Why I Don’t Speak of the Fake News of “9/11” Anymore

This article was posted last year but is still pertinent, so I am re-posting it.

Tuesday, September 11, 2001, was a non-teaching day for me.  I was home when the phone rang at 9 A.M.  It was my daughter, who was on a week’s vacation with her future husband.  “Turn on the TV,” she said.  “Why?” I asked.  “Haven’t you heard?  A plane hit the World Trade Tower.”

I turned the TV on and watched a plane crash into the Tower.  I said, “They just showed a replay.”  She quickly corrected me, “No, that’s another plane.”  And we talked as we watched in horror, learning that it was the South Tower this time.  Sitting next to my daughter was my future son-in-law; he had not had a day off from work in a year.  He had finally taken a week’s vacation so they could go to Cape Cod.  He worked on the 100th floor of the South Tower.  By chance, he had escaped the death that claimed 176 of his co-workers.

That was my introduction to the attacks.  Seventeen years have disappeared behind us, yet it seems like yesterday.  And yet again, it seems like long, long ago.

Over the next few days, as the government and the media accused Osama bin Laden and 19 Arabs of being responsible for the attacks, I told a friend that what I was hearing wasn’t believable; the official story was full of holes. I am a born and bred New Yorker with a long family history rooted in the NYC Fire and Police Departments, one grandfather having been the Deputy Chief of the Fire Department, the highest ranking uniformed firefighter, and the other a NYPD cop; a niece and her husband were NYPD detectives deeply involved in the response to that day’s attacks. Hearing the absurd official explanations and the deaths of so many innocent people, including many hundreds of firefighters, cops, and emergency workers, I felt a suspicious rage. It was a reaction that I couldn’t fully explain, but it set me on a search for the truth.  I proceeded in fits and starts, but by the fall of 2004, with the help of the extraordinary work of David Ray Griffin, Michael Ruppert, and other early skeptics, I could articulate the reasons for my initial intuition.  I set about creating and teaching a college course on what had come to be called 9/11.

But I no longer refer to the events of that day by those numbers.  Let me explain why.

By 2004 I had enough solid evidence to convince me that the U.S. government’s claims (and The 9/11 Commission Report) were fictitious.  They seemed so blatantly false that I concluded the attacks were a deep-state intelligence operation whose purpose was to initiate a national state of emergency to justify wars of aggression, known euphemistically as “the war on terror.”  The sophistication of the attacks, and the lack of any proffered evidence for the government’s claims, suggested that a great deal of planning had been involved.

Yet I was chagrined and amazed by so many people’s insouciant lack of interest in questioning and researching the most important world event since the assassination of President Kennedy.  I understood the various psychological dimensions of this denial, the fear, cognitive dissonance, etc., but I sensed something else as well.  For so many people their minds seemed to have been “made up” from the start.  I found that many young people were the exceptions, while most of their elders dared not question the official narrative.  These included many prominent leftist critics of American foreign policy, such as Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, Alexander Cockburn, and others, whose defenses of the official government and media explanations (when they even made such defenses; often they just trashed skeptics as “9/11 conspiracy nuts,” to quote Cockburn) totally lacked any scientific or logical rigor or even knowledge of the facts.  Now that seventeen years have elapsed, this seems truer than ever.  There is a long list of leftists who refuse to examine matter to this very day.  And most interestingly, they also do the same with the assassination of JFK, the other key seminal event of recent American history.

I kept thinking of the ongoing language and logic used to describe what had happened that terrible day in 2001 and in the weeks to follow.  It all seemed so clichéd and surreal, as if set phrases had it been extracted from some secret manual, phrases that rung with an historical resonance that cast a spell on the public, as if mass hypnosis were involved.  People seemed mesmerized as they spoke of the events in the official language that had been presented to them.

So with the promptings of people like Graeme MacQueen, Lance deHaven-Smith, T.H. Meyer, et al., and much study and research, I have concluded that my initial intuitive skepticism was correct and that a process of linguistic mind-control was in place before, during, and after the attacks.  As with all good propaganda, the language had to be insinuated over time and introduced through intermediaries.  It had to seem “natural” and to flow out of events, not to precede them.  And it had to be repeated over and over again.

In summary form, I will list the language I believe “made up the minds” of those who have refused to examine the government’s claims about the September 11 attacks and the subsequent anthrax attacks.

  1. Pearl Harbor. As pointed out by David Ray Griffin and others, this term was used in September 2000 in The Project for the New American Century’s (PNAC) report, “Rebuilding America’s Defenses” (p.51).  Its neo-con authors argued that the U.S. wouldn’t be able to attack Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, etc. “absent some catastrophic event – like a new Pearl Harbor.”  Then on January 11, 2001, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld’s “Space Commission” warned that the U.S. could face a “space Pearl Harbor” if it weren’t careful and didn’t increase space security.  Rumsfeld urged support for the proposed U.S. national missile defense system opposed by Russia and China and massive funding for the increased weaponization of space.  At the same time he went around handing out and recommending Pearl Harbor: Warning and Decision (1962) by Roberta Wohlstetter, who had spent almost two decades working for The Rand Corporation and who claimed that Pearl Harbor was a surprise attack that shocked U.S. leaders. Pearl Harbor, Pearl Harbor, Pearl Harbor – those words and images dominated public consciousness for many months before 11 September 2001, and of course after.  The film Pearl Harbor, made with Pentagon assistance and a massive budget, was released on May 25, 2001 and was a box office hit.   It was in the theatres throughout the summer.  The thought of the attack on Pearl Harbor (not a surprise to the U.S. government, but presented as such) was in the news all summer despite the fact that the 60th anniversary of that attack was not until December 7, 2001, a more likely release date. So why was it released so early?  Once the September 11 attacks occurred, the Pearl Harbor analogy was “plucked out” of the social atmosphere and used constantly, beginning immediately. Another “Day of Infamy,” another surprise attack blared the media and government officials.  A New Pearl Harbor!  George W.  Bush was widely reported to have had the time that night, after a busy day of flying hither and yon to avoid the terrorists who for some reason had forgotten he was in a classroom in Florida, to allegedly use it in his diary, writing that “the Pearl Harbor of the twenty-first century took place today.  We think it is Osama bin Laden.”  Shortly after the 50th anniversary of Pearl Harbor on December 7th, Bush then formerly announced, referencing the attacks of September 11, that the U. S. would withdraw from the ABM Treaty. The examples of this Pearl Harbor/ September 11 analogy are manifold, but I am summarizing, so I will skip giving them.  Any casual researcher can confirm this.
  2. Homeland. This strange un-American term, another WW II word associated with another enemy – Nazi Germany – was also used many times by the neo-con authors of “Rebuilding America’s Defenses.”  I doubt any average American referred to this country by that term before.  Of course it became the moniker for The Department of Homeland Security, marrying home with security to form a comforting name that simultaneously and unconsciously suggests a defense against Hitler-like evil coming from the outside.  Not coincidentally, Hitler introduced it into the Nazi propaganda vernacular at the 1934 Nuremberg rally. Both usages conjured up images of a home besieged by alien forces intent on its destruction; thus preemptive action was in order.  Now the Department of Homeland Security with its massive budget is lodged permanently in popular consciousness.
  3. Ground Zero. This is a third WWII (“the Good War”) term first used at 11:55 A.M. on September 11 by Mark Walsh (aka “the Harley Guy” because he was wearing a Harley-Davidson tee shirt) in an interview on the street by a Fox News reporter, Rick Leventhal. Identified as a Fox free-lancer, Walsh also explained the Twin Towers collapse in a precise, well-rehearsed manner that would be the same illogical and anti-scientific explanation later given by the government: “mostly due to structural failure because the fire was too intense.” Ground zero – a nuclear bomb term first used by U.S. scientists to refer to the spot where they exploded the first nuclear bomb in New Mexico in 1945 – became another meme adopted by the media that suggested a nuclear attack had occurred or might in the future if the U.S. didn’t act. The nuclear scare was raised again and again by George W. Bush and U.S. officials in the days and months following the attacks, although nuclear weapons were beside the point in terms of the 11 September attacks, but surely not as a scare tactic and as part of the plan to withdraw from the ABM treaty that would be announced in December.  But the conjoining of “nuclear” with “ground zero” served to raise the fear factor dramatically.  Ironically, the project to develop the nuclear bomb was called the Manhattan Project and was headquartered at 270 Broadway, NYC, a few short blocks north of the World Trade Center.
  4. The Unthinkable. This is another nuclear term whose usage as linguistic mind control and propaganda is brilliantly analyzed by Graeme MacQueen in the penultimate chapter of his very important book, The 2001 Anthrax Deception.  He notes the patterned use of this term before and after September 11, while saying “the pattern may not signify a grand plan …. It deserves investigation and contemplation.”  He then presents a convincing case that the use of this term couldn’t be accidental.  He notes how George W. Bush, in a major foreign policy speech on May 1, 2001, “gave informal public notice that the United States intended to withdraw unilaterally from the ABM Treaty”; Bush said the U.S. must be willing to “rethink the unthinkable.”  This was necessary because of terrorism and rogue states with “weapons of mass destruction.”  PNAC also argued that the U.S. should withdraw from the treaty.  A signatory to the treaty could only withdraw after giving six months notice and because of “extraordinary events” that “jeopardized its supreme interests.” Once the September 11 attacks occurred, Bush rethought the unthinkable and officially gave formal notice on December 13 to withdraw the U.S. from the ABM Treaty, as previously noted.  MacQueen specifies the many times different media used the term “unthinkable” in October 2001 in reference to the anthrax attacks.  He explicates its usage in one of the anthrax letters – “The Unthinkabel” [sic].  He explains how the media that used the term so often were at the time unaware of its usage in the anthrax letter since that letter’s content had not yet been revealed, and how the letter writer had mailed the letter before the media started using the word.  He makes a rock solid case showing the U.S. government’s complicity in the anthrax attacks and therefore in the Sept 11 attacks.  While calling the use of the term “unthinkable” in all its iterations “problematic,” he writes, “The truth is that the employment of ‘the unthinkable’ in this letter, when weight is given both to the meaning of this term in U.S. strategic circles and to the other relevant uses of the term in 2001, points us in the direction of the U.S. military and intelligence communities.”  I am reminded of Orwell’s point in 1984: “a heretical thought – that is, a thought diverging from the principles of Ingsoc – should be literally unthinkable, at least as far as thought is dependent on words.”  Thus the government and media’s use of “unthinkable” becomes a classic case of “doublethink.”  The unthinkable is unthinkable.
  5. 9/11. This is the key usage that has reverberated down the years around which the others revolve. It is an anomalous numerical designation applied to an historical event, and obviously also the emergency telephone number.  Try to think of another numerical appellation for an important event in American history.  It’s impossible.  But if you have a good historical sense, you will remember that the cornerstone for the Pentagon was lain on September 11, 1941, three months before the attack on Pearl Harbor, and that the CIA engineered a coup against the Allende government in Chile on Sept 11, 1973.  Just strange coincidences?  The future editor of The New York Times and Iraq war promoter, Bill Keller, introduced the emergency phone connection on the morning of September 12th in a NY Times op-ed piece, “America’s Emergency Line: 911.”  The linkage of the attacks to a permanent national emergency was thus subliminally introduced, as Keller mentioned Israel nine times and seven times compared the U.S. situation to that of Israel as a target for terrorists.  His first sentence reads: “An Israeli response to America’s aptly dated wake-up call might well be, ‘Now you know.’”  By referring to September 11 as 9/11, an endless national emergency fear became wedded to an endless war on terror aimed at preventing Hitler-like terrorists from obliterating us with nuclear weapons that could create another ground zero or holocaust.  Mentioning Israel (“America is proud to be Israel’s closest ally and best friend in the world,” George W. Bush would tell the Israeli Knesset) so many times, Keller was not very subtly performing an act of legerdemain with multiple meanings.  By comparing the victims of the 11 September attacks to Israeli “victims,” he was implying, among other things, that the Israelis are innocent victims who are not involved in terrorism, but are terrorized by Palestinians, as Americans are terrorized by fanatical Muslims.  Palestinians/Al-Qaeda.  Israel/U.S.  Explicit and implicit parallels of the guilty and the innocent.  Keller tells us who the real killers are.  His use of the term 9/11 is a term that pushes all the right buttons, evoking unending social fear and anxiety.  It is language as sorcery. It is propaganda at its best. Even well-respected critics of the U.S. government’s explanation use the term that has become a fixture of public consciousness through endless repetition.   As George W. Bush would later put it, as he connected Saddam Hussein to “9/11” and pushed for the Iraq war, “We don’t want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud.”  All the ingredients for a linguistic mind-control smoothie had been blended.

I have concluded – and this is impossible to prove definitively because of the nature of such propagandistic techniques – that the use of all these words/numbers is part of a highly sophisticated linguistic mind-control campaign waged to create a narrative that has lodged in the minds of hundreds of millions of people and is very hard to dislodge.

It is why I don’t speak of “9/11” any more. I refer to those events as the attacks of September 11, 2001, which is a mouth-full and not easily digested in the age of Twitter and texting.  But I am not sure how to be more succinct or how to undo the damage, except by writing what I have written here.

Lance deHaven-Smith puts it well in Conspiracy Theory in America.

The rapidity with which the new language of the war on terror appeared and took hold; the synergy between terms and their mutual connections to WW II nomenclatures; and above all the connections between many terms and the emergency motif of “9/11” and “9-1-1” – any one of these factors alone, but certainly all of them together – raise the possibility that work on this linguistic construct began long before 9/11….It turns out that elite political crime, even treason, may actually be official policy.

Needless to say, his use of the words “possibility” and “may” are in order when one sticks to strict empiricism.  However, when one reads his full text, it is apparent to me that he considers these “coincidences” part of a conspiracy.  I have also reached that conclusion.  As Thoreau put in his underappreciated humorous way, “Some circumstantial evidence is very strong, as when you find a trout in the milk.”

The evidence for linguistic mind control, while the subject of this essay, does not stand alone, of course.  It underpins the actual attacks of September 11 and the subsequent anthrax attacks that are linked.  The official explanations for these events by themselves do not stand up to elementary logic and are patently false, as proven by thousands of well-respected professional researchers from all walks of life – i.e. engineers, pilots, scientists, architects, and scholars from many disciplines (see the upcoming 9/11 Unmasked: An International Review Panel Investigation by David Ray Griffin and Elizabeth Woodworth, to be released September 11, 2018).  To paraphrase the prescient Vince Salandria, who said it long ago concerning the government’s assassination of President Kennedy, the attacks of 2001 are “a false mystery concealing state crimes.”  If one objectively studies the 2001 attacks together with the language adopted to explain and preserve them in social memory, the “mystery” emerges from the realm of the unthinkable and becomes utterable. “There is no mystery.” The truth becomes obvious.

How to communicate this when the corporate mainstream media serve the function of the government’s mockingbird (as in Operation Mockingbird), repeating and repeating and repeating the same narrative in the same language; that is the difficult task we are faced with, but there are signs today that breakthroughs are occurring, as growing numbers of international academic scholars are pushing to incorporate the analysis of the official propaganda surrounding 11 September 2001 into their work within the academy, a turnabout from years of general silence.  And more and more people are coming to realize that the official lies about 11 September are the biggest example of fake news in this century.  Fake news used to justify endless wars and the slaughter of so many innocents around the world.

Words have a power to enchant and mesmerize.  Linguistic mind-control, especially when linked to traumatic events such as the September 11 and the anthrax attacks, can strike people dumb and blind.  It often makes some subjects “unthinkable” and “unspeakable” (to quote Jim Douglass quoting Thomas Merton in JFK and the Unspeakable: the unspeakable “is the void that contradicts everything that is spoken even before the words are said.”).

We need a new vocabulary to speak of these terrible things.  Let us learn, as Chief Joseph said, to speak with a straight tongue, and in language that doesn’t do the enemies work of mind control, but snaps the world awake to the truth of the mass murders of September 11, 2001 that have been used to massacre millions across the world.







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  1. After reading this I felt compelled to tell you that you, Edward Curtin, are genuinely retarded. Full on retarded. You make retards seem nonretarded that’s how retarded you are.

    1. Samuels is projecting his own retardness on E. Curtin, just as US state terrorists project their own terrorism on “Islamists”.

  2. Excellent.But one lingistic or numeric symbol you overlooked is that of the biblical or talmudic armageddon that was never mentioned by the government but has silently offered up to zionist fundamentalists by planning the op to coincide with the 2nd millenium of christianity.

    This allowed big brother judaism to lead little brother christianity around by the ring of its nose as usual all for the benefit of our corrupt,decadent,ignorant elites.

    I even remember an Israeli woman working for Israeli government tourism office I met in 1997 asking if I wanted to visit Israel for a millenial event which certainly as an agnostic had no meaning nor importance to me whatsover.But she knew enough to know that some could be manipulated or influenced by the year 2000 or 2001
    and no doubt so did her boss Moshe Katsav.

    I think Jung should have written another book titled,’Man and his Confused Symbols’.

  3. The mindset of people who unquestioningly believe what authorities give as explanation (for the horrors of Sept 11 2001, or anything else) appears to be well reviewed by Frances Sure in her 21 part series starting w/ https://www.ae911truth.org/evidence/technical-articles/articles-on-psychology/278-part-1-preface-and-introduction
    I’m slowly working my way thru it & recommend it to others. I’ve been aware of much of the research in authority acceptance included for many years but am coming to understand – tho not excuse – much more. Persistence in promoting the practice of critical thinking rather than belief/acceptance is necessary, despite the fact that it will be a long haul to diminish the numbers who adhere to the latter.

  4. Very good. But wasn’t it Condolisa Rice that made the analogy of a Mushroom Cloud? I was lucky enough to land a job mid ’60s as an office boy for Edward Durrell Stone.I got to ride around in cabs with the models of future buildings.I remember the cab driver asking me what is it,and as we were passing the Sherry Netherlands Hotel,I told him this is what is going to replace that building.In NYC they come down and they go up,but not on their own; evidence the Empire State hit by a WWII aircraft,(hot gasoline fires,one engine went an entire city block through the building breaking out and landing on 6th Ave. NYFD handled the fires and work crews were put on working 24hr shifts,and in three days they were ready to rent the damaged spaces.That is a NYC minute.) and the Flat Iron Building that went up in 1903.Both fully rented at desirable locations.
    I learned that the Architects leave nothing to chance,we had stables of consulting Professional Engineers who review every plan. No matter a structural problem,or a small detail. Building 7 was the first steel reinforced masonry building in the USA to collapse due to only fire. There
    were two other; one in Egypt and another in Turkey.On the Interweb they have pixs of the Egyptian one,it didn’t come down in it’s own foot print,but one wall separated and fell over.I couldn’t find pixs of the Turkish collapse.
    NYC probably has the best professional fire fighters,in the World,brave beyond belief,they are not afraid of high rise fires,they rush in to earn their pay.
    Except when unbeknownst to them,some one says;”Pull it!”
    You should also refer to Dr. Judy Wood.MS physics and Phd Material Science,she produced an amazing work looking at the science behind the collapses.She doesn’t lay blame,only telly what is possible in Newtonian Physics and what is faerie tale. Her work:”Where Did The Towers Go?”

  5. Frankly, I’m surprised by the lack of comments, given the subject.

    So what did happen on the eleventh of September,2001? A lot!
    From the war games being conducted, the false blips on FAA’s radar, the 29 reported planes that were supposedly high jacked, total lack of response from NORAD, the extremely high number of PUTS filed with the SEC, Rudy Giuliani’s clairvoyance concerning building seven, Larry Silverstein‘s acquisition of WTC, And so much more.

    One thing I found very interesting is : Dr. Julie Wood’s research. She makes no claims of having any answers, whose to blame, but she makes a case for future research. Which will never happen

    1. Norad was too busy in air defense exercise going on that day to respond properly, thinking perhaps that hijacking was part of the exercise. Or, was it?

  6. I am sorry to say this is the first time I am reading your article and hard to understand why there are no comments. You put it together so well. Thank you!

  7. ‘a long list of leftists’??

    Got news for ya’, pal. EVERYONE believes the Official Lie – ESPECIALLY ‘conservatives’, becase God Bush would NEVER lie, right? Left, Right, Stupid, Ignorant, Gullible, Black, White, Asian, purple…..


    Soon after 9/11 I was in Europe. EVERYONE I met said; ‘Oh, Israel and the US did it’. That was it. Israel and the US. No ‘left nor right’ nonsense No Islamic terrorists. Europeans simply aren’t as gullible and braindead as Amerikans – “the most misled, misdirected, and therefore the most gullible people on the face of the planet” ~ Alan Hart, author

    And all these years later, go to any braindead MSM site and articles, spokesholes, and COMMENTERS are all STILL screaming about Islam, Muslim threats, blah, blah, blah.

    9/11 is a unifying event of mass-stupidity, and knows know party. Period.

    On, 9/11 – ‘A Day of Treason’ – I posted 24 memes of well-subdtantiated claims on Craigslist’s ‘Politics’. Since I generally have a flagging-bot placed on my account by ‘non-censoring’ Craigslist, I was surprised my post even made it ‘to the boards’.

    It was STILL – by Craigslisters – Flagged & Removed in hours.

    Amerikans (I use the USSA-spelling of America, now, since that what we are; a Totalitarian Regime – thanks to 9/11) don’t want to hear ANYTHING but ‘Islamic terrorists attacked us’. That’s it. End of discussion.

    So drop the ‘party’ nonsense. Stupid represents the vast majority in the US, and crosses all idiotic ‘party’ lines USED TO SEPARATE, DIVIDE, AND CONTROL THIS FLUORIDATED POPULATION.

    Your use of 9/11 not believed by ‘leftists’ cast suspicion to your credibility, because it’s 99% endemic to those who you’d label ‘conservative’. Trust me; I get the same, stupid, mindless, rote replies, online and in-person, by heralded ‘conservatives’.

    And ‘voting’ is consenting to the treason and usurpation’s of your Bill of Rights. Anyone still voting is complicit in the ongoing crime of this criminal, occupying force, period.

    1. The USA is a rabid capitalist-totalitarian state. Conflating it with a former socialist state, by playing on the the acronym US(S)A seems preposterous.

      Curtin says, “These included many prominent leftist critics of American foreign policy,…”. Which means “leftists” were among those who fell for official propaganda, but not exclusively.

  8. The North and South Towers had 47 central core steel columns and 236 perimeter columns for a total of 283. For the buildings to fall straight down at nearly free fall speed all 283 connections from the columns to each of the 110 floors had to be cut within a second of each other. Keeping in mind open air fires cannot reach half of the temperature required to melt steel, how do you explain (2 X 110 X 283) 62,260 connections in the two Towers all being severed simultaneously by an office fire? Isn’t this a definition of a controlled demolition?
    The above is point 17 from:
    911: Short And Powerful Questions

  9. Once again, I simply must totally congratulate u on Sep.11. So wonderfully done, so totally understandable, so incredibly truthful…nothing short of just pure logic, truth and the fortitude, fortitude fortitude to give it your all. No one can possibly thank u enough. Sept.11 was one major reason why we left usa, never to return.
    Expat tom & jing

  10. Good to know I am not the only one who avoids the numbers. I use “the events of 11 sept 2001” or similar. I usually avoid using the word ‘attack’ as well. In general I have found it useful to avoid all government and media language choices for nearly all things and use my own. It does seem to help discussion slightly.

  11. I remember reading this post last year and thinking; wow – spot on, that was really good. I visited your web site and learned who you were. During the year I would find another of your posts at LR, having completely forgotten who you were; I would read and say to myself, wow, spot-on, visit web site, rinse repeat. These observations on the September 11th events remain one of the best and most thought analyses yet published, of what happened that day and through the enduring aftermath of charades and canards. It will remain so for the foreseeable future and it deserves annual re-printing. This time I book-marked your site. Thank you for your efforts.

  12. Kudos for you insight in this article. It is something that has been barely noticed by all of us conspiracy nuts. Tying linguistics in with the acts of the attack on Sept 11, 2001, is very accurate, and something I had noticed for quite a while. People don’t realize that every day through Project Mockingbird, our fake news media is inuring us to more and more tyranny with their scripted vernacular.

    You mention the tie-in to ground zero and nuclear attacks, but say it was not part of the 2001 attack. I have heard good info that the explosions going off before and during the collapses, were mini-nukes, used to take out the heavy internal supports, which would have kept them from coming down. This idea is supported by the fact that the explosions were not timed with the fall, as thermite is, and that pools of hot, melted metal remained for months. Also, radiation readings showed high levels, and many think that all the strange cancers and maladies that have affected and killed so many responders, is mostly due to radiation poisoning.

    I’d be interested to know if you have any knowledge of this. Thanks for the great articles.

    1. Skip,
      Without going into all the details here, I have no evidence for the use of mini-nukes. Controlled demolition was sufficient. Thanks, Ed

  13. Outstanding article. Homeland for me is the funkiest of all the terms used to control. It strikes me as Nazi or Communist propaganda.
    I believe the antidote, which they don’t want us to hear is WTC-7.
    The smoking gun.

    1. Conflating “Nazism” with Communism seems preposterous.
      Anyway, capitalist USA always bettered them in terms of mass manipulation. Propaganda is a kind of mass marketing, only Capitalists could excel in.

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