The 2001 Anthrax Deceptions and Those Being Perpetuated Today

As I write on January 1, 2021, the new year is not starting very auspiciously.  Ominous pronouncements are coming from the usual high places and their media mouthpieces, announcing “highly contagious virus variants” of so-called Covid-19.

Joseph Biden has warned of a very Dark Winter to come.  His use of that term Dark Winter has been echoed by officials everywhere adept at reading the talking points handed to them. The echo chamber is resounding with dark warnings. Anthony Fauci and the CDC are predicting hundreds of thousands of deaths this month alone.  These officials are now saying the vaccines they are rolling out will take time; will not eliminate the virus, etc.  Hedging their bets as they announce utter disaster to come, rather like a fire and brimstone warning from Jonathan Edwards for the sins of celebrating festive times. Guess who will be blamed?  Grim projections are following the holidays like buzzards to a dead carcass.  Just follow the  mainstream corporate media news headlines to confirm this. You don’t need any linked directions from me.

I prefer to be brief so you can read about the incredibly important 2014 book by Graeme MacQueen, The 2007 Anthrax Deception.  Then read his book. His analysis of the anthrax attacks tied to 9/11 sheds important light on the current corona virus crisis.

The 2001 Anthrax Deception: The Case for a Domestic Conspiracy

Then listen to this new video – before it is disappeared – with Heiko Schöning speaking about the 2001 anthrax deceptions and those being perpetrated today.  Schöning is a German doctor and one of the world-wide leaders fighting to expose the truth about COVID-19 and the World Economic Forum’ “Great Reset.”

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  1. How does a tenured professor post an article that cites Global Research? I can’t really decide who is nuttier, you or Mark Crispin Miller.

    1. Why is a professor tenured. If our indoctrination process was worthy of mention, why is there such a gigantic display of stupidity in literally every area of our lives? Oh yes, there are intelligent people and they can form interesting sentences and make interesting statements and yet at the same time enable that which we desperately need to transcend? I’m am not arguing here. What I am saying is everything we have known about our human/devised socio-eonomic-political systems are incompatible with supporting Life!

    1. No Marty. Ed means “continued”. It is moot whether deceptions or illusions CAN be perpetrated, since they necessarily need the complicity of the deceived or deluded.

  2. Ed, I know this video I’m posting has nothing to do with your current article, and I know you have done an article on masks. But this needs to be explored further in the affects of, “WHAT ARE WE DOING TO OUR CHILDREN.” So here are 2 articles I felt everyone should consider.

  3. Numerous Researchers, Scientists, Historians and others have noted how the Black Plague of the Middle Ages was likely exacerbated by deficiencies in crop/plant & human nutrition.

    In 1911, Casimir Funk isolated a concentrate from rice polishings that cured polyneuritis in pigeons. He named the concentrate “vitamine” because it appeared to be vital to life.
    In 1913 two groups discovered a “fat-soluble” accessory food substance. Initially believed to be a single vitamin, two separate factors were involved. One, effective against xerophthalmia, was named vitamin A; the other, effective against rickets, was named vitamin D. The factor that prevented scurvy was isolated in 1928. Known as “water-soluble C.

    The discovery of vitamins, and the recognition of their importance in preventing disease is noted as one of the most important discoveries regarding human health.

    Enter the 21st century.
    Most natural vitamins, including those sold and added to enrich foods, have been replaced by low-quality synthetics, many are byproducts of the mining, gas & oil refining industries.

    And though many Chemists and “Scientists” defend their use, stating they are chemically equivalent to their natural versions, there are many other compounds often attached to natural vitamins (like allelochemicals) that aid their actions & effectiveness.

    The German Chemist Fritz Haber is recognized as the inventor of the Haber Process for Nitrogen synthesis.
    Haber, upon receipt of a Nobel Prize for that invention, in his acceptance speech noted:
    “It may be that this solution is not the final one. Nitrogen bacteria teach us that Nature, with her sophisticated forms of the chemistry of living matter, still understands and utilizes methods which we do not as yet know how to imitate.”

    Microbes are among the main sources of natural vitamins, natural antibiotics, natural allelochemicals, and such, which they create as they decompose organic matter.

    Synthetic Nitrogen does not aid those microbes, nor support the wide diversity of microbes, that are necessary for natural health, and that exist in natural systems of decomposition of natural organic matter.

    Numerous reports & studies have shown that our foods today contain a fraction of the nutrients of foods just 60 years ago, likely a result of increasing use of that synthetic Nitrogen (and synthetic P & K as well).
    Not the mention the increasing use of pesticides, herbicides, etc.

    Thus the need for more synthetic vitamin enrichment in those deficient foods.

    Synthetic Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) has been proven an effective rodenticide.

    The same large corporations that are profiting from creating & selling those synthetic fertilizers, and pesticides, and herbicides used on our crops & foods, are similarly owned by the same large investment banks that are profiting from creating & selling those synthetic vitamins.
    Even the largest hospitals, insurance co’s., and pharmaceutical co’s. are owned by these same large investment banks.
    The Cartel.

    And yet people wonder why Americans and so many others are so weak & sickly?

    Welcome to the Dark Ages of the 21st Century.

    1. And there is the blame game…, and then there are those who apologize for criminals and ignore victims. Many in these parts! Then someone writes about Stockholm syndrome and the entire process just repeats itself as it has for over 500 years. The people are marching in place in quick sand!

      1. Unfortunately history has been repeating itself since the beginning of the Empires built on one type of slavery or another. The only difference over time and history is that our technology and science has changed over the centuries.

  4. From Operation Gladio to 9/11 to our coming promised “dark winter” – Western oligarchy has never been anymore squeamish about killing its own citizens to achieve its ends than it has been about slaughtering poor people of color around the globe to make a buck. The video’s ending was chilling. Watching our smiling psychopathic Ken and Barbie couple the “Gates” smugly and knowingly promising armageddon for the masses one imagines it would be a serious mistake on our part to underestimate just how completely amoral and violence prone our uber-wealthy elites might be. Thank you Ed for this reminder.

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