The Shallow Deep-State Goes Deeper as It Moves Toward Martial Law

I am not trying to be cute and play with words.  That title is meant to convey what it says, so let me explain.

The people who own the United States and their allies around the world have a plan.  It is so simple that it is extremely devious.  Their plan has been in operation for many years.  It has most people bamboozled because it is Janus-faced by design, overt one day, covert the next, but both faces operate under one controlling head.  Some call this head the Deep-State. Even the Deep-State calls itself the Deep-State in a double fake. It is meant to make people schizoid, which it has.

The so called Deep-State has been given many names over the years.  I will not bore you with them, except to say that it was once called the power elite.  They are the upper classes, the super wealthy who control the financial institutions, Wall Street, the intelligence agencies, the corporate media, the internet, the military, and the politicians. They are multinational.

They are the wealthy nihilists who care not one jot for the rest of the world. They operate in secret, yet also run above-ground organizations such as the World Bank (WB), the World Health Organization (WHO), the U.S. Agency for International Development AID (USAID), etc. Their bloodstream runs on war, the preparations for war, and economic exploitation of the world.  All wealthy people are not party to their machinations, but they are almost always complicit in profiting from their crimes, unless they are very stupid.  Or play stupid.  Since I am talking about a great confidence game, that is quite common.

Other people, all other classes, the poor, middle-classes, even a portion of the upper middle classes mean nothing to the power elite unless they can serve their interests.  They are always waging class warfare to maintain their domination and control. Their recent version of this class war is underway in the United States and in many other countries. As of today, they are using race fears to create chaos and outrage to disguise their class warfare that is leading to the imposition of martial law.  Soon they will shift back to the coronavirus fraud. Back and forth, in and out, now you see it, now you don’t.

By shutting down the world’s economy, they have destroyed the livelihoods of hundreds of millions of people and are creating poverty on a vast scale. Much famine and death will follow.  In the United States alone, 40-45 million people have applied for unemployment insurance and job loss is the greatest since the Great Depression. The reason: a massive propaganda campaign created around Covid-19 fear porn.

This class war is not new, but it is conducted today at warp speed since these people control the technology that has allowed them vastly increased power. In the U.S.A., it is conducted as usual under the guise of Republicans versus Democrats, the two representative political factions that are the faces of the controlled “opposition,” who are actually allies in the larger confidence game.  Keeping “hope” alive is central to their strategy.  Mind control is what they do.  Speed is their greatest ally.  Race is central to their game plan.  They always say they are protecting us.

It is all a lie.  A show.  Nothing but a spectacle for the gullible.  A shadow play.

The current president, Donald Trump, is the choice of one faction of these psychopaths.  This year, Joseph Biden, is the shaky presumptive choice of the other. Both are deranged puppets.  Regular people fight over who is better or worse because they are living inside what Jim Garrison, the former District Attorney of New Orleans and the only person to ever bring a trial in the assassination of President Kennedy, long ago called “the doll’s house.”

It is a place where illusions and delusions replace reality.  It is 24/7 propaganda. It keeps people engaged. It gives them something to argue about, one team to root for.  It’s a sport. It is similar to Plato’s Cave.  Fire has been replaced with electronic lighting and screens, but little has changed.

The sick system of exploitation is oiled and greased with the tantalizing bait of hope dangled for the masses.  Shit slogans like “We are all in this together.”

But there is no hope for this system.

But when the propaganda is so slick that it creates a double-bind, people grasp at any neurotic “solution” out of frustration.  As I write, huge angry crowds are out in the streets protesting the sick murder of a black man, George Floyd, by a white cop. Police infiltrators have started violent looting.  Chaos reigns, as planned. Such killings are routine, but someone turned a switch for this one when just yesterday operation corona lockdown with its fear and fake statistics had everyone cowering behind masks at home as the economic lives of vast numbers were destroyed in a flash.  For today, the masquerade is in the streets. Many good people are caught up in it.  In a few days the scene will shift and we can expect another “bombshell.”  These surprises will keep happening one after another for the foreseeable future.  Shock and Awe for the home crowd.  The war come home.  The controllers know you can’t wage war against the rest of the world unless you do so at home as well.

When one group within the deep-state won the internecine battle in 2016 and “shocked” the country with the election of the comical Trump, the other deep-state group called the Democrats, immediately set in motion a plan to try to oust him or to make it seem as if they were trying to do so. The naïve thought this may happen, and their deluded yearning has been stretched until the 2020 presidential election, although some probably think Trump might go before then.  He won’t.

So many people have destroyed their minds and relationships because they can’t see through the fraud.

Early in 2017, as the outgoing front man for the CIA/warfare/Wall St. state, Barack Obama, left his time bombs for the future. The pink pussy hats were sent out marching to open the show.  Russia-gate was launched; eventually impeachment was tried. The Democrats. with their media allies, went on a non-stop attack. It was all so obvious, so shallow in its intent, as it was meant to be. But millions who were in the doll house were outraged, obsessed, frantic with rage.  They bought the con-game. Both those who hate Trump and those that love him have spent almost four years foaming at the mouth, breathless.

Trump was cast as the personification of evil.  A relentless attack on Trump began and has continued all this time. It is pure theater. Trump remains at the helm, as planned, holding the Bible aloft in a style reminiscent of a Bible thumping Klansman from The Birth of a Nation. Only the ignorant thought it might have been different.  He knows how to perform his role. He is a fine actor.  He outrages, spews idiocies, as he is supposed to do. That Mussolini style stance, that absurd hair, the pout.  Just perfect for an arch-villain. It’s so obvious that it isn’t. Herein lies the trick.

And who profits from his policies?  The super-rich, of course, the power-elite.  Who just stole 6-10 trillion dollars of public money under the hilariously named Cares Act?  The super-rich, of course, the deep-state.  It was a bi-partisan bank robbery from the public treasury carried out under the shadow of Covid-19, whose phony hyped up numbers were used to frighten the populace into lockdown mode as the Republican and Democratic bank robbers smiled in unison and announced forcefully, “We care!”  We are here to protect you.

Remember how Barack Obama “saved” us by bailing out Wall St. and the big banks to the tune of trillions in early 2009.  Then waged unending wars. Left black Americans bereft.  He cared, too, didn’t he.  Our leaders always care.

Obama was the black guy in the white hat. Trump is the white guy in the black hat. Hollywood on the Potomac, as Gary Wills called it when Ronald Reagan was the acting-president.  Now Obama’s war-loving side-kick, the pale-faced, twisted talking Biden is seriously offered as an alternative to the Elvis impersonator in the White House.  This is the false left/right dichotomy that has the residents of the doll’s house in its grip.

If you can’t see what’s coming, you might want to break out of the house, take off your mask, go for a walk, and take some deep breaths.  The walls are closing in.

Knees will be on everyone’s necks in the months ahead.






25 thoughts on “The Shallow Deep-State Goes Deeper as It Moves Toward Martial Law”

    1. I agree with most of the perception of this author. I believe his assessment of the Covid-19 global pandemic is ridiculously callous, as I personally know persons who have died from this “hoax”. Wearing a mask actually does work as a deterrent to making my 98 year old mother I’ll. He is breathtakingly biased on this subject. As I said, I concur with most of his assertions. Also, Obama may not have been the best President, but he proved his concern by enacting environmental protections, appointing judges, the affordable care act ect.. He was respected by world leaders and allies, and he was not a proponent of “Marshall law.”
      He simply cannot be placed in the same category as Trump, whom I loathe.

  1. I just got here and this is the first piece I read. My first impression is that this is amusing but very dubious. He says There Is A Plan but he doesn’t say what it is. I think a much more parsimonious explanation of the action is to say it is chaotic. I think what we see is the death throes of a failed system that is shaking itself to pieces. The class war is over because the economy is about to fail. I think the only thing left to think about is how to begin to set up an alternate economy, before we all starve.

  2. Not only an enjoyable and concise article, but an even more enjoyable, and rather educational (for myself in parts) comment’s section. I hereby declare this site, ‘bookmarked’ on my laptop. Thank you.

  3. As is usual to US commentators, no mention is made of either capitalism or socialism, so there is no real analysis of the problem. The US has to start widely using these words unselfconsciously as well as Marxist and Anarchist theory, as a first step. There can be no cure for the present situation, which is caused by capitalism, until capitalism is ended, and once it is ended there has to be some kind of socialist / communist / anarchist system substituted to allow everyone fairness throughout their lives. With that understanding, change can start.

    1. Do you call giving 6-10 trillion dollars of public money to insiders “Capitalism”?

      Did you understand the article?

      You are clearly still in the dual track mindset.

  4. Thank you for this article. I’ve been astonished by both sides for so long… and stunned that everyone is so willing to give up their freedoms so quickly… begging for their own economic destruction and enslavement. I know many think Trump is on the side of freedom and is playing a 4D long game, but he encouraged Stay-at-home/shelter-in-place and signed these trillions of dollars of counterfeit money, wealth-stealing, economy-destroying bills… so how can he be? Thank you for saying it clearly and concisely.

    Doing everything we can in Occupied California… we will continue to fight…

  5. Overall an original and insightful essay. The skeptical denizens of the internet veer towards some pretty insane analyses, you skirt along those but manage to maintain a sane narrative . It is necessary to factor some things out. FDR wanted to use the dominant American position after WW 2 to make some major improvements in the world. The “Four Freedoms” he mentioned in his January 6, 1941 speech to Congress were a good start. But the dark forces, already well-established could not maximize their profits under that sort of regime.

    The WHO (established in 1948 as part of FDR’s cherished United Nations), that once was competent enough to play a role in eliminating Smallpox and nearly eliminating Polio worldwide, has been hobbled by the Neo-Liberal austerity and cutbacks to government budgets everywhere. Even before Trump decided to cut out the U.S. contribution, somewhere between 25% and 50% of the budget of the WHO was supplied by private donors. Bill Gates and his controlled foundations actually contributed more than the $400 million the U.S. Government supplied. And other pharmaceutical interests along with various private funder supplied plenty more. Private interests never contribute a dime that does not further their perceived interests.

    The Bretton Woods institutions, the World Bank (originally named the International Bank for Reconstuction) and the IMF were quickly converted into cudgel wielding strong arm actors to support the elite agenda from the developed world. Now the U.S. and Europe are declining in power and influence so fast that their future efficacy in that role is open to question.

    As you have written elsewhere elsewhere the killing of JFK, and his brother RFK, not to mention Malcolm X. MLK, Thomas Merton, and Fred Hampton, the key six 1960s assassinations that many analysts cite marked the end of any sort of “regular democratic” means of challenging the elites. But all these current events in the U.S. are not taking place in a vacuum. While the American and European elites were gorging themselves on the high profits gained from moving most of their productive capacity to low-wage and low-regulation places; and turning some significant part of the once proud American blue collar and white collar middle class into dangerous lumpen proletarian fascist foot soldiers. A nice glimpse of some of these guys is available at “Indiana Residents Hold Guns as George Floyd Protesters Pass By” at ~ The whole clip is just 30 seconds long.

    The Chinese leadership have to be chortling in Beijing, as the only conceivable outcome of the current events will be yet another diminution in American power. Perhaps the analogous event to the Suez Crisis for Britain and France. The finances of the U.S. are in much worse shape, than those of Britain were at that time in 1956. And the ascending new Global Hegemon is nowhere near as chummy with the U.S., as it was with the U.K. at that pivotal time.

    Chris Hedges, in various books and articles, pointed out that the formerly prosperous American working class has now descended into Magical Thinking. The whole milieu of the beliefs and positions taken over Covid-19 crisis is all tied up with that development of Magical Thinking. The intricate twists and turns of the Covid-19 events are too lengthy to go into in detail here; but let’s just note that human populations are encroaching on various habitats, that once had very little human contact. In addition even in Sub-Saharan Africa transportation and urbanization changed drastically in the last 40 years. Ebola outbreaks used to take place in villages where people got around almost completely by walking. Medical intervention teams were able to isolate the villages where Ebola occurred and the outbreaks died out. By the 2014 outbreak the cities in the affected countries had grown to huge sizes, 80% of their inhabitants lived in shanty-towns without adequate water and sanitation, and bus services moved people around much more quickly. But the outbreaks were confined to the countries where they began because the air travel links to the rest of the world were pretty skimpy.

    This contrasts strongly with the situation for Covid-19. One scientist working in this area points out that anywhere from 1 – 7 million people in Southern China and SE Asia are exposed to Bat originated viruses every year, and that thousands of people shop at the infamous market in Wuhan (however he was the director of a company that received grants from the Pentagon to study viruses, hardly a neutral source) . And there is one of China’s two Biolevel 4 labs located there too (the U.S. has 13 Biolevel 4 labs inside the continental U.S., and dozens of labs of lesser security levels surrounding Russia and China), and the U.S. military was there just before the outbreak to attend the “Global Military Games”. Whatever the source Chinese people travel by car, bus, air, and high-speed train. China is one of the World’s largest air travel hubs, so Covid-19 moved worldwide in a way that Ebola never did, so far.

    The American elites, secure in their access to concierge medical services and easy access to the necessary equipment, think they will weather any Covid-19 events handily. The real problems, and the propaganda issues, surrounding Covid-19 fall squarely on the subordinate classes. The demonstrations and urban chaos are pretty much the same situation.

  6. Alice meets the Mad Hatter

    The Elite are playing a dangerous poker game with everyone’s lives. They started making their plans gradually starting in the late 1890’s. Each generation has added their share of madness and laughed at how their puppets dangle on the strings they wield. They started slowly poisoning us with our food through Monsanto with GMO seeds. Then started putting fillers and chemicals in our foods through meat processing plants. They send out meal guides every year to show the people in North America what is considered eating healthy. What they don’t tell you is that processed meat is one of the world’s leading causes of just about all diseases and illnesses. (Watch on Netflex, “What the Health”. Eye opener about food.) Even the big fund raising organizations for Cancer, Diabetes, Heart and Stroke, etc. have recipes that are supposed to be healthy for you, but guess what, they recommend that you eat meat, eggs, and dairy which are all contributors to these diseases. And the major sponsors to these fund raising corporations are the leading food companies of North America. Another implementation of controlling and eliminating the population is the Chemtrails ( Chemtrails have been around since the 1960’s slowly poisoning the air, water, and all forms of life around us. Their biggest concentration of spraying chemicals is around the Great Lakes and other highly populated areas around the world. I knows this on a personal level, because I wake up to this every day in Burlington, Ont., Canada. The Elite have already used vaccines to further their plans along. Now they want to use vaccines on a world wide scale to eliminate more of the population. According to what I read in one article they want to eliminate anywhere from 50% to 95% of the world population. The worst thing is the Governments of each Nation is funding this mass vaccination with “Tax Money” to the Covid19 vaccination research program. Funding with our own money for their “Mad Hatter” plans. Talk about duplicity. The world is becoming a scarier place to live in each and every day. There are day’s I feel like “Alice in Wonderland” and that I am going to wake up from this bad dream. But this “Alice” is wide awake and doesn’t like what she continuously sees, hears, and reads. There are days I feel like pulling my hair out if I hear one more time from someone, “Be safe; Stay home!” And if we were in this “Together,” we wouldn’t be separated by social distancing or hiding in our homes afraid of the Covid19 shadow hanging over us.

    Alice is awake.

    1. Marianne – I’m with you; if I hear another person say, “Stay safe,” I’m going to ask them where they got that meme cliche from? Pax, Ed

    2. You stated, “Even the big fund raising organizations for Cancer, Diabetes, Heart and Stroke, etc. have recipes that are supposed to be healthy for you, but guess what, they recommend that you eat meat, eggs, and dairy which are all contributors to these diseases. And the major sponsors to these fund raising corporations are the leading food companies of North America.”

      This is analogous how “big fund raising organizations for Cancer,” promoting for instance the fraudulent pink ribbon breast cancer awareness movement (read the afterword on the “war on cancer” of this scholarly piece — ), while they make and sell products with carcinogenic ingredients to millions of unsuspecting people.

      Virtually everything is a lie and/or a fraud in reality, which of course, is presented as the opposite in the “doll house” where most people’s brainwashed mind lives.

  7. Thank you for this article. It brings all the views of our “system” together and ties them with a string attached to a card that might read “Open On Doomsday.” The only view I know of encompassing greater range is Dane Wigington’s, which of course includes climate crisis. I throw this out simply because Wigington sees the Deep State’s actions as more than a go-for-broke power grab – he sees it as the final gambit by an “out of control power structure” in a world about to become uninhabitable if nothing is done to “reverse our course.” I don’t know why he keeps saying “if nothing is done” when he’s bound to know nothing will be done.

  8. I see the truth in many of Ed’s observations, especially that knees will soon be on everyone’s necks, yet it would actually be strangely reassuring to me if I agreed that some evil deep state cabal were behind our current chaos and orchestrating it. As awful as that would be, it would still be a familiar scenario. But while I certainly believe in an evil deep state cabal which has opportunistically seized upon the current chaos, my sense is that we have entered uncharted waters where NO ONE is any longer in control of events or knows how they will play out. The breaking of the American social contract in the 1970s and 80s (as one-sided and exclusive of minorities as it was) has led to the sudden fracture of what little remained of American society itself, the pandemic panic/lock-down and the grotesque Floyd murder being the last straws. IMHO, all the king’s horses and men have no feasible plan to put it back together again, not even in a way which would continue to max out and enhance their perverse plutocratic interests. What purpose is served by owning that house built on sand in Jesus’ parable, a house reduced to rubble in a storm? Only time will tell whether Ed is right or I am right or neither of us is right. Meanwhile, I look forward to Ed’s continuing take on things, always thoughtful and thought-provoking.

    1. What is an evil cabal other than a set of social structures, populated by those who go along to get along? Yes, we know something about the nasty attitudes of the power elite. However, look at their structures. Corporations are legal frameworks designed to relieve people of their moral responsibility. When a society creates its money as interest-bearing debt, a condition of perpetual scarcity is established. Banks prop up other corporations already loaded with debt, but new loans must constantly be created. Armaments and pharmaceuticals are the banks’ favorite industries, their products ephemeral and conducive to planned obsolescence. More areas of life must become commodified and indebted. Nations, businesses, and social groups considered under-indebted must be induced to take on loans. This is the freight train headed for the cliff, and there is no conductor on board.

      One consolation is that Ed, and a few other writers, have begun to describe the deceptions and theatrics that conceal our reality. We cannot begin to resist a force until we perceive it. Sun Tzu, paraphrasing common military wisdom in his time, advised us to know our enemy but also to know ourselves and (most especially) the terrain.

  9. What a great post Ed – thanks for this one. These are surreal times we are living in. As the madness ramps up I find myself seeking some brief psychic shelter and momentary peace where I can, as in taking a few minutes to just quietly listen to a bird song, or to just watch the leaves sway in the breeze. Those moments of connection to the natural world feel like a brief respite of sanity from the madness & mad men that we know are “slouching toward Bethlehem” as we speak. I couldn’t agree more with your assessment Ed. Sad to say.

    1. I agree, GW: Getting out into Nature, and *the hell away from screens*
      and those who are working so digilently to scare hell out of us, is
      the best antidote to the present insanity I’ve found.


        1. Looking forward to your book, Mr. Curtin-
          I’ll sit in my tiny garden with the plants and
          birds, and read it..


  10. “O my America
    this then was your desire?

    but you cannot burn fast enough” +

    Trump fires war criminals and those fired become working class heroes.

    By the Pseudo Liberal media that publish Pseudo News.

    Armageddon Boy Bolton
    Mad Dog Mattis

    A civilized society would never tolerate [“working class hero”] Mueller as an FBI Director, never ever.

    To add context to the essay: I think Trump wanted Mueller to run Russia Gate fantasy.

    It’s a fact Trump wanted Gen. Flynn fired.

    Acting AG Rosenstein testifies to Senate “Judiciary” Committee Thursday morning.

    Rosenstein’s defense, summed up in two words: I’m Incompetent.

    Be that as it may, 2020 is an inflection point in a many-decades historical process.

    With US assassination of leading Iran general earlier this year, on Jan. 2, the US reign as neo-Imperial hegemon, born with death of FDR, April 12, 1945, died before reaching its 75th birthday in January.

    Reaganism and the end of illusions — theose vestiges of JFK gone with the wind: Carter vanquished, Nixon removed for strongly advocating [see Rogers Plan] Israeli withdrawal from Golan, Gaza, Sinai, West Bank; and LBJ the unctuous, inaugurating prototype for a “successful” US President.

    And Then Came Trump.

    And ushered in this: factions of elites, those predators who roam the world accumulating Capital by all means necessary — are now at each others throats, in broad daylight for us to watch. Those are the real riots to pay attention to.

    Yes, they are destroying us, and themselves.

    The predators of capital are stuck on self destruction, now.

    And the USA is no longer a “functioning society” — nor has that been hidden; difference is now this phenomena is bared for all to see, here, and the rest of the world, which saw it a lot sooner than most USA-ites.

    Thanks to President Donald J. “Samson” Trump.

    Or at least, that is catalyst [or symbol if that sound better]; not in any way the cause, if we are to be honest and rational and historically precise.

    What these predators that roam the earth have accomplished, wittingly or not, is destruction of education in a most general sense – in the West.

    Folks can be jailed all over Europe for questioning the Holocaust.

    Not in Iran, nor in the Orient in general.

    Nor in the US, at least not yet, but they’re working on it.

    Hate Speech, pushed by Zionism in particular and the Predators, in general, this [now legal concept], among the most destructive crimes in my lifetime.

    Hate Speech as a CRIME, that is.

    Other great crimes of 20-th Century include Western Women’s Lib – which took the liberty, “leaders” of “that” – they took the liberty to be incoherent: to define a particular sex, Female, as a woman FIRST, and as a person, a human being second.

    And the Era of Identitarian Politics born masquerading as “Liberal” and “Liberty” – this, a phenomena that spawned divisions now out of control run amok.

    Nuremberg, that established “principal” that a man in war under command of superiors with guns and life and death over him – the lowly soldier, this new “principal” of law deemed him to be personally liable for acts he take during wartime.

    This destroyed the Western conception of justice and law, another great crime.

    And thus, there is no standard: since it is whim whether a soldier, or any one, is charge with any crime.

    ROE V WADE, third greatest crime of last century – in which 9 Supreme Court Justices took the liberty to declare that they can define when “life begins.”

    The consequences of the above were known at the time and ignored by Pseudo Liberal Pseudo Newsmen.

    Now we can no longer deny the consequences of those consequences.

    These are Landmarks in creation of a social psychology in which there was “thought” to be a standard and all, as a result of these actions: when in fact, it was obliteration of standards, and of objectivity itself.

    Objectivity in Contemporary US, vitiated, smashed, destroyed, and at the time, and now, this is called progress by the Pseudo Liberal.

    Without the promise of Objectivity, Chaos is inevitable.

    Whether we will all be subject to torture as a means for all of us to conform, as the essay implies, I don’t know.

    Conditions have been laid for this.

    However, just as there are no leaders who are advocating a people’s agenda [they can be identified by their death certificates from days of yore], there is no leader of the Predators.

    In fact, they are at war with themselves; and the Orient, those elites, are watching the West, the predator Capitalist West, fulfill its destiny.

    There is a straight line from Liberalism/Capitalism to Fascism.

    Ghost of Hitler lives in every Western capitol.

    How fulfilled will be this destiny, and how many separate governmental units in USA will be in place, replacing this Union, by the time I die?

    Keep in mind that the Predators’ destruction of education came with a price for them, too.

    They are now poorly educated, unlike a century ago. . . and are cowards, unlike a century ago, and stopped reading Marx, unlike a century ago. . . and so are mostly unawares of theirs, and our destiny.

    “Whatever you are that weeps
    over the blistered riverbeds
    and the cracked skin of cities
    you are not on our side” ++

    +From Adrienne Rich, Necessities of Life, “Open Air Museum” [1966]
    ++ ibid, “Spring Thunder”


  11. Right on schedule. The Frankfort School of Critical Theory (see “The Devil’s Pleasure Palace” by Micheal Walsh) laid the groundwork as forcasted by
    Strauss and Howe in “The Fourth Turning”

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