From Terrorists to Viruses: Dystopian Progress

For anyone old enough to have been alive and aware of the attacks of September 11, 2001 and of so-called COVID-19 in 2020, memory may serve to remind one of an eerie parallel between the two operations.  However, if memory has been expunged by the work of one’s forgettery or deleted by the corporate media flushing it down the memory hole, or if knowledge is lacking, or maybe fear or cognitive dissonance is blocking awareness, I would like to point out some similarities that might perk one up to consider some parallels and connections between these two operations.

The fundamental tie that binds them is that both events aroused the human fear of death. Underlying all fears is the fear of death.  A  fear that has both biological and cultural roots. On the biological level, we all react to death threats in a fight or flight manner. Culturally, there are multiple ways that fear can be allayed or exacerbated, purposely or not. Usually, culture serves to ease the fear of death, which can traumatize people, through its symbols and myths. Religion has for a long time served that purpose, but when religion loses its hold on people’s imaginations, especially in regard to the belief in immortality, as Orwell pointed out in the mid-1940s, a huge void is left.  Without that consolation, fear is usually tranquilized by trivial pursuits.

In the cases of the attacks of September 11, 2001 and the current corona virus operation, the fear of death has been used by the power elites in order to control populations and institute long-planned agendas.  There is a red thread that connects the two events.

Both events were clearly anticipated and planned.

In the case of September 11, 2001, as I have argued before, linguistic mind-control was carefully crafted in advance to conjure fear at the deepest levels with the use of such repeated terms as Pearl Harbor, Homeland, Ground Zero, the Unthinkable, and 9/11.  Each in its turns served to raise the fear level dramatically. Each drew on past meetings, documents, events, speeches, and deep associations of dread. This language was conjured from the chief sorcerer’s playbook, not from that of an apprentice out of control.

And as David Ray Griffin, the seminal 9/11 researcher (and others), has pointed out in a dozen meticulously argued and documented books, the events of that day had to be carefully planned in advance, and the post hoc official explanations can only be described as scientific miracles, not scientific explanations. These miracles include: massive steel-framed high-rise buildings for the first time in history coming down without explosives or incendiaries in free fall speed; one of them being WTC-7 that was not even hit by a plane; an alleged hijacker pilot, Hani Hanjour, who could barely fly a Piper Cub, flying a massive Boeing 757 in a most difficult maneuver into the Pentagon; airport security at four airports failing at the same moment on the same day; all sixteen U.S. intelligence agencies failing; air traffic control failing, etc.  The list goes on and on.  And all this controlled by Osama bin Laden. It’s a fairy tale.

Then we had the crucially important anthrax attacks that are linked to 9/11. Graeme MacQueen, in The 2001 Anthrax Deception, brilliantly shows that these too were a domestic conspiracy.

These planned events led to the invasion of Afghanistan, the Patriot Act, the U.S. withdrawal from the ABM Treaty, the invasion of Iraq , the ongoing war on terror, etc.

Let us not forget years of those fraudulent color-coded warnings of the terrorist levels and the government admonition to use duct tape around your windows to protect against a massive chemical and biological attack.

Jump to 2020.  Let me start in reverse while color-coded designs are fresh in our minds. As the COVID-19 lockdowns were under way, a funny thing happened as people were wishing that life could return to normal and they could be let out of their cages. Similar color-coded designs popped up everywhere at the same time.  They showed the step-by-step schedule of possible loosening of government controls if things went according to plan. Red to yellow to green. Eye catching. Red orange yellow blue green.  As with the terrorist warnings following September 11, 2001.  In Massachusetts, a so-called blue state where I live, it’s color chart ends in blue, not green, with Phase 4 blue termed “the new normal: Development of vaccines and/or treatments enable the resumption of ‘the new normal.’” Interesting wording.  A resumption that takes us back to the future.

As with the duct tape admonitions after 9/11, now everyone is advised to wear a mask. It’s interesting to note that the 3 M Company, a major seller of duct tape, is also one of the world’s major sellers of face masks.  The company was expected to be producing 50 million N95 respirator masks per month by June 2020 and 2 billion globally within the coming year.  Then there is 3 M’s masking tape…but this is a sticky topic.

After the attacks of September 11, 2001, we were told repeatedly that the world was changed forever. Now we are told that after COVID 19, life will never be the same.  This is the “new normal,” while the post-9/11-pre-Covid-19 world must have been the old new normal. So everything is different but normal also.  So as the Massachusetts government website puts it, in the days to come we may be enabled to enact “the resumption of ‘the new normal.’”  This new old normal will no doubt be a form of techno-fascist transhumanism enacted for our own good.

As with 9/11, there is ample evidence that the corona virus outbreak was expected and planned; that people have been the victims of a propaganda campaign to use an invisible virus to scare us into submission and shut down the world’s economy for the global elites.  It is a clear case, as Peter Koenig tells Michel Chossudovsky in this must-see interview, that is not a conspiracy theory but a blatant factual plan spelled out in the 2010 Rockefeller Report, the October 18, 2019 Event 201, and Agenda 21, among other places.

Like amorphous terrorists and a war against “terrorism,” which is a tactic and therefore not something you can fight, a virus is invisible except when the media presents it as a pale, orange-spiked bunch of floating weird balls that are everywhere and nowhere.  Watch your back, watch your face, mask up, wash your hands, keep your distance – you never know when those orange spiked balls may get you.

As with 9/11, whenever anyone questions the official narrative of Covid-19, the official statistics, the validity of the tests, the effectiveness of masks, the powers behind the heralded vaccine to come, and the horrible consequences of the lockdowns that are destroying economies, killing people, forcing people to despair and to commit suicide, creating traumatized children, bankrupting small and middle-sized businesses for the sake of enriching the richest, etc., the corporate media mock the dissidents as conspiracy nuts, aiding the viral enemy.  This is so even when the dissenters are highly respected doctors, scientists, intellectuals, et al., who are regularly disappeared from the internet. With September 11, there were initially far fewer dissenters than now, and so the censorship of opposing viewpoints didn’t need the blatant censorship that is now growing daily. This censorship happens all across the internet now, quickly and stealthily, the same internet that is being forced on everyone as the new normal as presented in the Great Global Reset, the digital lie, where, as Anthony Fauci put it, no one should  ever shake hands again. A world of abstract images and beings in which, as Arthur Jensen tells Howard Beal in the film, Network, “All necessities [will be] provided, all anxieties tranquilized, all boredom amused.”  A digital dystopia that is fast approaching as perhaps the end of that red thread that runs from 9/11 to today.

Heidi Evens and Thomas Hackett write in the New York Daily News:

With the nation’s illusion of safety and security in ruins, Americans begin the slow and fitful process of healing from a trauma that feels deeply, cruelly personal…leaving citizens throughout the country with the frightening knowledge of their vulnerability.

That was written on September 12, 2001.


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  1. There is nothing surprising on an epidemic being expected and planned. It’s the job of most governments to expect and plan for epidemics, the same as they are supposed to expect and plan for hurricanes, earthquakes and other natural disasters.

    1. Cognitive Dissonance.

      There is nothing surprising French at behest of British burned Joan of Arc at the stake.

      It was planned by French authorities, and it happened. This was expected and planned and executed.

      It’s the job of most governments and Church Institutions to expect and plan for ‘Heretics’.

      To enforce Mono Theism.

      In the case of most governments, the Theism is Capitalism, and all this implies.

      The same as they are supposed to expect and plan for how to deal with heretics, dissenters, and those questioning the prevailing Mono Theism.

      The natural disaster in the case of Joan of Arc was her brutal murder by authorities, state authorities, with acquiescence of Church authority.

      Despite her saving France in 1300s from British invasions.

      This “natural disaster” happened.

      It took five centuries for Catholic Church to admit their perfidy and moral turpitude — by Sainting her May 16, 1920.

      The present “natural disaster” surrounding corona911 is a crime still in progress.

      Aided and abetted by a phenomena that can also be conceptualized: Cognitive Dissonance.

      Government officials purposely creating CD; mass media purposely creating CD.

      Neither governments nor mass media are ashamed of creating hysteria leading to CD.

      This is not surprising. And this is exactly among myriad problems.

      Where there is CD, the role of news is to break that down and create coherency. Where is it?

      Where there is CD, the role of government by the people is to break that down and create coherency. Where is it?

      To ask the question is to answer it.

      Cognitive Dissonance evaporates as each and every contradiction is confronted, examined, and resolved.

      Failure to tackle contradictions results in . . . .[the warren report, 911 report, and someday, COVID-19 report? — and there is nothing surprising should this happen]

  2. We kept forgetting that when we were told that sociopaths have no empathy, that meant NO EMPATHY. “But they wouldn’t do THAT!” is overturned- sure they would. Of course they would, they do, and they will.

    The economy needs trustbusting. So does the average citizen.

  3. I was just noticing the other day that there is a certain predilection for ones and nines in the air these days since the turn of the century. I’m sure there are some people who look at the numbers who are expanding on the symmetry of 9/11 and Covid-19. I wonder if there is a corollary for the picture of Bart Simpson with the New York magazine and $9 left of an image of the twin towers to go with Covid-19. Or maybe there are ways to fold the newer currency to show the virus or a mask. Anyway, I’m thinking there is more to mine in this field Ed has opened.

  4. Reign of Terror

    Pearl Harbor, Dec. 1941, this act of perfidy by FDR, the original sin to end USA as we knew it.

    This reign of terror, this original sin.

    Nagasaki, Hiroshima, Dresden, followed.

    How many Germans died in US concentration camps on this land after April 1945?

    The long so called “Cold War” the long reign of terror.

    JFK assassination, this Reign of Terror. Jim Jones and all those pilgrims stabbed in the back by US forces with bayonets, in Jonestown that fateful day.


    Suspension of Habeas Corpus continues from that day.

    Obama’s Drone Murder of US citizen.


    Reign of Terror functions to, as Camus describe in The Plague and in a way more directly in The Stranger. . . .

    Whatever the truth might turn out to be about this disease — for now, during the corona911/COVID-19 special operation, the most heinous and criminal act: is banning people to people contact — banned at the point of a gun and threat of jail.

    There is no point to living absent social interaction?

    The following, from a 1946 review of The Stranger, written by Nicola Chiaramonte, published in The New Republic; that includes summary of Camus’ March 28, 1946 talk/lecture/address, in New York, “La Crise de l’homme”.

    [[[Anyone who speaks of human life in terms of power, of efficiency, of “historical tasks,” is like Hitler: He is a murderer. Because if all there is to the problem of man is a “historical task” of some kind, then man is nothing but the raw material of history, and anything can be done with him. There is another thing we know, and this is that we still cannot accept any optimistic view of human existence, no “happy end” of any kind. But if we believe that to be optimistic about human existence is madness, we also know that to be pessimistic about man’s action among his fellow men is cowardly. We were against terror because terror is the situation where the only alternative is to kill or be killed, and communication among men becomes impossible. That is why we now reject any political ideology which raises global claims on human life. Any such ideology spells terror and murder. And we want the Reign of Terror to come to an end.]]]

    THE ORY [How is this actually transmitted? Definitive answer on this unknown.]

    Where is person zero? for each of the various strains of the Sars Cov2 virus, known to exist?

    For reason that may not all be kosher, this essential dimension has not been shared and must be discerned.

    Otherwise, as the man on the moon would say: We cannot conclude with certainty where this disease actually comes from. Without this we are no where. listed and described “The six strains of SARS-CoV-2”. [there may be more]

    How is this actually transmitted? Definitive answer on this also unknown.

    Who and what and how and/or etc. is this transmitted?

    We actually have not been told how this was originally transmitted–from whatever, to person zero. . . and for that matter: how many person zeroes might there be? viz. original transmissions of disease?

    This is most relevant simply as it’s now well established this Grand Mother of All Hoaxes has always been met with a grossly disproportionate response — banning social interaction in all forms; combined with an appalling lack of the most relevant and basic information and data.

    And we have been lied to over and over again.

    And The Censorship.

    Many MDs censored. These are facts.

    All those that questioned, asked rational questions, censored.

    Along with various and sundry blogs and Facebook and Twitters: Censored.

    These are all facts.

    The enemies of the people extend far beyond the corrupt media giants, and politicians and Bill Gates crowd, and . . . .

    It is these enemies pushing for an end to Social Interaction, with Lockdowns and arrests of people to people contact.

    Nurse Wratched would be proud.


    1. Yes Jim. The connection of 9/11 to Pearl Harbour is surely more obvious and blatant than the one to covid, but the distinct similarities of PURPOSE of all 3 events is well worth noting. In each case an atrocity is allowed or even encouraged to occur, in order to facilitate an even bigger atrocity.

  5. Thank you Ed – absolutely spot-on and brilliant. I appreciate your ongoing writings and the work you are doing, in helping people wake-up. You’re doing Bodhisattva work.

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