentioned. Most dogmatic marxists think that most rich people are evil, but there rich people who are compassionate about the poor. The Kennedy Family is one of those rare types of rich people. Donald Trump’s daughter (Ivanka Trump) and Trump’s son, also talked about how bad and painful poor workers live in USA

    1. Two others I think of in this category are Amos and Gifford Pinchot, Amos especially, who was a key progressive activist (and funder) in the first two decades of the 20th century. His memoir is an important source on that history and on what its most astute participants learned from it. Amos R.E. Pinchot, History of the Progressive Party 1912-1916, ed. with a Biographical Introduction by Helene Maxwell Hooker (New York University Press, 1958 [written 1931-1933]).

  3. Caveat emptor
    Some of these comments feel like Langley AI blather. Don’t let it lead one into the weeds. RFK Jr’s candidacy represents a real live threat to our ruling cabal, don’t believe otherwise.

    1. Any threat to the system has likely been ascertained. The system is flexible as it meets these threats to it existence.

      The system, like all systems, is about self-preservation. No doubt there are portions of RFK, Jrs. platform that would appear to strike at the core of some systemic issues. How this could play out politically is a whole different story.

      If you go back 8+ decades you’ll see how the entire globalization was launched about 1944. Technology has given it a boost. I want to see it end, but the system will not be the venue, imo.

      1. I would add that all candidates, particularly “major party” ones, are vetted to see if they make the cut regarding the larger picture (global governance).
        As I think of RFK, Jr. positions on the climate and his general liberal positions I’d say he aligns with the WEF (at least could accommodate). I suspect both WEF and RFK, Jr. would prefer to stay away from slogans like “build back better” and “great reset”. Which brings me to: can RFK, Jr. be a new face to a globalist agenda (surely he’s on board with the UN).

        I never heard he discuss his sense of specific US military involvement when it was a Dem in charge, or his stance on billions to Ukraine.

        In many respects when it comes to engineered power, I don’t see where the Dem candidate for President of US would be that much of a real threat. If Larry Fink gives a thumbs up, than RFK, Jr. could very well be in the running.

        1. He spent the penultimate part of his nomination speech denouncing the war in Ukraine banging on about the MIC profiteers. Hello?

            1. I caught it. But still pushing for him warts and all, perhaps relying on just faith that he doesn’t embrace the “Green New Deal” and takes a more reasoned geopolitical approach. On the Ukraine, I can understand him playing patriot games vis-a-vis Russia even with the “new Tucker,” but I was honestly shocked about his pride in his son for going to fight there. Additionally, is it true his daughter-in-law works/worked in intelligence?

              1. The family is deep neoliberal. (including Caroline). RFK, Jr. has been the relative “black sheep”, but his stance, with all due respect, appear relatively shallow.

                Of course, that is the way of politicians (and litigators).

                We should have learned from the Obama years, not to put words or thoughts in the candidate’s mouth. Obama’s rhetoric never really digressed from his “policies”. But than again, they were not really “his policies” (nor really his (or Trump for that matter) cabinet or advisors).

                Biden is president because he is controllable with little effort on the part of those who rule. He’ll do what he’s told, even if he doesn’t know what that is.

                Who does Kennedy surround himself with? Who’s funding his candidacy? Has the DNC, et al vetted him?

  4. He’s a good dude. I’m convinced of that. I haven’t voted in 20 years. Not because I don’t care for the political process but because I care so much for it. I won’t vote for fake candidates representing fake sides nor am I ideologically aligned with either of the two meager choices I am give each election. But of I had a chance to vote for RFK Jr, I’d do it. I have concerns. He’s not fully unmoored as a Democrat and fear his default positions on the mundane things that don’t get press. Hope and dreams are nice but we are in an economic quagmire that will require significant know how and resolve to pull out of. Is he that guy? Probably not. But he’s nobody’s fool and I like that. Hes got a great BS detector and a chip on his shoulder for both parties, so at worst I think he’ll ‘manage the game’ well. He’ll be wise enough to do more by doing less. The way Ron Paul would have. I couldn’t envision any scenario where he dragged us into a war either.
    The vax/antivax nonsense is concerning. Hes studied the topic long enough to know that viruses don’t exist at all (PLEASE learn this too and free yourselves), but he continues to pretend that they do, and that vaccines serve any valid purpose. In so doing he often speaks the exact opposite of what he knows to be true. I get that it’s a means to an end, and an end that I generally support, but seeing him lie and live the role of a liar is concerning, no matter how noble the intent. But at the end of the day if he starts a movement and stalls the political ambitions of the lizard people the Democrats have lined up to succeed the Joe Biden Committee, that’s a win in itself and one I’m glad to support.

    1. Agree “vaccines” have no historical record of ever ending infection/disease. Public works and hygiene have made the biggest contribution to health.

      Of course, industrial waste and particularly chemicals have been the biggest culprits in reversing some of these health advances.

      The fact the Mr. Kennedy is intelligent plays against his feigning ignorance on these matters. He’s a litigator with a political streak that appears to curtail his willingness to be truthful since such would jeopardize his political ambitions.

      Ed wrote a book on this condition: Seeking Truth In A Country of Lies. That’s why I’m disappointed that he’s gone all in for what appears to me to be a run of the mill Dem. politician. (As Glenn Ford told it, and I paraphrase, the Dems aren’t the lessor of two evils, but rather the more effective.)

      1. Hey thanks for that. Good to know I’m not the only one who sees it this way. This is the exact line I walk. I think he’s a genuine good guy with good ideas. But when he tempers all his best stuff just to fit a cutout that plays to the analytics it’s a waste. They won’t let him win anyway, so the best he can do is say some new things and really challenge the status quo while he has the spotlight. Just safely making the approved criticisms of Dr Fauci is not enough meat for me.

  5. Thank you, Ed. Always look forward to your writings.

    Just finished watching RFK Jr’s announcement — VERY long, but wow. I was concerned that his speech stuttering/hesitancy (caused by his father’s murder) would be a problem. Not a chance. This man’s eloquence and the scum he’s calling out makes a beautiful and righteous sound.

    Bobby Jr — aside from personality and beliefs — truly shows what complete garbage are Trump, Pence, Biden, Harris, DeSantis, Newsom, etc. The energy and righteousness is bracing!

    RFK Jr/Tulsi in ’24!

    1. Ed 10000000% support this and your also that much right 2024 Kennedy is are only hope

    1. Media operations are really on trial here. Related, your article from March of last year: “The New York Times’s disgraceful and deceitful attack on Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.”

  6. Hello all, another pro-change article, what a great article. And all that you have written in this article Edward, I think has produced a society with about 10% who are very rich, a real middle class which is about (20% of the country) who also live well (And are ideologically part of the upper oligarchic class). So what we have in America is about 30% of the population who lives a good life or I think I might be wrong, maybe the upper and middle class is only about 20. So the rest of the country, the majority of us about (70-80%) is left with the crumbles, living a shitty stressful life of basic needs and zero pleasures (And thank God for those who have basic needs met) beacause within the 70-80% of majority there are many who do not have their basic survival needs met. This is all caused by the oligarchic-plutocratic-cleptocratic political-social-economic model thas has been imposed on Americans against their will since almost the foundation of the USA. And this model is also being used in many many other countries. I think USA needs an oligarchic-front composed of the radical left, the radical center and even many anti-oligarchic people of the right. all united for a single cause (which is a life of eating better, sleeping better and a better living standard with more comfortable daily routines and I think that the left the center and even the right all agree in that common cause but for that to be realized we have to overthrow the oligarchic-plutocratic government and class and replace it with a humanist equality citizens and workers government)

    Someting has to give !!

  7. Response to RFJ Jr. Edward Curtin Article!
    Stephen Fox, Founder UN Santa Fe

    One Day before the Boston Announcement for RFK Jr.’s Candidacy for USA President!
    What a brilliant analysis of RFK Jr.’s candidacy! As Founder of United Nations Santa Fe, I could not agree more! UN Santa Fe was recognized 3 years ago by Their Majesties, the King and Queen of Spain, and Her Royal Highness, the Princesa de Asturias, and subsequently by other heads of state, UN Ambassadors, plus Health and Justice Ministers in 80 nations to whom we sent the first two pages of the 46 page indictment for Genocide from the International Criminal Court in the Hague, Netherland, an indictment of pharmaceutical genocidists, including William Henry Gates III< Anthony Fauci, Albert Bourla (CEO of Pfizer), Stephane Bancel (CEO of Mode/RNA), Klaus Schwab (Founder World Economic Forum and Davos Symposia), plus Boris Johnson, former British Prime Minister who was first on the list of 16 indicted genocidists, so Boris had to resign only 7 months and one day after the December 6, 2021 indictment; the present British Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, profited 500 million pounds at the beginning of the pLandemic off of his hedge fund investment in Mode/RNA, the genocidal chem jab corporation.
    Bourla is a Greek Veterinarian product of Aristotle University, and it defies imagination to comprehend why hundreds of millions of Americans would trust what came out of a Veterinarian’s needle in the recent pLandemic that was initiated in meticulous careless sloppy planning by William Henry Gates III(, still viewable in the RED talks from 2016, which haven’t yet been scrubbed for your scrutiny, as has been scubbed and censored the brilliant film, Died Suddenly, a documentary from the point of view s a pathologist pulling out hundreds of long clots from genocidal injection victims in many locales, which premiered on Rumble in late last November, and now cannot be found, unless you buy 8it, and even then it may not be accessible.
    Fortunately, due to our efforts at United Nations Santa Fe, we made sure that lots and lots of UN Ambassadors saw it when it was still accessible, which of course contravenes the former Portuguese Prime Minister/present UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, who fell victim to the chemjab propaganda and took the genocidal injection. To wit: UN Secretary-General António Guterres gets vaccinated against COVID-19 at Adlai Stevenson High School in the Bronx, New York.
    28 January 2021 Health The UN Secretary-General, António Guterres, received his first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine on Thursday, at Adlai E. Stevenson High School in the Bronx, a few miles uptown from UN Headquarters in New York.
    In a Tweet, Mr. Guterres expressed his gratitude and good fortune at receiving the jab, and urged the international community to ensure that vaccines become available to everyone, on an equitable basis. “With this pandemic, none of us are safe until all of us are safe”, he wrote. 71-year-old Mr. Guterres was eligible to receive the vaccine on the basis of his age: New York residents over the age of 65 are included in the current phase of vaccinations in the city, which also includes school workers, first responders, public transit workers and grocery workers.
    In December, Mr. Guterres declared that he would happily receive the vaccine in public, and said that, for him, vaccination is a moral obligation: “Each one of us provides a service to the whole community”, he said, “because there is no longer a risk of spreading the disease.” Journalists and camera crews were invited to observe the UN chief receive his shot, which took place at a time when many countries are seeing a significant proportion of their citizens expressing “vaccine hesitancy”.

    UN regional offices have noted a significant level of mistrust and, in some countries, including Japan and several European nations, around half the population are reportedly unsure about getting a COVID-19 vaccine at this stage. Commenting on the UN chief’s vaccination appointment on behalf of the Mayor’s Office, Penny Abeywardena, Commissioner for International Affairs, said that she was heartened that the Secretary-General had secured his appointment online, and received the vaccine in a New York City public school, in the same manner as many other city residents. “This will go a long way in building trust in our communities that the vaccine is safe for all”, she said.
    Poor old misled Antonio Guterres, in his haste to appease the imperious demands of the ostensible “Host Nation” and its pharmaceutical corporate manipulated government then regrettably launched by solemn pronouncements a fleet of quasi-crusades to then “make sure that all refugees all over the world” got the jab, the last people in the world that should be subjected to genocidal chromosomal implosion injections! For example, the Rohingya, fleeing for their lives from Myanmar into Bangladesh, were forced to be injected, courtesy of the Bangladeshi government, and we have to wonder whether those injections were “gifts” India’s Serum International Corporation, with the very guilty CEO Poonawalla, who fled from India to escape the rage of the millions of victims of HIS vaccine genocides.
    We have repeatedly reminded UN Ambassadors about the old adage to beware Greeks bearing gifts, and that they had to mindful, furious indeed! about a Greek Veterinarian in 2023 bearing genocidal chromosomal implosion gifts that came out of hundreds of millions of needles and syringes!
    Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes, paraphrased in English as “I fear the Greeks even when bearing gifts”, is a Latin phrase from Aeneid, a Latin epic poem written by Virgil. The phrase is spoken by Trojan priest Laocoön referring to the Trojan Horse used by the Greeks during the Trojan War. The literal meaning of the phrase is “I fear the Danaans [Greeks], even those bearing gifts” or “even when they bear gifts.” In modern English, it is used as a proverb to warn against trusting an enemy or adversary, even when they appear to be making an enticing offer. [The prophecy of Laocoön, priest of Troy, who in Virgil’s Aeneid, tells his countrymen to “Beware of Greeks bearing gifts, the mythological Trojan Horse which Laocoön foresees]
    The UN Ambassadors took such a warning seriously, resulting in Pfizer’s Genocide indicted CEO, Al Bourla, having to admit in Boston in late November 2022 that Pfizer was forced to destroy one billion vaccines, so we take great pride at United Nations with our translators into Bambara, Arabic, Korean, Yoruba, Japanese, Mongolian, Quechua, and Quebecois French in having saved one billion lives, which would otherwise have been part of the 5.5 billion victims of this pLandemic.
    In short, please keep up these great articles at UNZ, especially by Edward Curtin, and make sure that they get out to editorial page editors all over the United States, some of whom may be overjoyed to finally recognize the TRUTH, or VERITAS, the motto of Harvard University in Cambridge, Mass. How can Cambridge be also the locations for corporation whose CEO, Stephane Bancel, was indicted for Genocide December 6, 2021, details of which were first published in the Desert Review of Brawley, California?

    Bancel was ever-so-politely “questioned” in Bernie Sanders Health Committee. Bernie asked about why they were quadrupling the price, and only Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky and Senator Ben Ray Lujan were impelled to ask “tough” Yes or No questions of the indicted genocidist, with no help from any of the four former State Attorney Generals on Senate Judiciary Committee from Connecticut, Minnesota, Missouri, and Texas.
    All of the USA’s indicted pharmaceutical genocidists should be SUBPOENAed and not just politely INVITED to explain their actions. Alternatively would be to transport all of them to The Hague, perhaps all in the same holding cell in which Slobodan Milosevich died March 11, 2006, Prison Scheveningen South/East, The Hague, Netherlands. After all is said and done, the pharmaceutical genocidists committed far far worse crimes, with potentially 5.5 BILLION VICTIMS of injected chemicals causing chromosomal implosions and leading to death of the victim!
    YOU CAN NOW SEE WHY UNITED NATIONS SANTA FE ENTHUSIASTICALLY ENDORSES ROBERT FRANCIS KENNEDY FOR THE USA PRESIDENCY. Similar concurrence may be present at the United Nations building and its 193 missions in New York City.


    Stephen Fox, Founder United Nations Santa Fe
    217 Galisteo, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501 505 479 7157

  8. Thank you, Ed. The courage you attribute to RFK, Jr must also go to you in writing this piece. Your position on Bobby’s candidacy has taken a thumping in the comments on at least one other site. This is a good thing. RFK, Jr’s run will bring up fundamental issues worth talking (and arguing) about, at last. My hope is modest: that amidst collective neurosis we can still recognize integrity, reason and sanity.

  9. A fascinating comments thread indeed. So I guess I’ll offer my two cents. I don’t think anyone needs to believe RFK Jr. is going to act as some savior of America to realize from his long history of challenging the most powerful interests in our society in corporate medicine and government that his candidacy would be hugely positive in terms of widening the public discussion allowed within our crumbling system of electoral politics. That’s enough for me.

    Though I haven’t voted for a Democrat or a Republican for president in over 35 years now, I’d stump for RFK Jr. – not because I agree with all his positions, not because there aren’t major policy issues we seriously disagree about – and not because I have a whiff of faith in American electoral politics – but because simply getting important issues discussed in MSM – “in front of the American people” – at this point – may be the only thing we can really hope for in terms of our completely corrupted electoral process.

    It is sad that with his announcement to run we’ve already quickly seen the emergence of the – “more red-pilled than thou” – rhetoric of those convinced of the truthfulness of their own “opinions” – already moving into attack mode. The psychopathic clowns that are at the helm of the current version of the FBI’s COINTELPRO type operations are no doubt grinning like jackals watching people who would consider themselves – “anti-covid propaganda leftists” – do their job for them by immediately going into attack mode on RFK Jr. of all targets.

    I’m not sure why it seems everything has to be reducible to “black vs white”- “either vs or” options these days? Are we no longer capable anymore of perceiving shades of grey – of seeing and appreciating the ethical and moral ambiguity that comes with living in a very much less than perfect world – inhabited by very much less than perfect people (ourselves included) – and yet still feel charged with attempting to do our best with what we have to try to impact positive change – even if in this case that simply means expanding the public conversation beyond what is currently allowable in MSM circles?

    Yeah, I’ll stump for RFK Jr. – not because he can “win” – or because I think he would be able to somehow defy the deep state if he did – or because we “agree” about all important issues because we clearly don’t – but simply because in running he gains access to MSM and that helps put him (and the important largely censored information he will have the opportunity to share) in front of the American people during a period of ever more Orwellian levels of censorship. That seems hugely worthwhile from my perspective.

    1. I fear that Deep State control of the MSM would never allow RFK Jr. any significant exposure, and the totally corrupted DNC primary process (as seen both in 2016 and 2020) would get him out of the picture at “Warp Speed.” If he ran 3rd party, we’d have to hope that the power of the internet, and venues like Substack and this site, would be sufficient to counter the MSM. Even then, as I believe Stalin said, “It’s not who gets to vote, but who gets to count the votes.” The corruption is complete and systemic. I wish I saw a way forward.

      1. Tucker Carlson will give him exposure. And the MSM may be losing out to independent “competition” more than we can know. People talk and listen outside the bubble—we have to get with this man and fight. Looking into the faces of children requires it of us.

        1. Yes, I imagine he will get exposure from Tucker Carlson, like Tulsi Gabbard did Glenn Greenwald does; but will it be enough to counter the ruthlessness of the DNC? So many people end up voting for what they call “the lesser of two evils” after a primary process that is saturated in corruption. I am fully behind RFK Jr, and I never vote for a “lesser” evil. Evil is evil. Until we can overcome the systemic corruption in our government and all its bureaucracies, and their minions in the MSM, I don’t see a way forward. Nowadays criminal prosecutions are only successful against the powerless. I pray that the way forward doesn’t require violent revolution.

        2. Well, the great purge has begun. Tucker Carlson is out at Fox News. The one MSM venue that may have been possible for RFK Jr is gone. He’ll probably go to Rumble. But how many viewers will follow?

    2. Hugely worthwhile for sure. Public opinion & activism will be crucial for attaining positive results in ensuing legal battles. The remedies for what ails and threatens our society are criminal prosecutions and a renewal of the spirit of our common humanity that a man such as Kennedy can inspire.

    3. Your words reflect my feelings. We must get beyond the savior complex and the ABSOLUTE purity test/controlled opposition red lines. Sure, I STRONGLY disagree with his comments about “defending freedom” in Ukraine and past comments totally dissing challenges to the “climate consensus.” But there’s something different for me about supporting him compared to supporting the “lesser evil” in the typical Democrat fallback fashion. His stances on intelligence, corporate and pharmaceutical crimes ALONE make it different. If alleged intellectual “purists” like Noam Chomsky can say hold your nose and vote for BIDEN, for God’s sake, how can they NOT do at least the same here? It may not end well, but I’m not ready to give up before it starts.

  10. While I wish RFK2 well, I’m afraid it’s too late to “heal the great divide.” Hostilities run too deep. Worse, the federal government is so thoroughly corrupt that reform is impossible. About the best we can hope for now is a peaceful Soviet-style breakup. At least that will remove the focus of evil in today’s world and turn Washington into a ghost town.

    After the bitter 2000 election, there was a great deal of talk (on both sides) about dissolving the union. If 9/11 had not happened, odds are we would already be living in “the former United States” — which is likely why 9/11 did happen.

    1. My thoughts as well. The hegemon needs to crash and burn just as did the former Soviet Union.

  11. Yes, I have talked with Kennedy years ago when he was in Spokane for the Riverkeeper beknighting of one of our river advocates for the river that runs through it in Spokane.

    You can second and third-string guess why he is going full throttle Democratic party, and what is patriotism, Ed, really?

    In any case, looking at RFK, Jr., on topics like China and on Russia, well, he’s not loving the Chinese way, and he did not decry US involvement in arming Ukraine since 1949, man.

    These people are from the millionaire class, in the camps of beautiful people, so I do not see the Kennedys as part of the 80 percenters, which is where the work has to come from. Dennis K, now there is a hell of a guy. He’s in his 80s, RFK will be 70 soon.

    Sorry, time for some real people coming from fields far afield afar from rah=rah capitalism to get into any goofy presidential race.

    Again, Savagry or Socialism. Barbarity or Socialism. The end of the world is easier to imagine than the end of this criminal operation, capitalism.

    RFK is weak on many things, including his love of carbon credits and so-called alternative energy.

    Here you go, intriguing. Alison McDowell is amazing, just a regular person, who is deep deep into fin-tech, Fourth Industrial Revolution, Pay for Success, Social Impact Investing.

    RFK Jr.’s “Mismanaging a Pandemic” Narrative: Testing, Early Treatment and Repurposed Drugs

    And, the RFK PAC? Another billionaire techno fascist = Steve Kirsch, the tech billionaire with expertise in digital identity, is a leader in this area, tech finance linked to funding repurposed drugs, including Covid “early treatments.” Kirsch also created a PAC to back RFK Jr’s run.

    1. Paul, spot on with the Allison link.

      When this operation began (it is and has been run by DOD) Ed seemed to have a bead on what was happening and lost it when he connection RFK, Jr. with his passion for the brothers JFK and RFK. The journey of the latter is entirely different than RFK, Jr.

      RFK as a young lawyer (actual council to the McCarthy witch hunt) was by many considered ruthless and a take no prisoners “trouble shooter”. A far cry from the RFK who was murdered in June 1968. RFK after his brother’s murder went through a transformation. As an observer it appeared very authentic. RFK, Jr represents none of that kind of deep soul searching journey. Start there and with a critical eye rather than a nostalgic connection and you’ll regain your footing, Ed, IMHO.

      RFK, Jr. is surrounded by opportunists, some with deep state connections, and deep pockets. He may be more naïve than intentional “controlled opposition”.

      That said, final thought: THERE ARE NO SAVIORS. This system is rotten to the core, and you have to have swallowed a whole lot of Americana mythology to run for POTUS.

      1. Thank you Art…your last sentence is the ONLY sentence that is required and should be spoken. That is the sentence that ‘should’ serve as a starting point for discussion on how, where do we go. Obviously 300 million people won’t come to a common agreement, but those who understand can take a ‘different’ course.

  12. The other part of the problem is…, we have a gigantic, disastrous dilemma in the Present, as I type. The same problems continue day after day, year after year. We are not focused on the immediate emergency of the present.
    It might be easier to speak of the past to some extent. However, this is what prevents us from developing strategies, ideas to deal with the emergency we are experiencing in the NOW ! We cannot continue to indulge in escapism. What can we do NOW! There are some people quite convinced nukes will appear. What size? What destructive capabilities? The dirty bombs, depleted uranium which showed it’s face in at least Iraq. One nuclear scientist stated the territory was uninhabitable based on the level of radiation. So if we must share, is it possible to focus now, right where we stand at present? I’m not trying to sell anything other than we really must wake up! Put the history books and lessons away. Too many problems presently. Nothing is being focused on at Present !

  13. There is no doubt of RJK, Jr’s integrity and intellect, but running for the Democratic nomination means many of us will never support his candidacy. Jumping into that cesspool helps rehabilitate the Dems, and the duopoly destroying our lives. Why waste time, money and resources on an election when we know the system is more than rigged? Ask Bernie Sanders how that worked out, and he was no visionary or radical.

    1. RFK, Jr. knows he has to run under the banner of one major party or the other if he hopes to reach the public with his campaign. Much like Ron Paul had to run as a Republican even though he was really a libertarian. This forces the establishment to include you in the primary debates, which is the main chance you will have to make your pitch to the electorate.

  14. Problem is Ed is that you spell out reality well in the article but your generation like James Howard Kuntsler have not come to grips with real reality. And that is this: The President does not control, run anything, make decisions or have any input on issues of real importance anymore in our system, if they ever really did. Unknown entities at the top of the pyramid call all the shots. ‘Hope’ is for idiots in denial. Obama was your hope. He’s a fraud just like ALL politicians and psychos seeking power.This is an individual spiritual war. No politician of any stripe is going to make a rats ass difference in the big picture. Period. Non compliance and self reliance are all we got and I am sorry to say they have us bagged and tagged. The last three years of idiots voluntarily committing suicide and signing up for the train to Auschwitz should tell you all you need to know about our fate. RFK Jr ain’t gonna save us.
    Most humans will do what ever the scrolling mirror tells them to do. And self police and vilify the no compilers. We are fucking toast. Enjoy your day and thanks for the article.

    1. They may have the rational and technological control pinned down but the battle for self, the spiritual war, and the higher forces of good are on our side and we’re just getting started. We know how the story plays out, it will be long, scary, and many will prostrate to the forces of evil, but those who remain true to the cause will be victorious in this world and the next. Do we unplug and survive in the remains of our rural regions or do we go to the cities to organize the masses for one last battle of the people vs the WEF led evil? Both options have their merits, choose wisely. God willing we’ll all meet up at the victory party here on earth or whatever awaits us on the other side.

      1. I suspect it will be on the other side. (you’d be a fool to go near any city)
        99% did the humiliation ritual and LOVED it these last three years. It was horrific, very depressing and a clear window of what is to come. It’s like living in a nightmare, trying to wake and realizing its actual reality and there is nothing you can do.
        Just sit back and watch it all go down knowing you are being tested by forces if light… your next step up the spiritual ladder. Are you ready to let go of fear and face your death?

  15. What a remarkable symbol of hope it would make for the next president of the United States to be Robert Kennedy Jr. May he continue to stand tall in the face of all the mainstream media nonsense. Perhaps enough people have gotten rid of their TVs and thrown away their newspapers, and are relying on their gut to tell them what is true and what is false. May the Kennedy candidacy beat all the odds.

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