5 thoughts on “Ellen Finnigan of Catholics Against Militarism Interviews Me”

  1. As a Catholic and someone who recognizes that we are again living through an extended psychological operation, I am extremely heartened by this lucid exchange. Coming from two different backgrounds, you are both courageous observers of our past and current situation. Thank you so much for this interview.

  2. Thanks for posting this podcast Ed.
    So refreshing to hear this woman speak knowledgeably about 91101, etc.
    A religious person at that. Surprised she hasn’t read David Ray Griffin before.
    Why can’t more Catholics so thru the BS war monger state?!
    Agape Community is squarely in Central Mass. not Western. lol.
    Anything west of Worcester is considered Western Mass. for so many….unless you are from Western Mass.

  3. thank you both for this. amidst the sea of conformity that’s so obediently teaming up around us, hearing these cogent, undeluded observations, said out loud, did my heart a world of good.

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