Thank You

I want to thank everyone who comments on my articles, for it is important and uplifting to see people in dialogue and not bashing each other.  We all have a lot to learn from each other, even when there are disagreements between commentators and those who disagree with what I write.  I read everything but don’t have the time or energy to respond.  I never censor comments, so the site is where freedom of speech is practiced.  This is very important, especially these days.  And I want to thank the few who contributed some money, since once upon a time I was paid for my work when publications paid writers, but those days are long gone, even while those same publications pay their staffs.  Writers are supposed to work for nothing these days.

Pax to All,


8 thoughts on “Thank You”

  1. We are the ones who should be, and are, grateful for the forum you provide and the beautiful and powerful articles which inspire conversation.

    I have been tied up with our move to the Ozarks the last couple of weeks, but am trying to catch up.

  2. Great input Mr. Curtain. Thank you is a woefully insufficient offering. There are times, when all the world’s asleep, the questions run too deep, for such a simple man. (Appreciate the gift Supertramp!)

    So I’ll throw in with Christ . And his crowd. Seems sane.

  3. Thank you for helping my wife and I see the world as it is. You are helping us navigate reality and survive. We avoided the shots. Gave up a Mass General Hospital career to do it. Landed on our feet just fine. Wouldn’t change a thing. Feel lucky and grateful to be in such company. The world is a mess. I feel bad for anyone comfortably adjusted to such insanity. Dennis

  4. Thank you Ed…, you said, “Writers are supposed to work for nothing these days”.
    I worked for almost nothing my entire life while on the plantations of capitalism!

  5. Dear Mr Curtin :
    I have been reading your essays for some time now since I first came across them reproduced by Off-Guardian and it was there that I was alerted to your Seeking Truth book which I purchased very soon thereafter. I find your work enlightening and interesting; like you, I’m a follower of the thoughts of Camus with his book entitled ‘The Plague’ as it is so resonant with what the planet has gone through these last two years.

  6. Thank you for your perceptive observations and words of wisdom Edward.
    Keep em coming.

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