4 thoughts on “Yes, It Will”

  1. What did you see my blue eyed son?
    “I saw ten thousand talkers with tongues all broken.”

    What did you hear my darling young one?
    “I heard the sound of thunder that roared out a warning.”

    And what’ll you do now my blue eyed son?

    Twiddle my thumbs?

    Sometimes, trying to stop the robber barons does seem hopeless.

    Until we clearly and concisely identify the problem, with courage, there will be no solution for it.

    “Monopoly – Who owns the world? A documentary by Tim Gielen 2021”

    I just don’t see any way to deny that they are responsible for the majority of the problems we face.

    The robber barons thwart solutions in every area, at every turn. They are responsible for hijacking our (and most/all?) governments. They are responsible for hijacking the media. They are responsible for hijacking medical care and turning it into an uncaring, unfeeling, profit first, medical industry. They are responsible for hijacking non profits. They are responsible for the endless war machine. They are responsible for the environmental disasters we face. They are responsible for the rampant corruption.

    They are responsible for the division, isolation and hopelessness people, around the world, face.

    They are responsible for the status quo and they have names and faces.

    The idea that they have turned over a new leaf and want to set things right with “the great reset” scam, is the definition of insanity.

  2. Yes…, Choral work can be very beautiful. I think we need more beautiful music at this time of ugliness and violence.
    I have some favorites of what I am aware of. I enjoy music that is so moving it could stop a war…, if listened to.

  3. Masters of War, Oxford Town, Ballad of Hollis Brown, With God on Our Side, Only a Pawn in Their Game, Desolation Row and many other Dylan songs helped shape the social conscience of a generation. It was at once both beautiful as well as somewhat surreal and disorienting to hear Hard Rains Gonna Fall rendered in this chorale fashion. In other words it was perfect.

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