2 thoughts on “FDT World As It Was: Podcast with Aaron Goode”

  1. I greatly appreciated your interview and process. It provided comfort and verified that my understanding of my history and experience is valid and my efforts to continue learning is important……and that I need to share with others …..knowledge is the path to freedom…..arlene hickory

  2. I always enjoy listening to your interviews. I resonate deeply with your concerns and values and always derive a sense of comforting comaraderie listening to you. I am assured that there are kindred spirits in this world.


    PS – I also remember watching the McCarthy hearings on the black and white TV – perhaps also my first memory of the device. Although the televised atomic bomb tests shown in the late afternoon/early evening may have been a bit earlier. I would cower behind a large wing chair as I watched them, not knowing what they were but sensing true evil. Even today I make a joke about not being a Commie Pinko if I bring up a point made by Marx in his economic writings. The propaganda of the 1950’s still has power.

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