The Tune of the Dawn

This poem was written early this morning by my nine-year-old grandson Henry as a birthday gift for his father.  Such a beautiful tune of love and hope.

While the hazy mist rises,
and the plants are green giants,
a rhythmless song floats down from the trees.
You can see no birds, but the music you can hear,
a tune that’s so big that the notes can’t be small,
A tune that weaves through motionless plants,
a song of the morning, the tune of the dawn.

8 thoughts on “The Tune of the Dawn”

  1. It must be something in the air! This 66 year old grandson also came over all poetic this morning.
    Two girls climbed the ladder of success
    One wore trousers, the other a dress
    The one in the pants went higher and higher
    The dressy one was the first to retire.

    I’m 66 but I read at the 68 year old level.

  2. What a lovely, lyrical family. The young writer takes after Grandpa. Enjoy your blessing.

  3. what a lovely lyrical piece that helps us feel the song of the earth!

  4. Wow!! Thank you Just read it to my 8 year young boy in English and German. Thank‘d for sharing this beautiful poem.

    BTW, going to order your latest book today

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