Silence in Nowhere Land

Edward Curtin on Perspective with Jesse…

19 Nov 2022 Interview
Jesse Zurawell podcast page

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Ed and Jesse discuss silence, the continuity of government, living in a nowhere land, thoughts that think us, and much more.

1 thought on “Silence in Nowhere Land”

  1. Ed I have fond memories of those the system murdered because of what they said, and stood for. An enemy of the system certainly must have been authentic.

    However, I do have a rule to never become a fan or follower of anyone. I’m particularly skeptical of those who gain followings and become influencers. Too frequently there’s a manipulation that manifests whether by them intentionally or through them when they made Faustian bargains.

    I try to discern though logic and reason the truth and stay away from idolatry.

    Best to you and yours

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