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  1. Glad you did this one too Ed. I like this series the Offguardian is doing. Keep up the good work.

  2. Most vulnerable to Sars CoV2, we’re told:
    0] elderly with co morbidities
    1] elderly; and 2] all those with co morbidities

    What is VE, VACCINE EFFECTIVENESS, for elderly with co morbidities?

    Recall that as of Sept. 17. 2021, the CDC said: 652,871 USA death “involving” COVID-19.

    And the CDC says: “For over 5% of these deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned on the death certificate.”

    That would equal 32,644 deaths the CDC is saying are surely DUE TO the disease.

    And 620,227 otherwise.

    The CDC said, of the 620,227: an average of four co morbidity — among these deaths “involving” COVID-19

    The agency said: “For over 5% of these deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned on the death certificate. For deaths with conditions or causes in addition to COVID-19, on average, there were 4.0 additional conditions or causes per death.”

    It would seem data on the VE, VACCINE EFFECTIVENESS, for elderly with co morbidities would be: at the top of the list — in terms of any serious and rational attempt to address the most vulnerable and at risk population, yes? This would mean science and medicine are genuinely being practiced, yes?

    Be that as it may, ten months after covid shots began in USA, this is what the CDC just said last week on this matter:

    [[VE against symptomatic infection. . . No information on co-morbidities, prior infection, risk behaviors]]

    Go to page 8 and see for yourself, at


    There are 42 pages of slides in the CDC presentation. Most of this dirt-bag effort is to make believe VE is OK.

    But this sham BS, is all sham BS when there is “No information on co-morbidities, prior infection, risk behaviors”. Information on “prior infection” would alert one to the fact that that individual already has immunity, natural immunity; and SHOULD NOT be counted in measuring the covid shot VE!

    The CDC is collecting data from healthy people, and pretending this means VE is OK, when in fact, the straight answer would be: I D K. . . W T F. . . the VE actually is.

    Or, VE = ZERO for those with “on average, 4.0 additional conditions or causes per death”

    This CDC document includes, on page 36, VE data on “Prospective cohort of over 4,000 healthcare personnel, first responders, and other frontline workers in 8 U.S.

    In these
    VE = “62% female”
    VE = “72% aged 18–49 years”

    VE = “31% with ≥1 [one or more] underlying medical condition”

    In sum: CDC has no idea what VE is for elderly with one or more comorbidities, and has no idea for what VE would be in cases of one comorbidity, two, three, four. . . . ten or more comorbidity. This by their own admission. And CDC has no idea, by their own admission, of who has already obtained natural immunity.

    This is complete and utter medical buffoonery.

    This report is not a serious effort, it is a disgusting insult to the American People.

    The CDC is allocated billions of dollars to advertise and propagandize for folks to get the shot.

    And this bitter crap, of junk science, is what they are giving us!

    Ten months on and they can’t tell us the VE! Neither can these dirt bags hide their gross incompetence.

    Put another way: they are, . . . admitting that they are measuring VE by collecting data [and creating junk ‘estimation’ models] collecting data from healthy people, and using this to pretend to measure actual VE.

    And this would explain the need to mandate shots to all healthy people and all those that now possess long lasting and perhaps permanent natural immunity: to make it “appear” as though VE is OK.

    If VE = ZERO with those with . . . on average, four or more co moribidities, then to ask the question is to answer it.

    The whole point was supposed to be to protect the most vulnerable. Clearly public health is not part of the equation.

    And this poison is worse than worthless to the most vulnerable: it is killing them, the shots themselves are killing them, maiming them, destroying their lives, etc.

    All this, another political decision, to put in mildly.

    And life continues in this sea to shining sea, open air Concentration Camp.

    And thus, along with increase in tyranny is increase in class consciousness.



  3. Fantastic. I’ve been really impressed with this whole series. My hope is they can get all of you in the same room at some point…maybe something similar to the Toronto Hearings in 2011. You’re all heroes, and you will be in the history books in the chapter “Those Who Saved the Human Race:”
    Your work on Zelikow succinctly brings 9/11 and Covid together, and your piece about him was my first choice in trying to wake up my family. It didn’t work…yet….but I know it planted some seeds.

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