The Most Dangerous Thing is the Insouciance of People as to What is Going On

A conversation with Hrvoje Moric of Geopolitics & Empire published on October 24:

Ed Curtin discusses the precarious global geopolitical situation teetering on World War 3 and how in the current Cuban Missile Crisis Redux we do not have a global leadership that can use reason to solve the problem. The most dangerous thing is the insouciance of most people to what is going on, the populace is focused on trivial pursuits, and has been tranquilized. He wouldn’t be surprised if we wake up one day soon and we see news that nukes have gone off. Putin is doing what any sane leader would do, defending his country from surrounding NATO forces. It’s quite obvious that the U.S. is the leading rogue nation in the world. A multipolar world is slowly coming into view.



5 thoughts on “The Most Dangerous Thing is the Insouciance of People as to What is Going On”

  1. People are being killed, while ‘leaders’ are simply blowing their bugles. This has been happening for far too long!
    On November 8, people will vote for new bugle blowers. I’ve done my part voters will say. More people will die.
    There are too many words and little is being said! Blinded in a densely growth jungle with no direction!
    I feel this way. I feel the same way, I feel the same also. Leaders, bugle blowers do not want that kind of human bond !

  2. Suspension of Smith Mundt Act in 2012 NDAA-PROPAGANDA IS GOOD AGAIN. Couple this with some “Cognitive infiltration for beneficial cognitive DIVERSITY”, now that could get ya igNOBEL PRIZE 🙂

  3. The most voracious consumer of energy on the planet.
    The most taxpayer subsidised industry on the planet.
    The most bloodthirsty ‘business’ on the planet.
    The most callous and indifferent to its employees on the planet.
    It’s the US MIC.
    God help us.

  4. I watched the 1983 Mathew Broderick WAR GAMES. Frightening. JFK was a leader seeking Peace for the world. We have no such leaders today. I read one time that the reason he was killed was simply that “Peace might break out”. I have studied history and that seems to be correct.

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