The Elephant in the Room: Cell Phones

It is difficult to talk to addicts about addictions and it is even harder to do so when their embrace of the drug of choice has dire consequences.

I once asked the ether if God had a cell phone, and although God didn’t reply, it was a rhetorical question, so I didn’t expect an answer since I knew God understood grammar and punctuation and had other ways of communicating.

The elites who consider themselves gods, such as those at the World Economic Forum, the World Health Organization, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Google, and their ilk throughout governments, corporations, media, etc., know that cell phones are fundamental to their plan for a fully digitized world. They have promoted them for decades.  Without cell phones their plan can’t work, a plan whose end is a trans-human world where AI, cyborgs, technology, and biology are melded for their authoritarian control.  Their non-vaccine “vaccines” are also necessary.  Penetrating cells of both sorts are means to their ends and the stories we are told are meant to infect our minds with a sick way of thinking that will allow them to exert more and more control.

Most people have fallen for their PR.  It’s called the-easy-life.  The stay-in-touch life. The never-be-out-of-touch-life.  The you’ll-be-lost-without-it-life.  The smart life.  The free life.

In reality it is a prisoner’s life.  The miracle of the cell phone, the mystery of a virus and its “antidote,” and the authority of authoritarians are being used to try to quell the spirit of rebellion we were all born with – the promise of freedom.  Mystery, miracle, and authority – “vaccines” against freedom.  Like the Grand Inquisitor in Dostoevsky’s legend, these sick elites are relying on the assumption that “man is tormented by no greater anxiety than to find some one quickly to whom he can hand over that gift of freedom with which the ill-fated creature is born.”

They may be in store for a big surprise.  People are starting to wake up to an attack on their fundamental freedoms.

Like the non-vaccine vaccines that they are promoting to exert more control with their plan to digitize existence with the Great Reset, those who presently control so much of the world they own, know that cell phones are moving shackles.  And they know they have created billions of addicts who can’t help themselves.

So much of the world has been hoodwinked into a trap, a prison.  It’s been a slow process that is approaching a climax.

There are no cells in cell phones, but their towers are arranged to form cells with each having a central tower in its geographical zone that keep users prisoners, as with the round Panopticon prisons with their central guard tower.  Cells in heads, heads in cells, cells everywhere.  The U.S.A. also has more prisoners in cells than any country in the world.  There are Towers of Babel all across the land, listening, watching, recording, as the prisoners gleefully scroll their black magic machines that have corralled their freedom. Machines that are likely ruining their health as well, but that is not my main focus here.

Unlike the nearly 2 million people in American jails, cell phone prisoners can roam, for their cells are mobile.  That is their key.  “Smart” phones for gullible people, or androids – “a mobile robot usually with human form” – are necessary, for they allow the authorities to follow and track your every move while you think you are skipping down easy street while carrying the equivalent of a GPS ankle monitor like digital jail prisoners.  In this case, it is voluntary incarceration.  And there is far more to it than having your location tracked.

Perhaps it is unfair to say that people’s embrace of cell phones are acts of freely giving up their freedoms, for the propagandists work has long softened up many minds to the idea of salvation through technology.  Like the technology of pharmaceutical drugs run by criminal Big Pharma, users of cell phones have been induced to consider convenience over conscience and the quick “fix” over slow deliberation.  Yes, you can message your friends and even call them, but your enemies have your number now. And when they ask you for your papers, your freedom vaccines, all you need to do is flash that screen in your hand. After getting shot first.  To paraphrase Kris Kristofferson: Freedom’s just another word for everything left to lose.  But few are counting.

“What we got here is a failure to communicate,” says the Captain to the prisoner Luke in the classic movie Cool Hand Luke.  “Some men you just can’t reach…which is the way he wants it.”

I’m afraid that’s how it is with owners of cell phones. It’s very hard to admit you have been had.  People want their cell phones but don’t want to hear that they are the phone’s prisoners. But to say phone is too abstract.  Phones can’t imprison and manipulate you.  Only people can. The truth is hard to swallow.  The cell phone is the key, and most people are in the cell without a key or clue.  They have it and it has them.

But then aren’t cells inside us?  I’ve heard it said that spike proteins teach cells to make a protein that triggers an immune response inside our bodies.  But how do the cells get inside our bodies.  I thought they were hand held.  You see I am getting confused, for this kind of language is beyond my ken.  I’m still trying to figure out how my computer can get a virus.  Everything’s  gone viral. Cells, viruses – what’s next?  I’m one of those idiots who still thinks Cat Scans are used to see if you like cats.  Well I don’t know if that’s all true, ‘cause it’s got me, and baby, it’s got you.  Sonny and Cher sung those words more than fifty years ago.  Words stick.  Ideas stick.  Thinking and behaving in certain ways become habits.  Linguistic mind control needs repetition – words like cells and viruses.

The medium is the message and the messenger is the m in the mRNA experimental non-vaccine vaccines.  It’s so simple; all you need to do is get the message and get your experimental shot and wait for the consequences, just as with cell phones.  Don’t worry about the price to be paid in health or freedom.  Those are incidentals.  Let the operating systems do their invisible work.

The way the story is framed controls the story.  As with cell phones and vaccines, most people do not see Donald Trump as a pseudo-event. A pseudo-event being, as described by Daniel Boorstin in his classic book, The Image: A Guide to Pseudo- Events in America, a planned, dramatic, costly invention of a counterfeit story that is repeated and planned for its intelligibility and ability to capture the public’s attention since it conforms to stereotypes.  In this case, Trump as a big-mouthed, uncouth bad guy who just happened to become the American President. Like I happen to be a man.  Like you just happen to be reading this.  Just happenings. Trump in the role of the ignorant outsider who can be played off against the smart insider even when the fundamentals of the system that supports them barely change an iota while the bad guy runs the show.  Straight from the Tube to the Tube as part of the Spectacle. Obama and Biden’s anti-doppelganger. The story is told in a manner that the obvious is missed: That Trump was never an outsider.  He was one of the establishment’s performers from the start.  A perfect foil from the Tube for apprentices learning about reality.  You know, like the CDC says: “MRNA vaccines teach our cells how to make a protein—or even just a piece of a protein—that triggers an immune response inside our bodies.”  Very simple, teacher.  I see it now.

Are you immune to Trump?  Biden?   They are not the disease.  They are its symptoms.  They are a twin heads of the Hydra.  Now Trump has been “fired” with Biden’s turn to come.  Cut them off and the monster will grow more heads unless by miracle a true leader arises with the courage of JFK or RFK.  One who can avoid their assassins.

In January of 2021, the outsider Trump while still president, the anti-vaccine guy, the anti-Fauci guy, the anti-everything that’s good guy, the anti-science guy, the anti-China Wuhan lab Chinese virus guy, quietly got his Pfizer BioNTech vaccine, the same one Biden got.  He didn’t announce it, but said, “We took care of a lot of people — including, I guess … Joe Biden, because he got his shot, he got his vaccine. It shows you how unpainful that vaccine shot is … So everybody, go get your shot.”

Of course Trump was the guy who fast-tracked the experimental vaccines through a program called Operation Warp Speed that funneled billions of dollars to vaccine manufacturers through a non-governmental third party, a defense contract management firm called Advanced Technologies International, Inc.  This avoided much public disclosure.

I say all this about Trump to make a rather simple point about cell phones and how the obvious is staring us in the face if we choose to see it.  Trump and cell phones should have long been obvious.  Yes, cell phones are convenient, but that is a minor part of the story.  They are very dangerous for our freedoms and health.  Yes, it is very convenient to see Trump as the bad guy but much harder to see the larger story in which Trump is a chosen player on the large chessboard created by the interconnected power elites.  But Trump and the cell phone serve their functions.  They didn’t just happen.

To abandon your cell phone or to abandon the false narrative that Trump is an outlier is very difficult.  But these are difficult times.

Can you see the elephant in the room?  Join with those like Robert Kennedy, Jr. and other lovers of truth and freedom and fight back now.  Everyone must seize their freedom now before it is too late.  Cast fear aside; it is another of their key tools.  Hope lies in group actions.

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  1. Seeing as you mentioned the World Economic Forum, I was wondering if you know much about their Forum For Young Global Leaders program? It seems that they identify people who they want to run different countries, promote and then install them. They have backed Macron, Adern and the Finnish leader, whatever her name is. I imagine that among those in their current list of young leaders will be more future leaders of nations. This means that the WEF controls certain countries from behind the scenes by putting their own people into the leadership. You might be interested in following this up. Cheers. Oh, and like pretty much everything the WEF does, it’s all out in the open, they are quite unabashed about it, it’s on their website.

  2. Humans have a seeming instinct for Dichotomous Thinking, i.e. either/or, this or that, black & white, etc., that is the habit of lumping things into merely opposing groups.
    It can be seen in politics – Dem vs GOP, liberal vs conservative, right vs left, etc.
    It can be seen in religion – god vs the devil, heaven vs hell, etc.
    It can be seen in sports – AFC vs NFC, Eastern Conference vs Western Conference, up to championship games which pit two teams against each other.
    It’s often written that sports evolved from tribal fighting amongst ancient groups.

    Sure, there is some bit of divergence beyond a strict dichotomy, like “third” political parties, such as Independents, Libertarians, Progressives and such, but those fringe elements are most often eventually diverted back to the two opposing groups (how many Bernie supporters ended up voting for Hillary in 2016, rather than sticking true to their supposed ideologies?).

    Many people need to be led to feel as though they have choices.
    From the Western Schism to the Revolutions of Russia, France, Britain, America, etc., people have demanded divisive choices.
    As such, this trait for Dichotomous Thinking is easily exploited.
    For starters, it promotes Group Think. You are either with the group or against the group. Holding purely neutral & objective views is dangerous to the cohesion of the groups. Anyone holding empathy for the opposing group is often deemed an outsider, or spy, and likely cast out of the “in-group”.
    Thus group participants are easily thought controlled (though they often don’t recognize it as such).

    But even “divergence” of one groups customs, i.e. the belonging to the “other” group, is ripe for exploitation.
    As that “other” group adheres to their own version of Group Think.

    In 2016, the battle between Hillary vs Trump was often labeled as the Globalists (led by Hillary) vs the anti-Globalists (led by Trump).
    Yet Globalism under Trump still reigned supreme, even gaining strength (billionaire investment in global affairs skyrocketed, even investments in China).
    It was also often labeled as the Elite (represented by Hillary) vs the “Deplorables”, aka the commoners (represented by Trump).
    Yet the same Elite gained even more massive power & wealth.
    And what of Trump’s calling-out & supposed war against the “Deep State”?
    The true “Deep State” grew even deeper.
    And so on.

    Though the American public was largely divided amongst two seemingly opposing groups, employing that Dichotomous Thinking, the end results were the same.

    That instinct for Dichotomous Thinking, and the resultant tribal groups opposition to one another, as led by tribal “leaders”, allows for greater group loyalties & conformity.
    Allowing those “leaders” to lead their followers towards the same end-goals, only via different paths (paths designed to distract).

    The “Father of Spin”, Edward Bernays wrote “If you can influence the leaders, either with or without their conscious cooperation, you automatically influence the group which they sway.”

    Often the divisive-driving rhetoric on issues is just empty rhetoric.
    As it was with Globalism, the Elite, the “swamp”, etc.
    Nothing of true substance has really changed.
    But the two “opposing” sides will keep battling each other, believing in “change”.

    Divide & Rule.

    Did I already mention that Coca-Cola (k) & PepsiCo (pep) are largely owned by the same largest shareholders?
    Vanguard, BlackRock, State Street, Geode, JP Morgan, Northern Trust, Wellington, T Rowe Price, etc.
    And though Berkshire Hathaway is Coca-Cola’s largest institutional shareholder, and not among the top holders of PepsiCo, Berkshire’s largest institutional shareholders itself include Vanguard, BlackRock, State Street, Northern Trust, Geode, etc.
    Plus they are linked via other jointly-owned corporations, like Bank of America, Bank of New York Mellon, et al.
    All part of the same Cartel, but presented as “choices”.

    The “Big Three” asset management firms now have shareholdings close to 40% of all outstanding shares of U.S. markets.
    The top five hold close to 70%.

    The end goal to drive profits from loyal supporters to the same largest firms.

    The Coke vs Pepsi dichotomy has long been presented as a choice.
    Often each with their own loyal fans/supporters.
    You are typically either a Coke person or a Pepsi person (I won’t even go into the numerous other sub-brands operated under both corporations).
    Just as you are either a “liberal” or “conservative”, a Biden person or a Trump person, a member of the GOP in-group or the Dem in-group.

    Speaking of cellphones, each Verizon (vzn), AT&T (t) and T-Mobile/Sprint (tmus) are all largely owned by the same cartel of largest asset management firms & Big Banks.
    But present themselves as “competitors”, offering “choices”.

    In this age of massive wealth/asset concentration and resultant PR spin (the Dark Ages of the 21st Century), presented “choices” actually offer no true choices at all.
    Projected illusion trumps reality (Plato’s Allegory of the Cave).

  3. Thanks for this, Ed.

    “It is difficult to talk to addicts about addictions and it is even harder to do so when their embrace of the drug of choice has dire consequences.”

    It is an addiction. People are addicted to their cell phones and the media. Especially social media through their cell phones.

    Fortunately, I never got into social media. I saw an excellent documentary about six months ago on Netflix called “The Social Dilemma.” Don’t know what others thought about it, but I thought it was very good. Eye opening. A group of disillusioned ex-social media executives went through all the ways people (especially young people) are being propagandized, manipulated and addicted to social media by the tech industry. Absolutely frightening how much power they have to influence and manipulate people.

    I think people are addicted to media, in general.

    “Hi, I’m Shocker and I’m an addict.”

    It’s been a long (and ongoing) process, for me, to get clean.

    Fifteen years ago, I would come home from work, or wherever, and the first thing I did was turn on the television. It was automatic. Why? Because I was addicted. A psychological addiction. Maybe I felt I needed some kind of company? Or I didn’t want to be alone with my own thoughts? Or maybe I didn’t want to think for myself? Really not sure.

    I remember, quite a few years ago, when I started reading alt media sites on the internet. There were people around me saying it’s a bunch of garbage and you can’t believe anything. Of course they were just spitting out what they were hearing in the MSM.

    No doubt, there is a bunch of garbage, but if you look, you can find some treasures. Like Ed.

    In any case, I remember being very skeptical about it all, until I started reading about the CIA/American Psychological Assn. torture program at Gitmo. Not to mention all the Wikileaks revelations. I started learning about things like the unthinkable Verizon/ATT/NSA spying programs and MK Ultra and all of the other evil psyops the intelligence agencies were carrying out. And so much more. Things that had been well covered up by the MSM in the past. Indeed, until then I thought MK Ultra was a fake conspiracy theory. I wonder how many people still think that?

    By the time I started researching 911, my faith in our government, media and institutions hit an all time low. I started to seriously think about how I was being influenced. I was still watching the MSM in those days, thinking I couldn’t possibly be influenced by it as “I was so informed.”

    Years went by before I realized that I was absolutely being influenced. Years to see that all the stupid commercials are more than just stupid commercials. They are designed to distract, confuse and manipulate. So I started muting the commercials. I realized it actually helped. I felt more in control, happier.

    After a time, I really started to see that MSM news was total dung. It exists to divide, distract, confuse and manipulate people. I went cold turkey. No more cable news. That was maybe ten years ago, and it took me maybe four or five years to get to that point.

    Since then I have slowly reduced my exposure to all television media. For the past month I cut it down to about two to three hours a week. I have also cut back on my time on the internet. I rarely view podcasts or videos and am extremely selective about what articles I read. I spend more of my time reading books now.

    As far as cell phones go, I used to use it much more. Now I keep it on airplane mode until I need it, then put it back on airplane mode when I’m done. I’m honestly still not sure if I can be tracked when it’s on airplane mode. Probably.

    I guess my point here is that it’s a process and it takes time and effort to take your life back from the propaganda machine. I’m still working on it.

    Now, I’m trying to wrap my head around Covid and the great reset scams and how to talk to people about it. How to get, even the people close to me to see that this is not what it seems.

    I commiserate with what Gary Weglarz said so well in a comment below:

    “There are days I must confess when I find it absolutely heart-breaking and demoralizing that so many people I know and love are so completely willing to simply “do what they are told.” I must confess I simply don’t understand how one puts one’s critical faculties on hold and then puts one’s faith in the cadre of pathological liars at the helm of this sinking ship.”


    1. Hello Shocker, Two or three years ago we gave up cable altogether. Before that, we were referring to the news as “the propaganda.” We would pay attention to what Judy Woodruff was wearing—always a different outfit seemingly—but I was talking back to some of the news she was reading or the guests she was interviewing. We liked Gwen Ifill, but she died; maybe she couldn’t take the restrictions and killed herself; maybe she was killed. She sure was likable. Before leaving cable we would also tune in to BBC News America and endure THEIR propaganda, while commenting on which smoothie was the anchor that evening. Imagine sitting down to the Newshour AND BBC! What portion of one’s waking hours is that? I value NPR’s “Morning Edition” and parts of the weekend counterparts for accompanying me while I make coffee and putter alone in the kitchen, even while realizing that they are controlled. They do a good job, providing some eye-opener information that’s genuine and useful. And I can easily reach for the button to turn off one intolerable segment or another for the estimated time it will last before turning the radio back on. I call most newspaper content as the propaganda as well, while realizing that while newspapers have invisible boundaries strictly enforced, there is still excellent reporting on some topics and events. All for now, except that the entertainment and the ads are propaganda as well; entertainment is another word for distraction.

      1. Hey, Mark.

        Not quite to the point of cutting cable completely, yet, but I’m trying to get there. Good on you for doing that, though.

        “We would pay attention to what Judy Woodruff was wearing—always a different outfit seemingly—but I was talking back to some of the news she was reading or the guests she was interviewing. ”

        You bring up an interesting point here. I remember when I was watching cable news and talking (and yelling) at the television and the commentators. It was like, I imagined I had some kind of relationship with them or something? How strange that seems to me now, but I wonder how many people do that.

        No doubt there are many good people in the MSM who believe they are doing good and important work, but I suppose that’s the nature of propaganda; provide just enough truth and value, and trustworthy/relateable people delivering it, to make the lies believable and accepted.

        How easily I allowed myself/my emotions to be jerked up and down and around by the propaganda machine. Frightening.

        It’s clear to me now that “they” know and store everything we like and dislike, everything we watch, everything about all our personal relationships, how and who we influence and how and who influences us, everywhere we go, every web site we visit and for how long, our channel and internet surfing habits, everything we buy and eat . . . all our fears and hopes and dreams.

        With that kind knowledge about me, I try to never delude myself into thinking that I’m not still greatly influenced. Hopefully less so than I used to be.

        Thanks for the reply. Keep the faith.

        1. Thank you Shocker…, I have never owned a cell phone. I haven’t owned a TV for over 13 years. What is there to look at? I do smoke cigarettes and pipe. I curse frequently. I like bicycles, being near a body of water, watching wildlife. A new fish ladder that was just recently completed nearby to allow alewives to migrate from the ocean into fresh water to spawn has brought me great solace. Extremely quiet, beautiful setting. I don’t smoke when I’m visiting the fish ladder. It’s too bad some puritans built a damn long ago for the fish ladder would not have been necessary! Anyway, televisions were meant for sledgehammer practice. Great therapy! Cell phones don’t require a tool the size of a sledgehammer. Good hard shoe heels will work. I think this would be therapeutic as well to feel one liberated by a brief jig. One could sing while jumping up and down on the cell phone. Another thing I must revolt against is the ever present color, black. I’m surrounded by green until I go into ‘that’ town. Then I see mostly black. I have to consult my partner to make sure it is not simply my aged eyes and mind.

          1. Your comment makes me think about my past addiction to nicotine. Finally managed to quit about ten years ago. Tough slog. The old joke “quitting’s easy, I’ve done it a bunch of times,” comes to mind.

            I suppose many addictions are similar in some ways. The way people (especially young people) are addicted to their phones (social media, texting, email, memes . . .) makes me wonder if some might have as much difficulty giving them up as I had giving up smoking.

            Sounds like you’ve found some great things to fill your life with, that doesn’t involve cell phones or media.

            Since I’ve reduced my tv time to about 3 hours a week, for the past month, I find I have more interest in spending my time with more fulfilling distractions. Life does not have to revolve around the propaganda machines. Who knew?

            I really thought I would miss watching all those movies and series. You know, at this point, I really don’t miss it at all. Strange how the mind works to sabotage us sometimes.

            Btw, I think you might be onto something with that tv/sledgehammer/cell phone/shoe therapy idea.

      2. Thank you Mark…, I hope this brings a chuckle. Years ago I spoke with someone about watching TV. I told this person I rarely watch television. Their response and quite perplexed by my answer; well, how do you know what to buy?
        And there it is as if buying is all life is about and this is very sad.
        I know someone who will not visit a scenic area of woods, streams and wildlife. Why…, there is nothing there! If there are no stores, malls, etc., to this person, there is nothing there worth seeing! And this is very sad.

    2. When I start feeling like things are too hard or hopeless, sometimes I think of a quote, I read in a Chris Hedges article “Only The Struggle Matters,” by nineteenth century painter Eugène Delacroix while working on a mural for a cathedral.

      ” . . . How is it, then, that instead of casting me down, this eternal combat lifts me up, not discouraging, but consoling me? ”

      Not sure “only the struggle matters” but I am very sure that the struggle does matter.

  4. Great article, Ed, and as usual, a lot to unpack. The vaccination thing seems to be a key to understanding that Trump is just playing a role, a great divider and distraction.

    A guy I was talking to recently had answers for a lot of what Trump did, justifying him. But this guy isn’t getting the prick, and I asked him why Trump hadn’t come out against the shots, and he let that one slip by. Yeah, Trump said some things which might lead you to believe he favored other treatments, but he also wanted credit for rushing the vaccines into production.

    He was did this on a number of issues I believe. He might say anything about it, but his actions were the things to watch. He provided fodder for both his enemies and his followers.

    The two branches of the uniparty must be observed for things they agree on, which are usually much more important than what they disagree about. There isn’t anyone at the top levels of the federal government who is telling us to avoid the vaccines, or who is connecting the dots regarding the nature of the “pandemic” and lockdowns. At best, they are saying it is safe to open up a bit right now.

    So, how can any of them be on our side against the PTB? This cycling of closing and re-opening is a psychological ploy to break down resistance against the needle, and probably other indignities yet to be defined. Right now there are only suggestions on some stores that you should wear a mask if unvaccinated, at least in Ohio. But when cold weather comes back and people start having flu symptoms, who knows?

    But the elephant in the room, as you say, is the cell phone, that little listener everyone knows about but no one notices. It does everything a police state could ask for, and the people pay for it themselves!

    They’ll line up overnight to be the first to have the latest model. They will laugh at anyone who doesn’t have one, or even if they have one that is outdated. They will bury their nose in it even while driving. They will scoff at the idea that the electromagnetic fields around it are dangerous. They’ve used one for years, and they feel fine. And they’ve had the jabs, and it was a rough couple of days, but they recovered. So that’s another conspiracy theory debunked.

    And, of course, they would scoff at the idea that when certain highly placed individuals talk about overpopulation, they already have a solution in process, and that it too involves mystery, miracles, authority, cell phones and vaccines. But this is a big project because there are just way too many people, and gee, as Obama told an African audience, if everyone uses air conditioning and drives a big car, the oceans are going to boil away.

    F. William Engdahl has a an article up at the same website where I first saw this article of Ed’s. I had heard this from another source, but Engdahl confirmed it. There are currently some very serious drought conditions in the US, including in California. But California has a very large and effective water storage system which should keep them in water for about five years. It was only two years ago they had a big snow melt which caused potential flood conditions, and at the time the reservoirs were filled.

    But the ever so environmentally conscious CA governor and agencies have been dumping the water into the sea, claiming it is to save some “threatened” fish species. So this huge, expensive infrastructure designed to save the lives, the livelihoods, and the food and water of the people of California, is undermined by the people who claim to care so much for the health of the people that they closed everything down to save them.

    So now, when they need the water, they don’t have it, and the farmers are getting no water to irrigate their fields. And of course, any negative effects are attributed to “climate change”. Ready for climate lockdowns?

    I have to think that CA, as a desirable piece of real estate, is being slowly cleansed of (common) human residents, as the cities become uninhabitable and the countryside is barraged with fire and drought. Look at the UN maps of the country in their future projections. There are highly populated smart cities and travel corridors, but most is “wildlands”, where most people can’t live or go.

    If it were only CA, one could just choose not to live there. But it’s the whole country, the whole world, to varying extents. And it’s no accident.

  5. yes interesting about both cellphones & Trump–I joined forces with a group protesting lockdowns, masks, vax etc., basically to participate in group actions against those things. But there are a quite a few people in that group who STILL think Trump is the outsider, the guy who’s got your back against the PTB. It’s beyond me how people can think this…after operation warp speed etc. IT’s like the reverse of the trump derangement syndrome my other so-called friends suffer from. It goes to show there’s mystification (mystery miracle and authority) everywhere. In the so called dissent, too. And cell phones. I mean, I don’t have one, gave it up a couple years ago b/c I couldn’t stand it. but the fact is, it’s getting harder & harder (intentionally) to travel or even go to a museum without it. and people use it for organizing, and no one can get off their i-ankle bracelets or FB because “that’s how you get the word out.”
    And now, it’s going to be damned nigh impossible to travel or go to theater or museums sans vac status. But that connection is too hard for people to make. So you join the dissent where you can, and keep saying “but operation warp speed…” and tell people they have to contact you via landline because you don’t have a cellphone.

    1. It can appear cell phones ‘might’ expedite important communications. Well, since ‘real’ communities are almost non-existent, this makes things much easier to ‘fool’ the citizens on many topics. Face to face, Voice to voice communications, regular discussion of strategies, do not take place or do not occur regularly and when they should. Communications actually become slow or static.
      The ‘great planners’ and deciders have an advantage so they can offer more than one flavor of cotton candy to sell to the masses. Equality might become defined as, ‘we’ll all be pushed off the cliff simultaneously’! Now that’s equality if I ever heard of it !
      The so-called great reset with its numerous players, parasites and hypocrites and the associated groups will pull another great scandal, perhaps, and everyone will eat the new flavor cotton candy, the masses will cheer their fake saviors, then too humiliated to accept they have once again been duped by the deciders, the rich, the influential, the people crying the wrong shade of green and on and on and on. The masses will accept mass genocide of the ‘useless eaters’ and say, ‘well, I think it’s a good idea in the long run, why, when I went to bowdoin college, you know, that place that manufacturers/indoctrinates hypocrites to go out into the world and perpetuate the madness of it all, we learned, blah, blah, how NOT to think.
      I think people need to start to have real conversations, without barriers of cell phones, emails, make eye contact and feel each other presence. I think ideas, strategies, camaraderie, the severity of the issues will be more felt and understood. The deciders are wealthy and have nothing better to do than to scheme, while genuflecting to themselves for doing great deeds for the planet and humanity. Translation – Selfish criminals satisfying their thirst for toys and useless gadgets and activities. Why does an activist care about a dirty deed in one part of the country yet not concerned with the same dirty deed in another part of the country? Because his financial sponsors direct him with their financial aid. That activist is a hero with some people because they ate his cotton candy. He gets financial contributions and few notice he is a snake oil salesman. Oh, they save the Whales! Quite commendable…I ask, what else do they do ? But who do I put that question to. Communications could not be worse, yet we have all these methods for communication. I am convinced we need to meet face to face more often with the gadgets and toys turned OFF ! Better yet, throw these items in the dumpster after repeatedly stomping them into little plastic pieces!
      It is all very difficult and requires a different energy…, that I lack these days, yet, I think we must be receptive to those who catch a glimpse through the fog of nothingness. I apologize for poor grammar and spelling errors due to being emotionally, physically worn out these days.

      1. Joseph – I have a friend who attended Bowdoin in the ’70’s. I actually visited him there and sat in on a class. The subject, as I recall, was delayed gratification. The institution is certainly one which provides the proper indoctrination for an elite and a political class. I don’t know, but I imagine that they currently are cultivating the critical race theory and gender fluidity plots.

        1. Thanks Eddy for the response. If there was any hint of integrity, the entire campus would be bulldozed over and replaced with apple orchards !

      2. So right. To me it’s almost impossible to organize things via zoom or texting or whatever. The quality is not there. I’m glad I’ve at least found a group that meets in person (unmasked & undistanced). I can forgive them a lot of trumpish follies just for that. Having said that, though, I do see that in all of us, myself included, our capacity to really connect or communicate has been compromised by too much screen time. Both Ed & John Steppling write about this a lot. Yeah, it requires a different energy, one that all of us here are hoping, i think, to preserve or cultivate. And you’re right. It would help if the cellphones could just somehow…disappear… not to be replaced …

  6. Smart Phone
    I’ve gone back to the old wooden model with the stone buttons. I had hoped that it might still have the “cigarette lighter” and “pipe cleaner” apps , but these have now been replaced with the “spirit level”, “movie dock” and “sat nav” functions. It’s true, this one doesn’t google or translate my emails into Scandinavian, but when I push the green stone, it’s like magic, I can talk to someone! Of course the comb, bicycle pump and hair clippers come in handy at times and the water finding app is divine. I’ve not yet used the X ray or the DNA photography functions, and the night shooting spotlight tends to flatten the battery fairly quickly but the voice recognition “come here” feature is invaluable when you’ve lost the phone.
    Cost wise, they do you this “Licker 69” model at a laughable $100.- , whereas my last glass tablet model had to be purchased through a 3 year $1000.- plan, and after 2 years the only function that still worked was the vibrator. I gave it to my wife who now claims she uses it as an emergency bedside night light. The lie detector was one of the first functions that went on it after only 3 calls! Apart from that, it was a rather cumbersome lump of rubbish and I could never rid myself of a hideous sense of shame, stroking it gently with one finger every time it vibrated in my pocket, which they claimed would turn it on. All the same, as a dishwasher and rain gauge it stood up very well in my household until I took it outside once and it got wet, after which it kept switching itself on to the fish finder, depth gauge and currency converter modes of all things!
    I tried using the text messaging service on it once, intending to inform a bloke that I considered him to be a despicable poofter. Well, I got a blister on my finger from stroking and tapping the blasted contrivance, and all it would write was “U R Not Str8”. I sent it off and received a reply, “Luv U 2 Ben Dover”. In disgust I tried to wipe my arse with the damn thing and it got turned on!
    I did transfer the lie detector app to my new model when I discovered that if I turn it around and switch it to incoming, it actually works! However, I found that the damn thing kept overheating so I’ve switched it back to outgoing, which is why I very rarely tell a lie.

  7. Dear Ed:
    Regarding freedom, the majority of people do not want freedom and will gladly hand it over to cellphones, that great all-consuming source of endless distraction. That was the whole point of of “The Grand Inquisitor”: people want “mystery, miracle and authority”, which is now all nicely packaged up in a smartphone, and so much more user-friendly than the Church of Dostoevsky’s parable.

    You will see it everywhere. Commuting on the morning train, I see some 95% of all passengers staring at their cellphones. In the past, they might have had a few moments looking out the window at the passing cityscape, or even the even to be bored for a while (and what’s wrong with that?).

    It has always been my opinion that “The Grand Inquisitor” should be taught in high schools, but then only the rare teacher would understand it or want to live with freedom.

    People do not want to be confronted by the loneliness, uncertainty and fear that comes with freedom, and will give it up without hesitation for security.

    1. Thank you Daniel…you said’ “People do not want to be confronted by the loneliness, uncertainty and fear that comes with freedom.” I think the feelings of loneliness, uncertainty and fear is the result of how we live and with an oppressive government and economic system that make unhealthy demands, creating uncertainty and fear. Governments keep people alienated, isolated with fear and this fear is of each other as well, distrust of almost anyone, thus we are alone and perhaps lonely. Suzanne Gordan once stated in a book she wrote back in the ’70’s that she felt loneliest when she was with a crowd of people. What does this mean? We are ‘afraid’ to be our true selves and speak in a language that enables us to ‘see’ each other, to share common human characteristics, basics being emotions such as love, fear, doubt, exclusion, embarrassment and so forth, the feeling of relatedness through our same human characteristics. I feel people are more alike than different. We know about the universal smile that transcends all ethnic, gender, age differences. We could actually transcend any limiting feelings and thoughts about ourselves; transcend our fears. I feel more uncertainty when I must rely on someone else to make decisions that include me. In all of my work experiences in many areas, I never met a competent human being; being human and who I would want to make a decision for me. Obviously also being in the military and subjected to all kinds of incompetent humans who wear slashes and stripes on their arms. I think we would be more ‘free’, feel more free, if we could be more human, more conscious of ourselves and our innate abilities with a healthy self-esteem. I also think most towns and cities are without a real community of people that trust, that care for each other, that perhaps feel love for each other and understand our common experiences. Community generally refers to geographic boundaries, not healthy human relations. When we find the courage to share what we think we should guard about ourselves we will feel more free and people can verify this for themselves.

  8. I have dear friends who are still worried deeply about Trump and tell me so. The orange clown president apparently is a threat even out of office and censored from social media. My friends and family who all got “vaccinated” on command, all get their information from MSM and no where else. Regarding their spoon fed “opinions” about covid it is the classic case of “garbage in = garbage out.” Had I not spent literally decades studying propaganda and in the process losing all trust in MSM do anything but their actual job, which is to propagandize all of us 24/7, I wonder if perhaps I too would find it hard to imagine oligarchy and its minions could be as completely amoral and corrupt as they quite obviously are. At least “obviously” from my vantage point.

    Most of my friends and family can’t seem to allow themselves to imagine that they are being lied to daily. It would shatter the illusions that there is some beneficent concern among the blessed oligarchy for all of we mere peasants and for our welfare. This the same oligarchy of course that doesn’t care whether I am homeless and hungry living under a freeway overpass in LA, or whether my children are living in squalor there with me there. The same oligarchy that doesn’t care if I have medical insurance, a job, an education or a future. Yet people somehow find a way to tell themselves that these same oligarchs at the helm of this con game system somehow “care” whether they might get sick and catch covid and so these loving oligarchs only want what’s best for us, and that would be for all of us to line up and take their experimental “vaccines” asap and not question any of this. As St. Fauci put it, “this is the time to do what your are told.” There are days I must confess when I find it absolutely heart-breaking and demoralizing that so many people I know and love are so completely willing to simply “do what they are told.” I must confess I simply don’t understand how one puts one’s critical faculties on hold and then puts one’s faith in the cadre of pathological liars at the helm of this sinking ship.

    Thanks Ed for eloquently pointing out that elephant that remains somehow completely invisible to so many people that I love and care about.

    1. Great comment as always. I think most of the commenters here share your despair and loneliness. And don’t forget, to the masses, WE are the ones who are delusional.

      One added danger to the cell phone phenomena, increased highway deaths due to distracted driving. Nearly every trip I make to town, at least once I will see someone wander out of their lane. They just got a text, and they can’t resist looking down at it. I wonder how many increased deaths are due to this behavior. They are truly addicted.

      BTW, the only close friend I have that has currently has COVID symptoms got his two jabs about a month and a half ago. He’s been down for a couple weeks now.

      1. Thanks Skip. We’re living in the hinterlands east of LA these days and weekly spend time on the freeways in order to see our grandkids who live an hour south of us. We’ve been here about three years now and have watched the cell phone use while driving escalate each and every year. It is truly “addictive” level behavior when people are putting their own and other people’s lives in danger using their phones while driving. It’s bad enough to have people oblivious to traffic light changes clogging the lanes on side streets because they are lost in texting and don’t tune into the green light until someone honks their horn. But what is truly frightening is that routinely on the freeway I glance sideways to see the driver next to us looking down at his/her cell phone instead of ahead at the road while diving 70 to 80 mph. It used to be that when people were driving erratically one assumed they’d been drinking and you’d give them a wide berth. Today when I seen people driving erratically I automatically assume they’re more tuned into their cell phone and the fantasy world it creates, then they are tuned into the real-world fact that they are literally hurtling through space at 80mph and only a hair’s-breath distraction away from mayhem. As you say Skip it really is addiction level behavior at this point and it is now totally commonplace and actually quite “normative” here in southern California.

    2. Another fine piece of thinking and writing, Ed.

      I agree with Skip Scott on your sensibility Gary Weglarz. We are all wrapped up in the “how could the obvious be so invisible to so many?” Most specifically as regards to the injection.

      My hypothesis is that all of this followed a marketing (propagandistic) campaign from start to now. As such fear and a sense of scarcity (“will there still be some “vaccine” so I can get ‘my’ shot?”) propelled thoughtless action. I would not discount the power of novelty – it is novelty that drives consumerism – including the purchasing of gadgets such as the cell phones that have grown ever more pervasive and controlling. Marketers know the power of novelty must be regularly refreshed with “new and improved”. So I would say people obsessed with the injection and the certificate of proof are living in the novelty not unlike any commodity. It will wear off, but the power elite will continue to push this as long as it can until it wears off in which time, a new “emergency” will be invented (“variants”).

  9. I’ve never been this confused. Ever. Watching Trump the other day push vaccines, I wondered how 90% of his audience is “vaccine hesitant.” And then I wondered if that video was actually recorded twelve months ago. And then I wondered if it *was* Trump, or if he’s dead, or if we’re all in a Matrix lol. Classic slippery slope. Maybe there’s some truth in the 3-D chess narrative that Trump is actually working with RFK, Jr. (who met with Trump in 2016) and is very aware that his base knows more about spike proteins than most of doctors at MSNBC.
    I suggested, on RFK, Jr.’s website, that he should run for president. This was met with an aggressive “how dare you suggest he put his life at risk! Hasn’t his family given enough?!”
    Strange world. At least it’s exciting. Thanks again for your great work.
    PS. Trump just upstaged all of my thoughts about cellphones. So…point taken.

  10. Thanks so much for your essays, Mr. Curtin. I look forward to all of them, and this was an excellent one. I suppose all of us, at present, are looking for an elusive freedom, at a time when social manipulation has been globalized and raised into an exact science by the powers that be. I’m beginning to think that William Blake foresaw this tyranny, or saw it in its early stages, and it was what he wrote about in his obscure late poems. “I will not cease from mental fight, / Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand, / Till we have built Jerusalem / In England’s green and pleasant land.” The “mental fight” he talked about is what we are engaged in now, in a world of total disinformation.

  11. “Cat Scans are used to see if you like cats.” ;>

    I’m not saying I know everything – hell, I probably don’t know MUCH. But this much I DO know: “Presidents” are just mouth-pieces for those pulling the strings behind the curtains. It’s all one big Punch and Judy show, day after day…

    Me? I have a burner phone – just like the drug dealers – and I’ve had it FOREVER. It’s the only non-landline phone I’ve owned and It’s rarely used. I don’t much like talking on the phone and texting is not much better. I like typing with all 10 fingers!! I prefer email.

    I know lies and smoke screens are being put in place to obfuscate the *news flash* that the JABS weren’t as innocuous as they were hyped up to be. Quelle surprise. Glad I and the ones I love didn’t get JABBED. We don’t have to sit and wonder when the other shoe will drop. Because it will. There will be long-term effects from these “vaccines”.

    As for me, today my heart sings for a half-starved little black “voodoo” kitten rescued by Wild@Life from a wet market in Africa – doomed to be skinned alive and bled to death in some ritual sacrifice. “Steve” is adorable and I am in love with him. Right now he is fighting for his life, as are many creatures on this beautiful plant. All my hopes and prayers and wishes go with him and those amazing, compassionate souls who saved him. I feel fortunate to be able to support Wild@Life’s endeavors, even if it’s only a few dollars. (I wish I was super rich so I could give more.)

    God(dess) bless them and keep them – and others of like mind – safe.

    I guess MY CatScan would show up as a resounding YES…

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