War or Images of War?

Experienced foreign policy analysts such as Ray McGovern, Scott Ritter, and Pepe Escobar, while agreeing that the Biden administration is clearly guilty of provoking Russia over Ukraine, are divided over whether it will lead to war.  All agree that Russia has no intention of invading Ukraine and that it is clearly justified in demanding safe borders by insisting U.S./NATO withdraw troops and missiles from the countries surrounding it, stop NATO’s “open door” policy, stop putting nuclear weapons in Europe, etc.

Clearly such demands are consonant with the U.S.’s own historical demands for safe borders, evidenced most clearly in the Cuban Missile Crisis of October 1962 when the world nearly suffered a nuclear war over Soviet missiles in Cuba.  And equally obvious is the fact that the American posture today is hypocritical in the extreme and can only be accepted by propagandists and those ignorant of history.  The Biden administration must assume that most people are ignoramuses and that its obvious belligerence and blatant propaganda will pass as some sort of defense of freedom, even when the U.S. engineered a Ukrainian coup d’état in 2014 in support of Neo-Nazis when Biden was President Obama’s vice-president.  But that was nearly eight years ago, which is an eternity in a country of amnesiacs.

Whether this U.S. persistent aggression is a propaganda charade or not, it is a most dangerous game.  In December 2021, Russia claimed that the U.S. was preparing a false flag event to provoke a Russian response.  This was dismissed or ignored by the western media as absurd.  Recently, however, the Biden administration has been pounding the message that it is Russia that is preparing a false flag event to blame on Ukraine in order to justify a Russian invasion.  The western press, led by The New York Times, CNN, The Guardian, and the Washington Post – stenographers for the CIA, British intelligence, and the Pentagon – have become more hysterical by the day pushing this lie without any evidence whatsoever.  It is sardonically comical. If evidence doesn’t exist, of course, it can be manufactured, as with “weapons of mass destruction” in Iraq, etc.  It’s easy as pie. To call these media the Yellow Press is an understatement.

When Russia accuses the U.S. of using “information terrorism,” it is of course correct.  For we are living in a MKULTRA mind control operation with multiple facets.  Ukraine, Covid, economic warfare, etc. – a hydra-headed monster whose goal is total control of regular people, who are treated as morons incapable of reason and the most basic logic.  Toward confirming and strengthening this premise, the media provide a daily menu of mixed and contradictory messages meant to confuse, confound, and mess with people’s sense of their own ability to understand the world.

If the public is to be convinced that the Russians have started a war, it will be attempted not so much through words as through images, as Gustave Le Bon predicted long ago in his book, The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind.  In analyzing the “crowd mind” in 1895, he was addressing the anxiety the middle class was feeling because of popular unrest.  The fear of popular unrest, such as the truckers Freedom Convoy in Canada and the Yellow Vests in France, is today a major factor in the propaganda war waged by the elite press.  Call it class warfare.

Le Bon argued that the crowd thinks in images, not words, and it is through images that the rulers can control them.  Freud agreed with his basic premise that people in groups occupied an “hypnotic state,” while adding that this was also true for individuals who craved illusions.  Pessimistic as it was, Le Bon’s point about the crowd thinking in images – “The image itself immediately calls up a series of other images, having no logical connection to the first” – was picked up by all the influential propagandists, including the American father of the euphemistically named “public relations” industry, Edward Bernays.  Today it is all about images, still and moving ones.

Thus, one can expect to see the media using photos and film to create an emotional response in the population to convince it that Russia, not the U.S. is the villain in this standoff.  Yet again, it may not be a standoff, for it is possible that the Biden administration is really intent on war because they have become completely untethered from reality and think such a war is winnable.  Perhaps they think they can entice Russia to take their bait and do something that can be spun as an “invasion” of Ukraine.  This would run counter to Russia’s longstanding, patient diplomatic efforts to resolve these matters and to convince the U.S./NATO that the unipolar era is over and now that it is a multipolar world there must be an end to the encircling of Russia with U.S./NATO troops and weapons.

We shall see.  I don’t know whether there will be a major war or not, but I know how it will be managed.  I’ll give you six guesses, as does The New York Times with its newly acquired word game, Wordle.  The Grey Lady also knows the answer.  It’s not “censor,” for that’s six not five letters and they’ve censored the words already.  It’s not “slave,” for they have prohibited that word since some people might find it offensive or get the idea that censorship is used to create slaves to the lie.  It is, as required, five letters and begins with the letter “I”.

Try to picture it.  It’s easy if you try.

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  1. Well, now we see that the bear does have a bite. Imagine that!

    In keeping with his persona, Putin has preserved his image, certainly among most of his people, and for any of us paying attention to what the western press suppresses. To an objective observer, barring further information to the contrary, he is seeking to protect (in line with the UN concept “Responsibility to Protect”) the ethnic Russian people, who were reportedly being fired upon by the neo-Nazi Ukrainian forces.

    The question I have though, before seeing good guys and bad guys in this conflict: Is Putin not among those who have attended Klaus Schwab’s Young Global Leaders training? Could he be working to distract the world from Trudeau’s blunders in Canada?

    Either way, it seems to me that “Fidelito” has overplayed his hand, not expecting the huge outpouring of support for those protesting ludicrous mandates. He was unwilling to even talk to the protesters and chose to lie in an obvious way about the nature of the people involved.

    His panic led to openly exposing the agenda of the Great Reset, to impose a dictatorship, which little Justin has always wanted. He had plenty of support from his liberal party followers, including other WEF disciples, but encountered just enough push-back from the “opposition” to allow him to bury himself further.

    He was becoming an international laughingstock, and even his own propaganda arm was criticizing him. But now all that can go down the memory hole as the world turns its gaze eastward, while the fate of the legitimate protesters is handled in relative privacy.

    “We are Starbucks, we are Google,
    We are caught in the Devil’s bargain,
    And we’ve got to silence all,
    Who spread misinformation.”

    1. Eddy you have a point, and one I alluded to below. The history does seem to support Putin’s motives regarding the current Ukraine “crisis”. I don’t know that he would be doing all this to distract from Canada. (RTP has been used by the USA’ frequent “humanitarian invasions” and it was anything but for humanitarian purposes leaving tens of thousands of causalities in its wake.)

      I do think that Putin has shown an interest in joining NATO and EU – at various times. While this could be to simply position Russia in the Anglo-American club when Russia was emerging from collapse, he has shown an interest.

      Powers, whether USA, EU, China or Russia are all players in the great global game. The USA has violated nearly all of its treaties and forsaken “allies” time and again.

      You’re wise, Eddy to apply some cold water to the good guy black-eyeing the Western/USA bully.

      I quoted (below) an excerpt from Whitney Webb’s in-depth article where she shows how the Russian bank was integral to testing out the new banking system (the very system which would centralize all transactions, and thus control behaviors. (By the way, Russia’s Sputnik version of the Covid Injection was included in an exclusive set of autopsies. It’s no better than Pfizer/Moderna in causing adverse effects and deaths.)

      Putin is a player, but I think his beef with NATO/Ukraine is more than merited.

  2. It would appear that I’m becoming more and more thick-headed and perhaps a bit less tolerant as I age. I find myself completely incredulous that beloved friends and family think they can, from the comfort of their couch, simply press a button on their remote and thus have “reality” conveniently delivered to them with no effort whatsoever on their part. Ready made “opinions” about the world conveniently provided by the flashing-talking screen in their living room.

    The fact that these ready made opinions are being delivered by multi-millionaire talking heads, employed by mega-billionaires and trillion dollar hedge funds apparently seems completely irrelevant to many who prefer their “opinions” thus delivered to the comfort of their own homes at the push of a button. No messy “critical thinking” required, instead there it all is, delivered to one’s living room while one’s derriere is firmly rooted in one’s comfy couch: – who to hate, who to fear, who to cancel, who to feel contemptuous of, who’s suffering to ignore, who to bomb, who we must starve, who to torture, who to send to the covid detention centers, who to censor, who to demean, who to make wear masks, who’s bank accounts to freeze, who’s words are “terrorism,” which “opinions” about one’s own bodily autonomy render one a “racist,” a “misogynist,” a “right-winger,” and an “anti-vaxxer.”

    The convenience of modern living thus enjoyed by a significant number of people in the West is quite astounding indeed! Although as I approach my seventieth birthday in a few days I find myself hard pressed to think of such a lobotomized existence as actual – “living.” However, each time I come to the conclusion that our theatre of the absurd “reality TV show – reality” can’t get any more “absurd,” it quickly becomes clear that the flashing-talking box in everyone’s living rooms has other ideas. In the world of “couch-potato reality” – our gifted psychics in Langley now breathlessly prophesize a “Russian invasion” – and it only requires a heart-beat for “flatten the curve” to seamlessly morph into -“flatten the truckers,” “flatten the anti-vaxxers,” “flatten anyone who dares express an ‘unauthorized’ thought or opinion.” Sadly the only thing I can say that clearly and demonstrably has been “flattened” over the last several years has been the collective IQ of much of the population.

    1. Gary, well stated. I have said this numerous times; just since the Vietnam era, I cannot believe anyone would listen to or respect anything coming from the deciders. By the way, if one has hemorrhoids, must one wear a mask ?

  3. I just love this quote from Caitlin Johnstone.
    “Looking to the mainstream media for truth is like looking to a prostitute for love. That’s not what they’re there for. That’s not their job.”

    Hopefully this is becoming plain to see for more folks all the time.

  4. Only stoopid hoo-mans are still watching “the news” and thinking everything they see and hear is the truth.

    “Any time someone repeats something that they have read in a mainstream newspaper, or seen on television news or current affairs programs, there is a high probability that they are repeating propaganda.” – Rod Driver (You Are Surrounded by Propaganda. “The Invisible Government”)

    “Our viewers don’t really consider us the news. They come to us for comfort.” – Senior Producer at a major news channel

    “The goal of the news is to motivate you to keep consuming news.” – Mark Manson

  5. Well there’s a lot of subterfuge going on here. The back story is a complete reset of the global financial system. The “pandemic” was to progress with that agenda under cover, and now this saber rattling maneuver.

    The Biden administration is at least partly on board the WEF Reset agenda. The US has exceeded $30 trillion in debt (combined national and household). The American people will revolt when they can’t eat; and they can adapt to that if it happens over a long period of time. (Functionally, the reset began long ago, and over that time Americans have shown a propensity to rename it “progress”.)

    The system is demanding a complete reset if it is to continue to the elite’s vision of status quo. They’re in it to concentrate power and wealth (not money); to essentially own the world.

    If the Russians are of such concern than why (from Whitney Webb) this:
    From “Event 201” to “Cyber Polygon”: The WEF’s Simulation of a Coming “Cyber Pandemic”
    Last year, the World Economic Forum teamed up with the Russian government and global banks to run a high-profile cyberattack simulation that targeted the financial industry, an actual event that would pave the way for a “reset” of the global economy. The simulation, named Cyber Polygon, may have been more than a typical planning exercise and bears similarities to the WEF-sponsored pandemic simulation Event 201 that briefly preceded the COVID-19 crisis.”

    Biden’s “build back better” came directly from the WEF. The US economy has been smoke and mirrors (much like SARS-CoV-2), bolstered only by debt. It has amassed a huge number of weapons of war, much of which are junked and readily outdated given US manufacturing and lack of a competitive purchasing power parity, China has (and Russia comes very close) a PPP well exceeding the US capacity (spend away America. The jobs program is all you’ve got from the MIC).

    Since Brentton Woods the US dollar and power has reigned supreme. That’s gone, and much of the EU is underwater as well. This collapse is likely to lead to chaos and a major depression.

    WEF is trying to rescue with its RESET/4IR/Smart Cities/Centralized Global bank/trans-humanist population management, but it means an end to sovereignty and any notion of some sort of faux democracy. If they have their way, much like a corporate acquisition; what remains that hasn’t already been hollowed out, will be caput. The US, in the state it’s in, can’t build back better; just look around. For the elite this is a multi-million square miles of real estate.

    I’ve yet to witness one protest that accomplished anything (other than postpone).

    There are certain signs this reset, at least an attempt, will happen much sooner than anticipated.

    We’ll see…

    The US has lost virtually all its war engagements (93% of US history has been consumed by these) since WWII, and Russia made that happen. The US just pulled out with its tail between its legs in Afghanistan (should never have gone in); and now it’s threatening the 2nd largest nuclear nation whose demonstrated its competency in Syria. The US is all hired hands. Russia would be defending the mother land. Come on Joe…Joe…Joe… are you still there Joe?

  6. Image is everything. That’s why, if hostilities are engaged, American tv will provide as many images as possible of anything that looks like Russian aggression – dead Ukrainians, etc. But you will have to look elsewhere to see any counterpart on the Ukrainian side – dead Russians, etc.

    They learned that after the Vietnam police action. Those images evoke a powerful emotional reaction, especially if the victims are civilians, and may spur antiwar thought crimes or even public demonstrations.

    They will go to lengths to avoid showing those nasty Nazi symbols on the sides of the helmets of some Ukrainian soldiers if they can’t get them to omit them for this iteration. They may have to avoid showing certain battalions of Ukraine soldiers, unless they can spin the symbols as something less sinister than they seem.

    We see already in Canada how a couple of either planted or hostile persons and their images are used to smear thousands of peaceful protesters as Nazis by the deceitful Prime Minister, who is actually a fan of dictatorships such as China, and has said so publicly. Canadian officials have met with the nazi-fied Ukrainians, and had no qualms other than that the press might report it.

    Our good buddy Eric Blair would have been, maybe not proud, but would have certainly recognized the logic. Symbols of Nazis used to denigrate normal citizens, justifying the application of Nazi methods, and triggered by the demands of the people to assert their legal rights in a “democracy”.

    1. Whatever Trudeau might have said, he certainly isn’t a “fan” of China which by the way isn’t a dictatorship. That’s one more distorted view of things which the mainstream media loves to dwell on.

      1. Isabelle: Whether the government in China is a dictatorship or not, it is precisely that characteristic which Trudeau identified himself as a fan of, explaining that “they can turn around their economy on a dime.”

        I’m not sure whether it is technically a dictatorship or not, but my impression is that it is a totalitarian form of government. Such a government, like a dictatorship, may be benign or malevolent towards its people at any given time, but under totalitarianism, every aspect of the lives of its citizens are determined by government.

        China has modified its methods in a practical way in order to avoid the suppression of economic growth, but it seems to me, here on the other side of the earth, that an individual in China, and especially now as the surveillance and credit score system is implemented, has very little or no agency to alter the course of government and so his/her personal life.

        Here in the enlightened West, we (or some of us) still cherish the idea of individual freedom, though we have incrementally lost the substance of it. We are not, it seems, so far from dictatorship ourselves, as increasingly power is invested in the office of the President and the elections become more dubious with each iteration.

        It makes it easier for the string-pullers to maintain control if they can operate through one person. It seems to me, from my distant point of view, that our international effete (I want to avoid calling them “elite”) rulers favor a brand of Chinese communism with capitalistic characteristics. And by his own declaration, Trudeau agrees.

        1. Hello Eddy… I don’t know what kind of government we have had. As far as freedom goes? I’m not so sure we should think we have been free. I don’t know if insanity and uniformity of behavior are freedom. I don’t know if hidden information made us more free. I think we have been essentially a human conveyor belt and not so well oiled. How could we all have been doing basically the same thing…except grow our own food which is the sanest act we could/should be doing. An organization… organized and for who? If we could truly think and act freely, would we have the enormous problems that most people have normalized and are indifferent to?
          Should we ask, is it relative freedom and compared to who/what? Well, I can’t think this morning so I refer to a quote by an elderly woman of many generations ago. “if you don’t know what kind of society you live in, get a job on an assembly line”.

          1. Joseph: That last quote reminds me of something which has occurred to me more than once in thinking about what kind of freedom we have or have had throughout my life. Many of us loved Star Trek growing up, with the excitement of space travel told from the point of view of the captain of a star ship.

            But what kind of life did the crew enjoy? On the ship, you are basically at work all the time, though you have option of the Holodeck on your down time. But you are never outside the environment of work, though you are given the illusion of it. Occasionally you might stop at a civilized planet where you might have shore leave, but those were rare occasions, and still, you weren’t at home.

            This is similar to what sailors have historically gone through for the limited time of their enlistment.

            However, what seems to be on offer today, as I watch the Canadian truckers’ Freedom Convoy be crushed by unfeeling, faceless police forces, is being always at work in the service of the corporations, who now seek to govern us not only as workers, but as citizens. Klaus Schwab (the mention of whom in the Canadian Parliament apparently results in the malfunction of sound equipment, which works fine once the conversation moves on to another subject) says we will own nothing and be happy.

            In that situation, however good the Soma or how convincing the Ministry of Truth, we will always be at work, using the company housing and the company transportation, ourselves wholly owned by the company.

            The supposed right to “the pursuit of happiness” will no longer be needed. Probably many of our current faculties will not be needed. Critical thinking is already in short supply, and not viewed favorably by the company when it does exist.

            Artificial intelligence and “experts” will supply all the thinking we need.

            But it will be much like working on an assembly line forever. You can’t go to the bathroom or lunch until you are relieved on the line. You are expected to produce at the pace set by the line, no faster or slower. And at work, of course, you are under a dictatorship, not a democracy. Your rights are limited to what is allowed.

            And everything which is not compulsory is forbidden.

            1. Thanks for sharing Eddy,…, I spent almost two years aboard 2 different aircraft carriers while in the navy during the Vietnam period; late 60’s. You’re right. One cannot go awol while in the middle of the ocean. You cannot turn in your resignation. I could not tell the admiral I wasn’t interested. Always a cog in the machinery as it has been said so many times.

              There are various cogs and various machines. Some people don’t know they are a cog of some machine running over people or producing stupid products. Some people wear a tie to work or never get their hands soiled so they think they must be special or they are chosen by someone for having characteristics that are beyond the ordinary. Well, what else can we say about all of this folly that 4 letter words would be more accurate.

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