The CIA’s War on Democracy: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Edward J. Curtin, Jr. Converse

The following audio podcast is a shortened version of a video interview from a few weeks ago.  Our conversation touched on many aspects of the CIA’s devious role in so many aspects of history, including its relentless lying attacks on the Kennedy family that go back decades, its assassinations of Kennedys, and its egregious character assassination of RFK, Jr.  His recent book, The Real Anthony Fauci, has been ignored by the mainstream media because they speak for the CIA, as they have been doing for decades, and Kennedy is a great threat to their stranglehold on the truth.  We discuss many issues: Operation Mockingbird, Anthony Fauci, Covid, Noam Chomsky and his acolytes, JFK, the CIA’s long deep involvement in germ warfare, the militarizing of medicine, and its pushing of drugs, etc.


8 thoughts on “The CIA’s War on Democracy: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Edward J. Curtin, Jr. Converse”

  1. While we’re focused on Fauci as face to medical tyranny, there’s a larger agenda which all of this fits into, and has evolved over decades. Simply put it’s public-private-partnerships which are global and as such it’s very clear much infiltrated the entire American “institutional” enterprise. This is beyond, as Katherine Austin Fitts fully understands not simply as US agency capture. It is an articulated means of global and national capitalism – PPP performance.

    Iain Davis explains in conversation with Whitney Webb here. This is not simply about saving our democracy…it’s creating it from the ground up. Whatever Mr. Kennedy believes once was, is beyond gone.

  2. Apparently, Julian Assange is not faring too well. He is being tortured to death in a British prison.
    One of the US government hacks/flunkies/spokespersons said, at the time when Assange was newly in Equador trying to escape, that “it is not too bright to take on the most powerful government in the world.”
    Apparently, it is downright suicidal to do so.
    Here are the links about Assange:

  3. Before Trump became president, there was some frankness (quickly slipping away) about what America had become over the centuries. Princetin did a 2014 in depth study, widely distributed, and relatively speaking, in today’s contracted Overton window of distortion and censorship and population management. Bottom line: the US is NOT a democracy but an oligarchy.

    There were numerous other reports about the depth of US poverty, again pre-Trump. Trump it seems has been key as symbol used to smother things like the bi-partisan Patriot Act, and the “leaders” who pushed war for decades and claim the mantel of “saving” democracy.

    Here’s that 2024 Princetin study. Let’s begin there not with 2020 COVID operation to get a handle on who’s been ruling all along.

  4. What a wonderful interview Ed. A big thanks to both of you for this.

    The “vaccine totalitarian” bent of Chomsky and Naomi Klein speaks volumes about the actual underlying “values” at play. Though it is some years now I remember being rather incredulous when Chomsky, while somehow managing to keep a straight face, was shilling the CIA line on bombing Libya and invading Syria, and while Democracy Now lost any vestige of credibility as it shamelessly did the same. The phrase “limited hangout” comes to mind.

    It seems that first with the Russiagate/Trump Derangement Syndrome years much of the supposedly “left” “progressive” independent media showed itself to be in reality simply thinly disguised deep state propaganda tools. And now with the arrival of Covid Derangement Syndrome phase yet another culling of “left” independent media has occurred and those few outlets/individuals daring to question the covid narratives are continuously attacked by fraudulent “leftists” often funded by the big foundations, billionaires or the State institutions themselves. “Reality” is truly stranger than any fiction.

    And in spite of Chomsky’s willful blindness, you and Robert are correct in observing that the CIA’s activities here at home are as pernicious and destructive as ever – while remaining joined at the hip with not only MSM, but also through controlling a much larger segment of “independent” media than I might have imagined not that long ago.

    Thanks again Ed. Robert’s “coconut” rescue story made me smile. Too rare an event these days.

  5. Edward and Robert, thank you for this interview.

    Personally, not to pull punches, I don’t hold on to people like Chomsky (a way overstated intellect (gatekeeper), IMO. He’s a MIT life-time employee who serves the fundamental interest as pledged zionist. I can’t say I’ve learned anything from his repeated geo-political views.

    I highly recommend the recent book by Greg Grandin to get a deep and broad view of the American mind: The End of the Myth; From the Frontier to the Boarder Wall in the Mind of America.

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