3 thoughts on “The U.S. War To Destroy Russia is Fueled by Massive Propaganda”

  1. Ed, as you likely know, this nation (US) was birthed in war, and it’s estimated at least 94% in aggressive conflict/war. A larger context might speak to how this is inherent in empire and nation-states which are based on the tenets of civilization – rule of the few over the many which leads to control, slavery, war and as you put it the “path to hell”.

    The techniques have been honed and with mass media this control factor is an attempt full spectrum dominance. Language is the weapon which has been used at least since the Roman empire. Corrupted language is a major tool of the rulers. This is not nor has it ever been a democracy. It’s an oligarchy.

    Russian leaders are not any different, except they are in the way of full spectrum dominance of Eurasica the largest land mass on the planet.

    People got stuck in this arrangement centuries, thousands of years ago and have never exited. This cannot be reformed and energy is mis-spent in trying to do it. As Christopher Ryan put it, we’re civilized to death. We took at turn centuries ago and here we are.

    Western societies much to my chagrin have been kept child-like with their dependencies in the state and genuflecting for alms for “rights” and “justice”. It is truly pathetic. Our species cannot develop our full authentic selves under these conditions, and thus the ability for self rule (or no ruler arrangements).

    1. Ed these wars are against the people – as you put it cannon fodder. War is a central tenet of civilization as we’ve read throughout history and witnessed during our life times.

      There is a power structure in process between the US and Russia. I don’t think the alignment of support with Russia is not altogether different than what we see in the UN General Assembly where referendum to halt Israeli aggression have gone nowhere. And Ukraine is much like its template – Vietnam and its puppet regime in the south. The war was not with Vietnam (though an estimated 3 million SE Asians were murdered, as well as 60,000 US soldiers) but a proxy war with the Soviets.

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