7 thoughts on “Seeking Truth in a Country of Lies”

  1. Just finished the book yesterday Ed. I never read more than one or two essays at a time as that somehow just felt right to me, the most enjoyable way to proceed. I think I was just savoring your book and didn’t really want it to end. I deeply appreciate your insights and honesty when looking at the ‘big picture’ of our collective madness, but also your courage in sharing the personal, the mystical, and what is impossible to reduce to some simple completely “rational” – yet completely inadequate – explanation. Thank you Ed.

    1. Thanks for reading it, Gary. And slowly. There’s more to life than the “rational,” as you say. Pax, Ed

  2. This book touched my heart.You are a writer filled with compassion and wisdom.I took John Stepplings advice and read this very slowly.Each essay had me contemplating and meditating.Thank you so much .Im a guy from Brooklyn so its a little hard giving it up to a guy from the Bronx but you got Brooklyn in you…Steve

    1. Thanks, Steve. To have Brooklyn in me – that’s a wonderful compliment. I’m very glad you liked the book. Pax, Ed

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