Together Forever

Your hand in mine, we walk up

Yale Hill into the bright night.

I am in my robber’s hat

And you are dressed as Boris

In my fur hat and blue scarve.

We pause at the singing stream

Where you gather sticks and stones

To throw into the racing foam.

Papa, you say, shine your light

Onto the rocks and water.

And I do but not before

I think: you light up my life

In ways these words can never say.

Then I throw the beam across

The stone wall into the stream

Where the wild water dances.

Into that circle of light

You toss objects of delight

Which hit and whirl and leap high

Before they vanish into night.

Up we go, crossing shadows

Cast long by the smiling moon

Across our way. Look, I exclaim,

Straight ahead, do you see the red

Star above the tree line? Yes,

You answer, and I break out

Into song: “The pale moon was

Rising above the green mountains.”

I don’t care how loud you sing,

You say, as we harmonize,

Our song rising to the stars

That glorify this holy night.

When we reach our special tree

Looming huge in its green magic,

You lead me through the tall grass

To touch its fury bark and feel

The grace that growing up can

Bring. The touch, my child, of life.

And back we turn into a night

So very bright we sing again:

“Together at last, together

Forever, we’re tying a knot

They never can sever.” Knotted,

Your hand in mine, we run down

The shadows thrown across our way

Bursting through the door of joy.