What I Know and Don’t Know about SARS-CoV-2 Virus

After fifteen months of assiduous reading, study, observation, and research, I have come to some conclusions about what is called COVID-19. I would like to emphasize that I have done this work obsessively since it seemed so important. I have consulted information and arguments across all media, corporate and alternative, academic, medical, books, etc. I have consulted with researchers around the world. I have read the websites of the CDC, the World Health Organization, and government and non-government health organizations. In other words, I have left no stone unturned, despite the overt or covert political leanings of the sources. I have done this as a sociologist and writer, not as a medical doctor, although many of my sources have been medical doctors and medical studies.

My succinct conclusions follow without links to sources since I am not trying to persuade anyone of anything but just stating for the public record what I have concluded. Life is short. I am going to say it now.

    • I know that vast numbers of people have been hypnotized by fear, threats, and bribes to accept the corporate mainstream media’s version of COVID-19. I have concluded that many millions are moving in a trance state and do not know this. They have been induced into this state by a well-organized, very sophisticated propaganda campaign that has drawn on the human fear of death and disease. Those behind this have no doubt studied the high incidence of hypochondriasis in the general population and the fear of an invisible “virus” in societies where belief in God and the spiritual invisible has been replaced by faith in science. Knowing their audience well, they have concocted a campaign of fear and confusion to induce obedience.
    • I do not know but suspect that those who have been so hypnotized tend to be mainly members of the middle to the upper classes, those who have invested so much belief in the system. This includes the highly schooled.
    • I know that to lockdown hundreds of millions of healthy people, to insist they wear useless masks, to tell them to avoid human contacts, to destroy the economic lives of regular people have created vast suffering that was meant to teach people a lesson about who was in control and that they better revise their understanding of human relations to adjust to the new digital unreality that the producers of this masquerade are trying to put in place of flesh and blood, face to face human reality.
    • I know that the PCR test invented by Kary Mullis cannot test for the alleged virus or any virus and therefore all the numbers of cases and deaths are based on nothing. They are conjured out of thin air in a massive act of magic. I know that the belief that it can so test began with the unscientific PCR Corona protocol created by Christian Drosten in Germany in January 2020 that became the standard method for testing for SARS-CoV-2 worldwide. I am sure this was preplanned and part of a high-level conspiracy. This protocol set the cycle threshold (amplification) at 45 which could only result in false positive results. These were then called cases: An act of fraud on a massive scale.
    • I do not know if the alleged virus has ever been isolated in the sense of being purified or detached from everything else aside from being cultured in a lab. Therefore I do not know if the virus exists.
    • I have heard a few things about a new form of storing and transporting vaccines. In a new study, scientists reported that they had successfully freeze-dried a liposome-based liquid vaccine formula using a freeze dryer (you can look at these dryers) that had the potential to be used for COVID-19 vaccines. Even though the creation of a freeze-dried vaccine using liposomes may be a long way off, if it is developed successfully, dehydrated doses could be shipped and stored at room temperature, eliminating most of the logistical problems associated with today’s most popular vaccines for the disease.
    • I know that the experimental mRNA “vaccines” that are being pushed on everyone are not traditional vaccines but dangerous experiments whose long-term consequences are unknown. And I know that Moderna says its messenger RNA (mRNA) non-vaccine “vaccine” functions “like an operating system on a computer” and that Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of mRNA vaccine technology, says that the lipid nanoparticles from the injections travel throughout the body and settle in large quantities in multiple organs where the spike protein, being biologically active, can cause massive damage and that the FDA has known this. Additionally, I know that tens of thousands of people have suffered adverse effects from these injections and many thousands have died from them and that these figures are greatly underestimated due to the reporting systems. I know that with this number of casualties in the past these experimental shots would have been stopped long ago or never started. That they have not, therefore, convinces me that a radically evil agenda is under way whose goal is harm not health because those in charge know what I know and much more.
    • I do not know where this alleged virus originated, if it exists.
    • I know that from the start of this crisis, there was a concerted effort across the world to deny access to proven effective treatments such as hydroxychloroquine, steroids, ivermectin in a planned effort to vaccinate as many people as possible. This alone reveals an agenda centered not on health but on getting as many people as possible to submit to being vaccinated and controlled. Social control is the name of this deadly game.
    • I know that those pushing these vaccines – The World Economic Forum, the World Health Organization, the Gates Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, etc. – have a long history of wanting to drastically reduce the world’s population and that their promotion of eugenics under various names is very well known. I am convinced that the totally untested mRNA-type “gene therapy” is the key to their plan for population reduction.
    • I do not know if they will succeed.
    • I know they must be resisted.
    • I do not know why so many good people cannot see through this evil. I can only attribute it to having been seduced by a massive hypnotic propaganda campaign that has appealed to their deepest fears and will result in those fears being realized because they thought they were free. It is a great tragedy.
    • I know that all the statistics about cases and deaths “from” COVID-19 have been manipulated to create a fake pandemic. One of the most obvious proofs of this is the alleged disappearance of the flu and deaths from influenza. Only someone in a trance could fail to understand the absurd logic in the argument that this was the result of mask wearing when at the same time the air-born COVID-19 spread like wildfire until that stopped precipitously in January 2021 when a tiny number of people had been vaccinated.
    • I know there has been barely any excess mortality throughout all this. You would think if excess deaths were going up exponentially that the likes of inexpensive funeral insurance wouldn’t be around anymore. The premiums would surely go up if insurance companies were paying out for all the deaths and funerals occuring.
    • I do not know where it will all end but hope against hope the growing opposition to this fraud will grow and defeat it despite the organized censorship that is underway against dissenting opinions. I know that when organized censorship on this scale takes place those behind it are afraid of the revelation of the truth. A simple understanding of history confirms this.
    • I know that the temporary reprieve the authorities have granted to their subjects will be followed by further restrictions on fundamental freedoms, the corona virus lockdowns will likely return, “vaccine” boosters will be promoted, and the World Economic Forum’s push for a Great Reset with a Fourth Industrial Revolution will lead to the marriage of artificial intelligence, cyborgs, digital technology, and biology with the USA and other countries continuing to slip into a new form of fascist control unless people across the world stand up and resist in great numbers. I am heartened by signs that this resistance is growing. I know that a lot of individuals might take an immune booster shot or something similar to convince themselves that they are immune to the virus. If not Covid-19, it might help at least a bit with body-wide resilience.
    • Finally, I know if the authoritarian forces win the immediate battle, someone will write a book with a title like that of Milton Mayer’s classic, They Thought They Were Free. It will be censored. Perhaps it will first be shared via samizdat. But in the end, after much suffering and death, the truth about this evil agenda will prevail and there will be much weeping and gnashing of teeth.
    • We are in a spiritual war for the soul of the world.

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  1. It’s a very simple article with great analysis. I agree with you everything except the “government part” and “the people part.”
    Human kind’s history book has been soaked repeatedly with people blood by the hand of government system of state power. Yet, how many people have stopped believing in and obeying the government?

    -Throughout history, apart from Laotzu, Chuangtzu, Etienne de La Boetie, Proudhon and a handful of others… people, well schooled or not, do not comprehensibly understand the evil, destructive nature of the government system of state power, although everyone seems to agree that power corrupts!

    -WEF , Bill, Klause and their ilk could not have pulled off such global grand criminal plan without the national government system of state power that people brainlessly believe in and fearfully obey!

    -Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Ho, Pol pot, etc and many POTUS could not have murdered millions of people if it was not for the national government system of state power!

    Those non-“vaccines” are NOT EXPERIMENTAL at all. They are real killer shots that has been successfully tested and stored in their closets for years. THEY knew exactly what these shot would do to people! Unless YOU believe that the “virus” existed and that THEY DID CARE so much ABOUT THE PEOPLE that THEY rushed to find a “cure” and a “vaccine” and successfully found it in just mere 7 months!

    Like you, I have no medical knowledge at all. But I do have a brain that’s still normally functioning. That’s why I recognize that this “virus” is so “clever” with “height” that it only detects YOU and attacks you when you are standing! But if you sit down, it cannot “see” you, so can eat, drink, laugh, without a mask!

    Oh, and this “virus” can do the head counting too! It will not attack you if you are in the crowd of ten or less. It will attack you when it recognize the crowd has more than 10 heads!

    You see, Ed, this virus behaves exactly the way the government thugs (a.k.a police) do!

    BTW, This “virus” is very respectful to government and its thugs. It won’t harm the political leaders especially when they have “the summit”, and this virus won’t infect the government thugs particularly when these thugs attack, arrest, and wrest people down on the streets!

    I read history too. And I learned that ONLY pitchfork revolt can stop government doing crime against the people.

  2. It seems to me that this is a bio-engineered virus. I have also been following this from the beginning and I remember the bafflement of doctors when they realized that ventilators were not helping, but actually hurting patients.
    What was this bizarre disease, so unlike other respiratory viruses?
    It turned out that this virus was engineered to destroy far more than the lungs. And they started pushing the vaccine from the very beginning, while banning HCQ and Ivermectrim, and censoring all mention of them.
    It seems clear to me that the plan was to inject the world’s population and the virus was a means to that end. Hence, the Bill and Melinda heralded ”Second Wave” which rolled out on schedule, at the same time as the vaccine. Everyone I know who had covid got it in the Second Wave, which I assume was also bio-engineered and rolled out deliberately.
    And now, in the spring and summer of 2021, far past the end of flu and cold season, a new version has been rolled out, the Delta version, to scare the recalcitrant resistors into accepting the jab. It HAS to be deliberate, because no respiratory viruses thrive in the summer months.
    Oh, and this version is said to attack children, unlike the other versions, just in time to get parents to submit their children to the experiment.
    The first version attacked pensioners, leading to great savings for the ruling class in pension funds.
    The injection they are pushing concentrates in the ovaries. It seems to me that this is a massive population control vaccine. Possibly our overlords think that controlling births is a kinder way of decreasing population than mass murder. In order to commit evil, people must convince themselves that they are doing good.

  3. Very much agree with the points made in this article.
    To me it was obvious in February 2020 that the US button pushing elites are running an operation in desperation to maintain US dominance that is dropping like a rock.

    1. Thank you Arius…and what does an underwater bomb explosion off the coast of Florida have to do with helping mankind and especially during this ‘global’ crisis ? Yes, there are many buttons to push all with the same desired effect.

  4. Thanks for the article. I agree with your conclusions, although I doubt the majority will also agree.
    I believe there is a great spiritual deception around the world. People are living in fear and unable to understand the times in which we live.
    For more good COVID/Vaccine info – https://anchoredinhope.com

  5. Excellent piece, Edward.

    “I do not know but suspect that those who have been so hypnotized tend to be mainly members of the middle to the upper classes, those who have invested so much belief in the system. This includes the highly schooled”.

    Exactly! Making people dependant on the system has been going on for quite some time. With the use of education and media manipulation, most people believe in government, science, corporations and more in general, authority. Thinking for yourself is allowed, as long as it’s in the extremely narrow bandwidth of what is regarded as being true. Opposing opinions are allowed and even promoted, if they serve the purpose of the divide and conquer agenda.

    We’re all hypnotised, more or less. Breaking the spell of nescience, ignorance and cognitive dissonance will take an enormous breaking down of everything we tend to regard as being of essential value to life. Even if everything hidden comes to the surface, many will not be able to open up their minds to it.

    Everything might get ‘better’ in the long run, but likely not before it gets ‘worse’, much ‘worse’ …

  6. Edward, that’s a brilliant analysis, thank you.

    As an impartial scientist (geologist), I too have been following the evidence (lack of) for a ‘pandemic’ from the outset. I agree with your conclusions 100%.

    The covid lie is an exact parallel of the ‘man-made’ global warming fraud, which I have studied intensively, full-time and unpaid (therefore unbiased), for the last 5 years, e.g. please see these 5-minute items …





    The covid- and climate frauds, both superficially plausible, were cleverly engineered to make people scared, therefore compliant and controllable.

    What else do these monumental deceptions have in common? That’s easy: both are run by the globalist-controlled United Nations (the WHO and the IPCC are agencies of the UN).

  7. I’m sorry, Ed. As a long time reader and admirer, I must say that some of this is simply not up to your usual standards.

    Covid 19 is real. I’ve had friends in their fifties who have caught it and been sicker than they ever were in their entire lives and are still suffering from it. I had one dear friend, who suffered from diabetes but would have likely lived another ten to twenty years easily, die from this disease. We’ve had hundreds of thousands of fellow citizens die over the past year, for heavens sake … to say there’s no disease is perverse.

    Now, is it any worse than a very bad flu epidemic? Is it any more deadly? Was is treatable by a range of efforts like vitamin C an D and the medicines you mention? I believe it was not any worse EXCEPT for the fact that, being a novel virus, we were all susceptible and had little built in immunity. Thus, the deadly effects of it were magnified.

    Also, has it been used destroy small business, to force people to support Amazon and other behemoths, to implant fear in the people and force compliance to any official order no matter how moronic (i.e. masks on five year olds)? Yes it has. The masters will never let an opportunity like this go by unused, we can always count on this and count on much bigger tyranny to come.

    But, please, let US be sane! Let us not lose our perspective and clarity of thought. The fact that the boy shepherd lied did not mean that there was no wolf. Diseases and flus and plagues have killed mankind from the beginning. They exist. We just need to be sane and judicious in responding to them and never ever compromise on Liberty as our demand.

    1. Please note that Ed did not say (and sorry Ed, I know you don’t need me to answer for you) that there is no virus. He just said that he does not know if there is one. It is important to understand what we know and distinguish it from our opinion.

      I’m sure that, given that the airwaves and cables were full of Covid-19 talk, and given positive “tests” for the virus for those you cite as having suffered from it, it is understandable that you believe there is a virus, and that it is the one the “experts” say it is.

      However, if they had said that people were getting sick from a bacterial toxin in the food supply, or an inversion which caused extreme air pollution, or any other explanation which seemed consistent with your previous knowledge or experience, you may have believed that was the cause of your friends’ illness, and not a novel coronavirus.

      The idea that there is a novel coronavirus which causes certain symptoms and sometimes death came from the media and certain highly placed entities who have an agenda which benefits greatly from the explanation and the outsized fear the narrative has generated.

      The so-called experts, like Anthony Fauci, have been shown to have huge conflicts of interest, and they have admittedly lied about aspects of the threat. Those with interest in an “emergency authorization” for quasi-vaccines have struggled mightily to denigrate any alternate treatment or cure because if there is an effective alternative treatment, you cannot get an emergency authorization for an unapproved vaccine.

      So the public information well is poisoned. There is no reason to believe anything you cannot see with your own eyes on this topic unless you have a source you can trust with access directly to the raw data.

      There may be a coronavirus responsible for the deaths and illnesses you speak of. But the anecdotal sickness of a few people does not prove anything beyond that.

      1. Well said!

        I had also heard about thr lack of scientific verification through proper isolation and I was split on whether covid was real.

        I recently fell ill to a very unusual ‘flu’ where my sense of taste was distorted and I was feverish for days and nights on end. I rarely get sick (healthy 39 year old) and if I do, a brief fever is usually all it takes for me to be back to 100%.

        In this case, I was bed ridden for 4-5 days and by day 8-9 I had trouble breathing and was very tired. My partner sourced some ivermectin for me and overnight, my fever went away and I began a quick recovery. After 1 week, I was 99% back to normal and now, 2 weeks after ivermectin, I am 100%.

        I do think there is something going around (everybody around me got sick – kids were fine after 3 days and adults after 1-4 weeks,inckusing my 75 year old dad) and I believe it likely originated from a lab.

        I agree that it is hard to discern whether proper isolation took place but I personally think an unusual sickness is around us. We definitely didn’t need masks or lockdowns and with simple treatments (named above and others like fluvoxamine and HCQ) we wouldn’t have had nearly as many elderly people die.

        Maybe the vaccines caused variants and now younger people are being impacted so we should all be on alert and mindful.

        And for goodness sake, get some ivermectin so if you get it, you can take it early!!!! It has been said to prevent infection and to minimize impacts greatly when it is administered. Apparently some people get long covid for months and I’ve got things to do so I’m glad I had relatively early intervention and am back to normal 3.5 weeks after infection.

        1. I was sick, I mean really sick about 3 years ago. I was in bed for weeks. I could barley eat, all I did was sleep. Never, ever been this sick before. I had gotten a flu shot and while I don’t know if it was the cause, it definitely didn’t prevent me from this horrible sickness.

          Had it been in 2020 no doubt it would have been labeled “COVID”, a novel never before witnessed viral disease. I likely would have tested positive on a RT-PCR test that was cranked up to 40-45 CT and thus, as peer review has acknowledged, as well as the WHO (in 2021) produces nearly 100% false positives. The media would have convinced one and all that no other disease could have possibly kept me so sick for so long.

          But alas this was in early 2019, and the COVID had yet to be released into our brains.

          Now you may not believe what I just said (tho I swear it’s true), but anytime someone says they were sick as “dogs” and it must have been COVID, I think about my friend, more than one, who come down every year with pneumonia and spend a week in the hospital sucking in oxygen. What is it that makes them so ill?

          According to a recent study by Swiss researchers, it’s estimated that 25,000 people die EVERY DAY of man-made chemicals. That’s over 9 million people a year, every year, and the numbers keep growing. Why is this absent from the nightly news. No one is calling an emergency on this huge human toll created by our chemical industries. Something to think about.

          I think there are a lot of explanations for illness, some of it is simply the suggestion of a deadly disease, some of it is really nothing new, but some how falling into a new label. Selective perception is very powerful, it forces everything through a very narrow prism which demands one thought, one conclusion. Nothing else exists.

          1. “influenza pandemics tended to occur during years of maximum solar activity.

            “accumulation of electricity within the body causes the symptoms of influenza.

            “Queen Victoria of England, in residence at Osborne House, her estate at the north end of the Isle of the Wight, suffered a cerebral hemorrhage and died on the evening of January 22, 1901, just as Marconi was firing up a new, more powerful transmitter twelve miles away.

            “Then, in 1917, just as the bees on the Isle of Wight itself appeared to be regaining their former vitality, an event occurred that changed the electrical environment of the rest of the world. Millions of dollars of United States government money were suddenly mobilized in a crash program to equip the Army, Navy, and air Force with the most modern communication capability possible. The entry of the United States into the Great War on April 6, 1917, stimulated an expansion of radio broadcasting that was as sudden and rapid as the 1889 expansion of electricity. Again it was the bees that gave the first warning.”

            —from ‘The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life’ (2016) by Arthur Firstenberg

      2. Thanks for the response, Eddy. I appreciate the distinction you are making.

        Personally, I’m a big fan of Occam’s Razor: an event that quacks like a viral pandemic, kills like a pandemic, and is identified as a pandemic by the great majority of the experts in the field should probably be considered a viral pandemic unless we know better. I note that while there’s a great deal of debate and disagreement about the proper response to it by the experts (contrary to the way the MSM and Silicon Valley report it), there is very little disagreement about the cause.

        Finally, while I completely acknowledge that our CDC and other organs of public health have been lying to us at every turn and are incredibly corrupt, they are not alone in their diagnosis of the cause of this disease. Such independent and unrelated and indeed adversary nations as Iran, China, and Russia have also identified COVID as a pandemic disease and have taken steps to counter it as possible to them.

        1. Certainly you are entitled to your opinion on where the available evidence leads you. However, your response tells me that you would be well advised to open up your intake of information to a wider array of sources. One which might have a salutary effect is a website which publishes some of Ed’s articles, including the one above, Globalresearch.Ca.

          While dissent is systematically crushed in the vast majority of public forums, there are a few platforms which still offer an opportunity to discuss subjects which have been rendered controversial by the powers that be – notably the 5 huge corporations which control over 90% of the media.

          The world we live in is no longer dominated by the individual sovereignty of nation states, but by the power of multi-national corporations controlled by a few extremely wealthy and powerful families. Worldwide media, with a few exceptions, parrots the US media. What you hear on any media which might be considered mainstream, and on many “alternative” sources, is what those few people want you to hear.

          In reality, many thousands of medical experts disagree with those who are elevated by political interests because they are willing to espouse the chosen narrative (and are often motivated by their own financial interests).

          Practicing physicians and scientists risk their careers by publicly exposing the truth about this planned event and the negligible excess deaths it has caused, the changes mandated in how death certificates are filed out, the PCR test which its inventor said was not a diagnostic tool and which, as implemented, generated huge numbers of false positives, the horrific effect (and ineffectiveness in stopping the spread of disease) of lock-downs of healthy people, and the obvious links between the lock-step actions of virtually all UN member nations and the stated agendas of organizations such as the WEF and the UN.

          They risk their careers doing so, but many still retain a commitment to their patients and the public strong enough to make the sacrifice for what they perceive to be the truth and to provide the people with information and analysis they cannot get from the establishment.

    2. Thank you Caliman…you said; “We just need to be sane and judicious in responding to them and never ever compromise on Liberty as our demand.”
      Are the aircraft carrier battle groups that ‘spread’ everywhere on this planet’s oceans sane and judicious?
      Are all these ‘labs’ that we can read about sane and judicious. Was Agent Orange sane and judicious and the insane developers of this agent? We might all be fearful now, not knowing what kind of crap we will need to deal with, however the deciders are NOT sane and judicious!

    3. Thank you Caliman…you said; “We just need to be sane and judicious in responding to them and never ever compromise on Liberty as our demand.”
      Are the aircraft carrier battle groups that ‘spread’ everywhere on this planet’s oceans sane and judicious?
      Are all these germ/warfare ‘labs’ that we can read about sane and judicious. Was Agent Orange sane and judicious and the insane developers of this agent? We might all be fearful now, not knowing what kind of crap we will need to deal with, however the deciders are NOT sane and judicious!

    4. Regarding those people who got really sick: did they eat organic food or eat fast food? Did they have high stress jobs and work long hours? Did they take time to meditate? Did they take supplements such as Vitamin D, C, zinc, magnesium, selinium, etc? Were their Vitamin D levels over 50? Did they watch regular news and become very fearful? Fear lowers immunity! Did they get sunshine and exercise? Did they get quality 8-9 hours of sleep every night? Did they turn off all electronics at night? Did they follow Dr. Richard Cheng’s nutritional protocol for viral prevention? Did they drink purified water or tap water? You have to take care of your body to prevent illness.

  8. I resonate with what you say about evil. In all of this time, nothing I’ve read resonates with my own thought as much as you have (in another post about toilet paper etc.)
    People, by and large are gentle and kind.
    They don’t fathom evil.
    But I think we all have a little bit inside.
    I like your blog and books and you.

  9. What I personally know about the Cooties after being exposed to multiple PCR Tested Positive people since the “pandemic”.


    What else do I know? The Influenza took a dramatic drop and disappeared during the “pandemic”.


    Imagine Repurposing The Flu.

    Imagine if you will, that your government compelled MILLIONS of Americans to have a nasal swab shoved up their nose for a Influenza PCR Test every year. Imagine the MILLIONS testing positive for the Influenza. Some would die because of the Flu, some would die with the Flu (symptoms or not), some would have severe Flu and survive, some would have moderate to minor symptoms of the Flu, and some would be… Influenza asymptomatic (as many as three-quarters of all flu cases are asymptomatic, meaning they didn’t know they had until they were tested for it). But there would be MILLIONS of Flu CASES! Imagine AmeriKans crapping their diapers.

    OMG! We need a Vaccine!

    See how easy that was?

  10. This is about as succinct a review of the fake pandemic as
    I have encountered thus far. I find no reason to disagree with any of the points the author has made. I do believe that most of our medical system is based on deriving and creating fear and that we must accept big pharma drugs as the answer to all ills.

    People have been pushed into a corner with the fear of death from a fake pandemic (virus) and thus have sought refuge within a mRNA experimental therapy that will scramble their own immune systems beyond repair. This is exactly as they have been trained that when diseased, the fear of death comes haunting their thoughts and big pharma drugs are the first and only answer to saving their lives. That is the grandest lie in the history of this country!

    That first fear of death from a mysterious virus, will become reality for many at the hands of gene altering therapies, of which are not plainly understood nor have been tested for at least the required (in my book) 10-15 years…and not by big pharma alone.

    The FDA and CDC have been totally compromised and sucked into the charade…because the payoffs from pharma and others were too good to resist. Of course, these schmuckos believe they will survive the great culling of the population…gruesomely, I hope not.

    No drugs, vaccines, injections or other pharma/medical crap for me. I will fight these maniacs to the death if need be…but I am also older and have much less to lose. Still, at any age, the loss of freedom is not desirable. The thought of some gates/big tech programmed A/I controlling the world is certainly puke-worthy.

  11. A week or two ago, I posted on this site under the previous article the story of a golf pro playing in the Memorial Tournament in Dublin, Ohio who was informed after his third round of play that he had been found guil . . . er, positive for Covid-19. At that time, he was six strokes in front of any other player and was almost certain to win the tournament. Due to the Covid protocols in place (thanks, Ohio!), he had to withdraw.

    In reality, it was just a small example of the pseudo-medical tyranny imposed on the world by those who would play God. More egregious and life threatening aspects of the thing are easily found. But since it occurred on major network TV with lots of people watching, it had some significance.

    Yesterday, some measure of karma might be said to have been restored when the same player, Jon Rahm of Spain, finished with two birdies on the last two holes to win the U.S. Open golf tournament.

    I guess he must be some kind of incredible athlete to overcome both the field of opponents and the grips of the deadly plague to win one of the four major golf championships on the PGA tour.

    Of course, karma will not actually be in balance, at least until the authors of the Satanic plot are brought to justice. But it seems that good deal of separating the wheat from the chaff must happen before that time comes.

  12. This is an excellent summation of that which is known (within the context of your personal investigation) to those “with ears to hear”, and equally important, what is not known on this urgent subject.

    Some of the comments above are also on point or bring up interesting aspects of this inquiry into incomplete information. Someone says they believe there is a virus because they were sick with something having the signal symptoms of the virus.

    Certainly, it is possible for there to be a real issue causing these symptoms, and that would tend to lead one to believe that the virus is real. But, as at least one commenter mentioned, other issues, such as increases in EM fields due to the introduction of ever more powerful technology in wireless communication, may be in play

    As Jon Rappoport has suggested, The respiratory aspects of the illness could be a result of air pollution, which is a big problem in the Wuhan area, as well as the areas in Italy where the highest number of deaths were occurring early on. China was actually experiencing big protests about air quality in Wuhan prior to the lock-downs. China is also an early implementer of 5G wireless technology. But, as Ron Unz points out, the high level officials in Iran who were early victims of the alleged virus could be related to some kind of biological weapon, perhaps deployed by some elements in the US government.

    But these are things we can speculate on, not things we know right now. What we do know is that the public is fair game for experimentation with new technologies without real safeguards or prior study to determine safety, whether we talk about invisible EM field strength or why visible jet contrails tend to persist these days and did not 40 years ago, or about drugs or “gene therapy” given to healthy people to make them think they are protected from an alleged threat which typically only seriously affects people who are already unhealthy or who have weak immune systems.

  13. Good article. I too have been obsessively researching for over a year. I differ on only one point with the author, who says he doesn’t know if the SARS-CoV-2 virus has been isolated. I usually end fruitless discussion by asking friends to just provide evidence that it has been isolated. It usually takes them a few minutes to Google and smugly dig out a scientific paper claiming it has. But I am persuaded that the lab research protocols have produced nothing more than probable computer models of the virus. If a real rather than a virtual virus had been identified and isolated, the vaccine companies could have used samples of it. But they admit to having had no such samples to work from – despite early promises from the CDC that cultures of it were or would be available. Case closed. SARS-CoV-2 is a bioinformatic fiction.

  14. He is not the originator of the plot, but by virtue of his fraudulent seizing of office, Jorge Mario Bergoglio is at the center of the Satanic events of the past several years. Several times in October of 2019, he worshiped a demon, Pachamama, in the Vatican, including on the main altar in St. Peter’s. He has used his usurped authority to instruct the world that taking the deadly “vaccine” is a moral obligation.

    Jorge Mario Bergoglio pushes nothing but hoaxes (that carbon dioxide is a “pollutant” and is causing “climate change”; socialism; totalitarianism; infinite flooding of the West with unassimilable savages, etc., etc.) ALL of which hoaxes are designed to kill seven billion people.

    There is too much commentary that fails to mention Jorge Mario Bergoglio and his Satanic inner circle, and their central rôle in the current attack on civilization.

  15. Thank you for expressing my thoughts and experience so well. It is sad that intelligent people “can’t face the truth” and shut their eyes and ears to protect their life-long delusion that governments exist to serve their populations, not their power bases.

    Drs. Karina Reiss and Sucharit Bhakdi concluded their book ‘Corona False Alarm?: Facts and Figures’ with “We are bearing witness to the downfall and destruction of our heritage, to the end of the age of enlightenment.” (Page 136.) That’s how it will be, if sheep do not leave the comfort zone of gullibility.

  16. COVID-19 does exists. It was a coronavirus bioweapon created by scientists. A man made virus. I had it in January. I can’t stand it when people say it’s just a flu. It’s more than a flu. I have had flus, colds, pneumonia, and bronchitis throughout my life. This thing was completely different. It tries to kill your lungs. You huff and puff trying to breathe, trying to catch a breath. As it attacks your body, it plays with your mind, you have emotional swings. I wouldn’t be surprised it there is a curse or something preternatural attached to it. It also affects everyone differently. Many have very mild symptoms. It’s not a killer. It is over 99% survivable. It is treatable. COVID-19 was designed for the long game. It’s a virus that will cause health complications over a lifetime. The spike proteins are toxic.

    The vaccines are more dangerous than the virus. They are being pushed because of a nwo agenda. These experimental vaccines are not needed because covid-19 is treatable with Ivermectin. The Ametican medical community is going to have to explain why Americans were sent to suffer at home by the millions with no treatment. Left completely alone, while Asia, Africa, and Latin America treated people with Ivermectin and they recovered quickly with less suffering and death.

    1. How old are you and are you a smoker or obese or have diabetes or more?
      The vast majority 99.97% will have mild symptoms, meaning survival without treatment at home. I doubt the majority were struggling with breathing. Most of us have, with a bad cold or the flu, but some have short memory.

      1. The majority will not struggle with breathing, because their immune system can take care of it before it gets to that point, but it was designed to give you breathing problems, damage the lungs, and cause health problems weeks, months, and years down the line.

        As for me, I am 38 years old, not a smoker or obese, but I have had a weak immune system all my life. Flus and colds almost annually. 30+ flus. I have had pneumonia twice, bronchitis twice, and the swine flu. My covid was caught right after the holidays, so I got a really strong contagious variant. Probably the California strain. My lungs have always taken a pounding in my life, but I do believe covid has permanently damaged them. I am still dealing with phlegm on and off again. Don’t think I will have a cigarette or cigar ever again.

    2. Sounds like the severe flu case I had 30 years ago. Had all the “never before seen” symptoms of the Corona-Cooties back then too. Why, I even had the dreaded “Covid-Pink Eye” My lungs are still scarred from it. BTW, did you also have the “never before seen” couldn’t smell or taste anything like I did with my bout of the severe flu?

      Sense of Smell Can Be Victim of Bout With Flu, Los Angeles Times – 2/21/1988


      “Don’t tell me the Corona-Cooties doesn’t exist! I’ve never been this sick before!”

      I was never “that sick before” with the flu, until I was.

      You have to listen to what people say, then think it through.

      1. Flus are natural, Covid is not, it’s designed. I know what flu feels like. I have had flus
        almost annually throughout my life. 30+ flus. I’ve had the swine flu, pneumonia twice, and bronchitis twice. Covid is stronger than a flu, kind of like a viral pneumonia. Most people will not get to the point of having breathing problems, but it was designed to give you breathing problems and damage your lungs first and cause health problems weeks, months, years down the line.

  17. Well, this post is timely! I just finished watching an exceptional interview with Dr. Peter McCullough (Professor of Medicine and Vice Chief of Internal Medicine at Baylor University). It is 45 minutes long but worth viewing – every minute of it.

    I have been very hesitant to think that pushing the JAB was anything but pure greed on the part of the medical industrial complex who see an opening and go for it. But I’ve been listening to too many doctors and PhD’s lately who are saying the same thing…

    Back in December I wrote about the Great Conjunction and the “Christmas Star” that occurred on December 21st. “What makes the December 21, 2020 Great Conjunction so amazing is that it’s happening at 0°, which signifies a completely new beginning AND it’s the closest conjunction since 1623 (which was also in the sign of Aquarius).” I wrote of Power Struggles and 2020 being the end of a 200-year era of Jupiter and Saturn uniting in Earth signs, with the focus being on material security and a resistance to change. I, of course, wrote “Set intentions. Focus on the positive. AIM HIGH and fly like an Eagle. Act honorably. What we do as we enter this new era – individually and collectively – will set in motion that which will be actualized over the next 20 years.” because I felt – and still feel – the time is now to change the path we hoo-mans are marching down. But I also believe, now, that the malevolent people who’ve been in power for so long are also feeling the time to strike is now. They will NOT give up their control easily. This is a battle. I knew something had changed last December and FELT it in my soul. I was heartened myself but not so naive as to think that everything was going to be “hunky dory”.

    I’m kind of going off-topic a bit but I think you, like many I’ve of these doctors and PhD’s, are spot on. I encourage your readers to take 45 minutes to listen to this interview:

    1. The physicians are not treating patients who are sick. Upon my question to my doctor of what I should do if I felt like I had “ the virus” , she told me to stay home and quarantine. If I got worse, go to the emergency room. That was the treatment….
      I never got it. Taking Vit D, C, Zinc and quercetin.

      Thank you for this exposé Edward Curtin.

  18. Good for you Ed Curtin. It won’t be pretty. People will die of the Vax over time. It will be attributed to variants and need More Vax. When the families of members of the government, medicine and MSM die- then it will change. Probably too slowly.Very Sad. With no one to make the donuts you will see a permanent state of Civil War. Forget the economy-it will be gone.

  19. I agree with everything you said and more. Perhaps I’m older than you, my 60’s, and there are a few things I’d add. For one thing, never in my life as an American have I or any of my relations seen the kind of manic, driven push to get people to take these jabs. Never. There has simply never been this kind of hysteria obviously created by entities who are all working together. That and the censorship of facts and anything negative toward the jabs, the silencing of those who have concerns, is enough to make anyone suspicious.
    However, let me share one anecdote. My husband and I developed Covid or whatever it is, in March., and we were incapacitated one month. All you have to do is have Covid to know it is no cold, and no flu. It is neither one. We had a moderate case, both of us, and it knocked us out. We are in good physical condition generally. This thing was routine the first week, but by the second week we were weak as babies. It didn’t give us raging fevers, but low grade, but the incredible fatigue like nothing we ever experienced. We had to pace ourselves to make a run to the bathroom or brush our teeth, etc. It’s the way it hits your airway that gets your attention, in the absence of any congestion at all, your chest feels rotten, with moments where I had to lay on my tummy to increase my lung capacity. We took each other’s oxygen levels all week and, thanks be to God, they stayed in a good range. Not so for everyone. Whatever this thing is, it’s real. That being said, I trust the immune system God gave me, far more than any witches brew cooked up by Bill Gates and friends. Everything they’ve done to us is stupid, and we must not go along with any future lockdowns and restrictions.

    1. Were you aware of the many neutreaceuticals and drugs Iike Ivermectin and HCQ?
      I have friends who had Covid, and they were sick for about a week, recovering quickly with these products, including zinc, quercetin, vitamin d and C. Ivermectin was a game changer for all of them. I’m a writer and researcher in the holistic health area, and it appears that NAC and black seed oil may also be important.

  20. A brilliant summation of where we are in the present time and a strong incentive for us to “Look over the Top of the Hill” to see where our life journey may take us all.
    Thank you, Edward, and the wonderful commenters.
    Semper Fidelis.

  21. You hint in your first observation Ed, at the shift in “faith” (from God to Science), and then went on to conduct extensive scientific research into the phenomenon.
    As one with absolutely no faith in the Judaic “One God”, and only conditional faith in Science, I must point out that I had absolutely NO need to research the subject to arrive at exactly the same conclusions as you did.
    I might also point out as a possible “culprit”, the subversion and degradation of Science in most topical discussions recently, to the point that covid, climate change, etc, are credibly being identified as religions.

  22. A few other illogical traits of the narrative that coninue to stick in my craw that didn’t make your list are:
    1) no discussion by TPTB of the critical role of vit D in overall health, and respiratory infections in particular, and
    2) near-total blackout of any discussion of antibody testing.

    I already had issues with big medicine, but I cannot see any way to absolve the individual front-line doctors and other clinicians who have gone along with this craziness of a large chunk of responsibility. Your comment about the “well-schooled” being particularly susceptible to the propaganda is explanatory, but by no means exculpatory. Most doctors, all who are still toeing the official line, are worth less than shit, mere mini-Mengeles, in my opinion.

  23. There’s another thought. If population reduction is the aim of the “vaccines”, why would they want to kill off those who are compliant? It would make more sense to give the compliant people a therapy that would protect against the next engineered disease, even if it had many side effects, then wipe out those who weren’t compliant and tell the compliant that all the others died because they weren’t vaccinated, thus gaining their implicit trust. So it is possible that all these so called vaccines are in preparation for what will be released. I hope not. Great article by the way 🙂

    1. I would post that the aim is not eugenics theough culling, but through infertility. This then furthers the goal of transhumanism to create an ever-more dependent pool of subjects. Future generations would then mostly manufactured or somehow or a perhaps a lottery is allotted to would-be mothers as a privilege… who knows?

      Spiritually speaking, as we (human beings) are the creators of reality, the ones who want control must convince the population to continue to create the reality they want us to create; one of fear. They need a mass amount of people under their thumb to be able to do that.

      Ultimately, Ed is right: this is a battle for the soul of the world, but not a battle fought traditionally. The way out of & through this is not to fight, but to do our own “work” and encourage each individual to figure it out on their own. This is a matter of free will. Let us lead by example.

  24. Did you know, Ed, that influenza was not a seasonal affair until the electrification of our cities (1860s) and that all pandemics coincide with amplifications to the human made electrical environment due to new communications systems rolling out ever since? Will you spend, now, a single hour investigating the connection between wireless communications systems and our health?

  25. Edward, after extensive reading I have come to the same conclusions you have. Like my votes for the Green Party rather than Hillary or Uncle Joe, this has caused me to lose friends. That hurts a bit, but I refuse to surrender my intellectual integrity. Thanks for reassuring me that I am sane.

  26. French Enlightenment Philosopher, Thinker and Encyclopædist Denis Diderot wrote:
    “Gaiety is a quality of ordinary men. Genius always presupposes some disorder in the machine.”

    Classical Greek Thinker & Philosopher Plato wrote of his Allegory of the Cave, a concept wherein people liv chained to the wall of a cave all their lives, facing a blank wall. The people watch shadows projected projected by authority figures on the wall from objects passing in front of a fire behind them and give names to these shadows. The shadows are the prisoners’ reality, but are not accurate representations of the real world.
    In the Allegory, Socrates explains how the philosopher is like a prisoner who is freed from the cave and comes to understand that the shadows on the wall are actually not reality at all. A philosopher aims to understand and perceive the higher levels of reality. However, the other inmates of the cave do not even desire to leave their prison, for they know no better life.

    I’ve worked in media, “news”, PR, marketing, advertising, government and politics.
    Due to my experiences and observations in these industries, I often quite skeptical of conventional narratives.
    I’m fascinated by the works & writings of the “Father of Spin”, Edward Bernays, and have seen how, in his words:
    “In almost every act of our lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons […] who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires that control the public mind, who harness old social forces and contrive new ways to bind and guide the world.”
    “Who are the men, who, without our realizing it, give us our ideas, tell us whom to admire and whom to despise, what to believe about the ownership of public utilities .. about immigration who tell us how our houses should be designed, what furniture we should put into them, what menus we should serve at our table, what kind of shirts we must wear, what sports we should indulge in, what plays we should see, what charities we should support, what pictures we should admire, what slang we should affect, what jokes we should laugh at?”
    “If we understand the mechanism and motives of the group mind, is it now possible to control and regiment the masses according to our will without their knowing it? ”
    “If you can influence the leaders, either with or without their conscious cooperation, you automatically influence the group which they sway. But men do not need to be actually gathered together in a public meeting or in a street riot, to be subject to the influences of mass psychology. Because man is by nature gregarious he feels himself to be member of a herd, even when he is alone in his room with the curtains drawn. His mind retains the patterns which have been stamped on it by the group influences.”

    I’ve been fascinated by the official “covid” narrative.

    I’ve gone to the websites of the most popular RT-PCR diagnostic kit manufacturers and have seen in their own literature how those diagnostic kits are NOT specific and that they in fact detect numerous virus, including those of common colds & flu.

    I’ve gone to the CDC’s former FluTracker tool & have seen how, one the very day CovidTracker began, FluTracker stopped showing any instances of the flu.
    ALL cases of flu were now simply being labeled as “covid”.

    I went to the largest hospital in my area (for an unrelated purpose) right in the middle of the supposed worst of the supposed “covid” pandemic, and witnessed a super-quiet, super-slow hospital. Not one overrun by “covid” cases.
    I saw dozens of staff members standing around with almost nothing to do.

    I began examining death data & stats, from numerous countries.
    And found some very interesting facts.
    As late as December, Israel was reporting fewer deaths in 2020, during the supposed “pandemic”, than they had in 2019.
    While the death rate in Sweden was higher in 2020 than 2019, it was not out of the ordinary. It was within perfectly normal growth & deviations. In fact, Sweden had three other years in the past 11-year period with greater increases in death rates compared to previous years. Thus 2020 was not showing “excessive” death rates.
    I found that China only accurately records ~10% of deaths. Given their large rural population, most hospitals don’t even have to diagnose or report a determined cause of death. Thus getting accurate death stats is quite difficult.
    I found wide discrepancies in the U.K., with the government providing only estimates, and those estimates varying widely from other data sources (WHO, UN, etc.).
    I found that Japan’s death rate has been increasing significantly, year-after-year, for the past decade. In fact, their since the early 2k’s, their death rate has now surpassed their birth rate, thus they are actually losing net population yearly.
    In fact, with the exception of only one country, India I believe, most “more developed” countries have been experiencing rising death rates.
    Which strikes me as really quite odd.
    Shouldn’t “more developed” countries, with the supposed advancements in medicine, lead to lowering death rates?

    Plus, as I’ve written about here before, in the U.S., where the CDC is reporting an increase of 23% in deaths in 2020 vs 2019, the Baby Boom began around 1946 (the first year with the greatest rise in birth rates, with a rise of ~25%). The cohort life expectancy (life expectancy for a particular/specific time & group of people) in 1946 was ~74 years.
    1946 + 74 = 2020.
    Thus a rise in death rates is natural and should be expected .
    But the U.S. too has seen a continual rise in death rates for the past decade.

    Another interesting fact include the growing uses of:
    1. Synthetic vitamins, versus natural vitamins, in foods. Synthetic vitamins that are often made via hydrocarbons (byproducts of “fossil” fuels), and NOT equivalent to natural vitamins.
    2. Synthetic antibiotics, versus naturally produced & occurring antibiotics (natural which are largely made by soil microbes, and which evolve as quickly as microbes evolve, responding to natural changes in microbes, thus combating antibiotic resistance, which hasn’t been accomplished in synthetic versilons).
    3. Growing uses of synthetic fertilizers on crops (fertilizers which DON’T support the diverse species of microbes, which are necessary & form the very basis of life & natural health).
    4. Growing uses of sewage sludge on crops (especially in places like China, India, the U.K., & the U.S.).
    Sewage sludge which most often contains persistent compounds (toxic POC’s), those synthetic antibiotics that pass thru human & animal bodies, creating havoc on microbes & biota, hormones, harmful metals, industrial wastes, etc., most of which are never tested for prior to application to farm & crop land.

    In fact, there has been much written on the possible negative effects of growing uses of “night soil” (aka sewage sludge) in the Middle Ages, leading to decreased animal & human immune systems, perhaps exacerbating the Black Plague.
    There is also much quality data & info showing that viruses, and the damage they cause, are perhaps due to other prevailing problems (like other disease, weak/deficient immunity/pathogens/etc.).
    Rather than viruses themselves being the true cause of disease, their presence & sustenance is dependent on other underlying problems.

    Lastly, what is often forgotten/not mentioned is the fact that back in 2016, Johns Hopkins published a report outlining the U.S. medical industry itself as likely the 3rd leading cause of death, via preventable medical errors (malpractice).
    The only person I know that died in the past year died suddenly, during what was supposed to be fairly safe & routine arthroscopic knee surgery.
    Plus, in that report, it detailed how the official process of declaring “cause of death” is highly inaccurate, subject to much guess work, and prone to mere opinion & lack of specific detail.
    The system was established to simplify the medical coding processes, merely for billing purposes, and was never intended
    as a method for accurate statistical purposes on true causes of death.

    Thus, there is WAY too much other data & facts that are simply NOT being discussed & considered.

    I didn’t mask, not once.
    I didn’t isolate, nor socially distance, nor change my habits nor routines one iota.
    And yet not only did I NOT get sick, but I had one of the healthiest years I’ve ever had (and I used to suffer from chronic pneumonia, for ~25 yrs., before discovering the benefits of steam inhalation of natural antibiotics & antivirals like Eucalyptus, Tea Tree oil, Peppermint, Wormwood, and others, which has stopped that chronic pneumonia for over 7 years now).

    The official “covid” narrative is conflicting with my own personal observations, and more comprehensive data I’ve found.

    1. Thank you! Your actions and words mirror mine. Been a long year and a half. It isn’t over until it is over.

  27. This speaks so perfectly well for me too. To know that many others have reached the same conclusions after thorough research is very reassuring. We are not alone and we are not crazy.

  28. Brilliant article Ed and thank you for your tireless efforts of truth telling, and shining light on the 21st Century bardo of corruption we find ourselves living through. Also thanks to Gary Weglarz for his ongoing spot-on comments – much appreciated.

  29. Here is evidence that viruses as we have been told do not exists.

    Freedom of information requests reveal that health/science institutions around the world have no record of SARS-COV-2 isolation/purification, anywhere, ever

    Virology Debunks Corona

    The Final Refutal of Virology by Dr. Stefan Lanka

    “So What The Hell Is Going On”?

    1. Allen thank you for posting these. I too have reached the conclusion, and a vital one I might add, that there is no pathogenic virus, not now nor ever one that has in fact been proven through the rigors of science.

      The reason this is so very important is that not only is it the truth, but as long as we continue with what is clearly a myth (the invisible particle is coming after us…mask up) we’ll continue to be trapped in this dystopia. It will “mutate” and there will be variants which will call for further methods of manipulation and tyrannical control.

      Going along with it because we were told from childhood that the cough, the sneeze, the runny nose means we must have “caught a virus” has been so thoroughly indoctrinated that it can be used at the snap of a finger to oppress the masses and call for emergency measures.

      There’s no pathogenic virus to test for, to cure of, to produce vaccines to prevent. Any symptoms should consider what we’ve done to our living environment – Swiss study says 25,000 people die daily of chemicals many not even disclosed.

    2. There is no isolation of SARS-COV-2 but per these records there is no isolation of either AIDS or Polio viruses either. Yet we know AIDS and Polio are real. Don’t we? If so does lack of isolation necessarily refute the notion that a virus exists and is cause of concern? I’m a non-scientist with no background in biology or any other health sciences, or any field of scientific research so there’s much I don’t know about this matter.

        1. No record of an isolated virus, none, ever. The electron microscope wasn’t invented until 1934. It’s clear that the polio vaccine came on the scene when the neurological toxins DDT and arsenic were banned. In fact outbreaks of neurological disorder/paralysis occurred after the mass injections of the vaccine.

          1. Art, DDT wasn’t banned in the U.S. until 1972. A handful of other nations banned it in 1970. The Polio vaccine has been around since the 1950’s.
            Whether or not a Polio virus has been isolated, is there any reason to deny that Polio is a genuine disease? My questions concerned whether or not the isolation of a virus was all that was needed to confirm that it exists and that treatment is therefore needed.
            If Polio and countless other diseases mentioned in the linked to posts above by Allan have not been isolated, does that not imply that failure to isolate SARS-COV-2 is not dispositive in determining whether or not it is a real virus?
            I have no expertise, just asking some common sense Q’s.

            1. Yes it was officially banned in the US in 1972, but it’s use peaked in the early 1950s. DDT is a proven (and it’s not the only such chemical) toxin that attacks the nervous system. When the Salk vaccine came out later that decade the number of polio cases had subsided considerably. “Polio” is not a unique disease. Variations of paralysis and neurological disorders existed long before this epidemic and actually continues, even in the US under different labels.
              I think it matters as to what causes illness and what has never proven to cause. Recently, a Swiss study determined that there are 25,000 deaths annually from man-made chemicals. Toxicologists seem to be pushed aside, when virology, a questionable “science” that supports pharma vaccines, seems to come front in center sans proof of the almighty invisible “pathogenic virus” It’s scaring the beejesus out of hundreds of millions…where’s the proof?

              1. Correction: 25,000 people die daily from man-made chemicals. Does anyone care that 9 million people are dying every year due to chemical waste, while the “scientists” are off chasing a “pathogenic virus”?

  30. Like you, I have been doing intense research (2+ hours a day, every day) since March 2020, and I have come to the exact same conclusions. Thank you for this succinct summary. As you say, people are walking around in a trance; this is what is most maddening, and most frightening. Truly a war for the soul of the world.

  31. Brilliant, thank you.
    Some of us are still fighting.
    Despite being ostracised by many friends.
    We have lost friends over this.
    I’m British, a pensioner,currently living in Korcula,only son in London.
    If they force me to choose between a vaccine and seeing him, I may yet succumb.
    At the moment holding out.Maybe he can come to see us,but the thought of never seeing my beloved France or London again fills me with a great sadness.
    Thank you for all your work.

    1. We all truly hope you will see your beloved London and of course your son most importantly. Thanks for writing this.

  32. Beautiful writing; the easiest prose I have ever read out loud. And I agree with every bit of it. (I’ve been doing much the same thing for the last year and a half.)

  33. Although you said that your article was not intended to persuade, but only to put yourself on the record, it nonetheless serves another purpose. It gives a small bit of comfort, support, and/or satisfaction to those, like you, whose research and reading have led them to the same conclusions.

    With the recent drastic reduction in ordinary social life, it is much easier to feel isolated. It is therefore doubly gratifying to find that one is not alone in thinking thus. Thanks for weighing in.

  34. I do believe COVID-19 exists, but that there has been a massive propaganda campaign with the agendas that Ed enumerates. IMHO Ron Unz at the Unz review has hit upon the most likely theory regarding its intentional release by “Deep State” actors as a bioweapon aimed at China and Iran, and the possibly unintentional blowback. I suggest reading his articles on the subject.

    I also suggest Dr. Ryan Cole’s youtube presentation where he discusses the importance of ample vitamin D and magnesium in fall and winter in latitudes greater than 35 degrees. He also recommends Ivermectin.

  35. Good stuff, but you may be preaching to the choir here. I do know that the legions of us still having cajones or backbone ( or both)… enough to stand fast in our refusal to be jabbed are growing expinentially.

  36. Very succinctly and eloquently stated, Mr. Curtin.

    I do take a less agnostic view regarding the existence of SARS-CoV-2 though one can’t say what one doesn’t know doesn’t exist. But look at what’s been done in the name of this “pathogenic never-isolated virus”. I do think it’s safe to say given the number of FOI responses to global health agencies including the CDC that no one is working to an isolated particle proven to cause a disease. So I do take exception, as I would if someone said that we’re still waiting to see if the hair we found in the forest belongs to a unicorn.

    But overall you’ve really hit the mark, in my opinion, on everything else.
    Here’s a clip from a film you probably saw in 1981: My Diner With Andre. Worth a watch (it’s just a few delicious minutes): https://youtu.be/RlWkmNXnvyw

  37. Thanks Edward,

    I know that the Democrat Party is our enemy. Their badges of authority and compliance are the face mask, social separation, and the elbow bump. Holidays were canceled, weddings, funerals, family and friends gatherings were all canceled. Hospitalized and dying people were neglected, alone and frightened.

    I know that I am grateful that I live in Florida, where our governor refused to lockdown the state after the first disaster, and he has lifted all covid1984 restrictions, including face masks. Businesses have stopped requiring customers to wear face masks too. Apparently many employees are told to wear masks, but it seems loosely enforced.

    I haven’t worn a face mask in months. No one has pestered me about it. The church group I belong to never cancelled gathers and did not require masks. Communion is served out of the same cup, with the same spoon. There has been no epidemic among the parishioners. From my estimate less than 1% have had symptoms which were diagnosed as covid, and none of them were even hospitalized.

    I know that all the covid statistics have been falsified. Many, such as hospital capacity are no longer published by the CDC. Many states still do report hospital capacity. There has been no shortage of hospital capacity due to covid. Insanely, hospitals, clinics and doctor offices were shut down due to a medical emergency (sic). Nurses and hospital employees were laid off. Many in the medical business have abandoned their patients.

    I think we have a chance to fight this evil plot if we throw out all Democrats, especially governors and in Congress. Party means nothing and both major parties are our enemies. Regardless, and regardless of other political issues, this is an emergency. I will vote for any politician regardless of party and all other issues who stands up against this humanicide.

    Well, I have learned a lot too. And what I have learned is that the world is in the evil grip of a diabolical scheme. This is not going to turn out good.

  38. Thank you Edward for writing this commentary. I agree ! And thank you everyone for responding to this commentary! We truly need to find and exercise our vocal cords.

  39. Edward,
    So grateful for your clear intelligent summary of events. Since this nightmare started I’ve really been down. First, I was instructed by my doctor to quit my job as a Hospice admitting nurse as I am over 65 and in “high risk category”. My son would jump away if I got close to him to keep 6 feet restriction. Of course there was the battle over the masks and finally when I refused to get the jab and the rest of my family took the 2-step Pfizer shot they started treating my like I was a “Crazy Trump supporter” and cut me out of their lives. Your closing line, “We are in a spiritual war for the soul of the world.” reminded me of a video which summed up where we’re at now with the soul of America is on the line!

    Bob Dylan and John Kennedy – The Future of Freedom Foundation


  40. Your lead-off sentence in this article speaks for me (an 81-year-old GM National Scholarship winner/Harvard grad), as do your conclusions from all that research. Thank you so much for your clear, concise and comprehensive view of the COVID-19 plandemic/scamdemic, which I heartily endorse and plan to widely share. Very best wishes for continuing public enlightenment from “Behind the Curtain”!

  41. After between 2 and 4 hours daily of my own reading of information gleaned from around the world over the last one year+ I have come to the same conclusions, though I could not have articulated them as well as you have Ed. My “fears” have nothing to do with the virus and everything to do with the long term intentions of the cadre of amoral oligarchs and their minions that are in control of global institutions and the media. Meanwhile with every passing day the negative medical impacts of the so called “vaccines” become more and more pronounced and frightening and yet are completely ignored in MSM.

    Recently in a well publicized road rage incident a young local man shot into another car and killed a 6 year old boy. My wife Annie noticed that the State is going to use the concept of “depraved heart” in their prosecution of this young man. Annie found the following definition of “depraved heart.”

    “It [“depraved heart” murder] is the form [of murder] that establishes that the wilful doing of a dangerous and reckless act with wanton indifference to the consequences and perils involved is just as blameworthy, and just as worthy of punishment, when the harmful result ensues as is the express intent to kill itself. This highly blameworthy state of mind is not one of mere negligence… It is not merely one even of gross criminal negligence… It involves rather the deliberate perpetration of a knowingly dangerous act with reckless and wanton unconcern and indifference as to whether anyone is harmed or not. The common law treats such a state of mind as just as blameworthy, just as anti-social and, therefore, just as truly murderous as the specific intents to kill and to harm.[7]”

    One can’t help but see this concept of “depraved heart” as applicable to pretty much the entire ruling elite in the West. From the Madeline Albright’s of the world, to the Obamas, Trumps, Bidens, HRC’s, et al. And of course the concept seems to perfectly fit the behavior of the WHO, the FDA, the CDC, prestigious medical journals, medical oversight organizations, social media corporations, and the MSM – along with the many minions carrying out the “depraved heart” covid policies that exist in complete conflict with any notion of supporting the health and welfare of humanity.

    1. Gary, this is one of the best comments I’ve seen during Covid, and I’ve seen a lot lol. I would like to throw it up on sites like Defender, if that’s ok with you. I will gladly reference this website if you like.
      “Depraved Heart” could indeed be the title of a Covid book, maybe a jumping board for Curtin (or yourself if you’re a writer) about the dark days of Covid authoritarianism. I suspect Mark Crispin Miller would also love this term when applied to the amoral elites.

  42. I know we – people, the Earth – need spiritual cleansing.
    I don’t think the word ‘war’ applies to spirituality.
    Confrontation hasn’t worked throughout history. Compassion has!

    1. O be aware, one have to fight against all evil;
      Fight, fight, fight and losing all battles;
      Waking up an enduring compassion to all humanity;
      as an bright and glorious end!

  43. the C-19 racket definitely provides some ideas for the premise of a dystopian science fiction novel.

    here is one:

    old billionaire geezers turn toward THE LAST FRONTIER in an attempt to defy death. after conquering the global economy and the power structures they set their sights on transcending the mortal coil of the flesh with the aid of science.

    they have a vast resource to experiment on/with: given that overpopulation is a pressing issue in their view they feel JUSTIFIED in subjecting citizens of the world to risky gene editing technology via mandatory vaccination—with which they intend to hook up the antenna-installed body to the cloud and then merge with AI.

    and so experimental jabs are foisted upon the unsuspecting plebs (who are legion) with the help of servile careerist officials groomed into executive positions all over the world. they declare a pandemic that authorizes the first wave of a vaccine rollout.

    at heart, these old farts regard themselves as misunderstood Beasts (shunned by Beauty for the moment) who are committed to elevate humanity out of the swamp of sweat & tears & blood & pus and are ready to make a sacrifice for that: come hell or high water.

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