“Not Wanting” A Wider Middle East War, the U.S. Has Started One

You have to hand it to the U.S. and its henchmen for brazenness.  In order to protect their client state Israel and its genocide in Gaza, the U.S., together with the UK, have in one week launched air and sea attacks on the Houthis in Yemen six times, referring to it as “self-defense” in their Orwellian lingo.  The ostensible reason being Yemen’s refusal to allow ships bound for Israel, which is committing genocide in Gaza, to enter the Red Sea, while permitting other ships to pass freely.

To any impartial observer, the Houthis should be lauded.  Yet, while the International Court of Justice considers the South African charge of genocide against Israel that is supported by overwhelming evidence, the U.S. and its allies have instigated a wider war throughout the Middle East while claiming they do not want such a war.  These settler colonial states want genocide and a much wider war because they have been set back on their heels by those they have mocked, provoked, and attacked – notably the Palestinians, Syrians, and Russians, among others.

While the criminalization of international law does not bode well for the ICJ’s upcoming ruling or its ability to stop Israeli’s genocide in Gaza, Michel Chossudovsky, of Global Research, as is his wont, has offered a superb analysis and suggestion for those who oppose such crimes: that Principle IV of the Nuremberg Charter – “The fact that a person [e.g. Israeli, U.S. soldiers, pilots] acted pursuant to order of his [her] Government or of a superior does not relieve him [her] from responsibility under international law, provided a moral choice was in fact possible to him.” – should be used to supplement the South African charges and appeal directly to the moral consciences of those asked to carry out acts of genocide. He writes:

Let us call upon Israeli and American soldiers and pilots “to abandon the battlefield”, as an act of refusal to participate in a criminal undertaking against the People of Gaza.  

South Africa’s legal procedure at the ICJ should be endorsed Worldwide. While it cannot be relied upon to put a rapid end to the genocide, it provides support and legitimacy to the “Disobey Unlawful Orders, Abandon the Battlefield”  campaign under Nuremberg Charter Principle IV.

While such an approach will not stop the continuing slaughter, it would remind the world that each person who participates in and supports it bears a heavy burden of guilt for their actions; that they are morally and legally culpable.  This appeal to the human heart and conscience, no matter what its practical effect, will at least add to the condemnation of a genocide happening in real time and full view of the world, even though no one will ever be prosecuted for such crimes since any real just use of international law has long disappeared.  Yet there is a edifying history of such conscientious objection to immoral war making, and though each person makes the decision in solitary witness, individual choices can inspire others and the solitary become solidary, as Albert Camus reminded us at the end of his short story, “The Artist at Work.”

With each passing day, it becomes more and more evident that Israel/U.S.A. and their allies do want a wider war.  Iran is their special focus, with Gaza, the West Bank, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and Yemen targets on the way.  Anyone who supports the genocide in Gaza, explicitly or through silence, bears responsibility for the conflagration to come.  There are no excuses.

And the facts show that it is axiomatic that waging war has been the modus operandi of the U.S./Israeli alliance for a long time.  Just as in early 2003 when the Bush administration said they were looking for a peaceful solution to their fake charges against Sadam Hussein with his alleged “weapons of mass destruction,” the Biden administration is lying, as the Bush administration lied about September 11, 2001 to launch its ongoing war on terror, starting in Afghanistan.  Without an expanded war, President Biden – aka the Democrats, since he will most probably not be the candidate – and his psychopathic partner Benjamin Netanyahu, will not survive.  It is bi-partisan war-mongering, of course, internationally and intramurally, since both U.S. political parties are controlled by the Israel Lobby and billionaire class that owns Congress and the “defense” industry that thrives on never-ending war to such an extent that even the notable independent candidate for the presidency, Robert Kennedy, Jr., who is running as an anti-war candidate, fully supports Israel which is tantamount to supporting Biden’s expanding war policy.

Biden and Netanyahu, who are always claiming after the fact that they were surprised by events or were fed bad advice by their underlings, are dumb scorpions. They are stupid but deadly.  And many people in the West, while perhaps decent people in their personal lives, are living in a fantasy world of “sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity,” in MLK, Jr.’s words, as the growing threat of a world war increases and insouciance reigns.

Neither the Israeli nor American government can allow themselves to be humiliated, U.S./NATO by the Russians in Ukraine and the Israelis by the Palestinians.  Like cornered criminals with lethal weapons, they will kill as many as they can on their way down, taking their revenge on the weakest first.

Their “mistakes” are always well intentioned.  They stumble into wars through faulty intelligence.  They drop the ball because of bureaucratic mix-ups. They miscalculate the perfidy of the moneyed elites whom allegedly they oppose while pocketing their cash and ushering them into the national coffers out of necessity since they are too big to fail.  They never see the storm coming, even as they create it.  Their incompetence or the perfidy of their enemies is the retort to all those “nut cases” who conjure up conspiracy theories or plain facts to explain their actions or lack thereof.  They are innocent.  Always innocent.  And they can’t understand why those they have long abused reach a point when they will no longer impetrate for mercy but will fight fiercely for their freedom.

All signs point to a major war on the horizon.  Both the U.S.A. and Israel have been shown to be rogue states with no desire to negotiate a peaceful world.  Believing in high-tech weapons and massive firepower, neither has learned the hard lesson that anti-colonial wars have historically been won by those with far less weapons but with a passionate desire to throw off the chains of their oppressors.  Vietnam is the text-book case, and there are many others.  Failure to learn is the name of their game.

The Zionist project for a Greater Israel is doomed to fail, but as it does, desperate men like Biden and Netanyahu are intent on launching desperate acts of war.  Exactly when and how this expanded war will blaze across the headlines is the question.  It has started, but I think it prudent to expect a black swan event sometime this year when all hell will break loose.  The genocide in Gaza is the first step, and the U.S./Israel, “not wanting” a wider war, have already started one.

(For an excellent history lesson on the Zionist oppression of Palestinians and the current genocide, listen to Max Blumenthal’s and Miko Peled’s impassioned talk – “Where is the War in Gaza Going? – delivered from the heart of darkness, Washington D.C.  Two Jewish men who know the difference between Zionism and Judaism and whose consciences are aflame with justice for the oppressed Palestinians.)


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  1. It all one big operation from banksters who control the military who control the pharma who control the governments. The entire narrative is a series fabrications and operations based on the fear of something or other. In fact the source of danger is simply fear. Listen to the author of The great Taking when you have time.
    thanks for this piece. The collapse is in motion. Tangible’s are what will survive. Plan ahead.

  2. The collective “West’s” psychopathic disregard for human life and suffering is now so blatant – so ‘in your face’ – that more nuanced war propaganda is impossible. No matter how one tries to “spin” the bombing of children to death by the thousands – the horror of such an act is impossible to sanitize – no matter how many well dressed talking heads, celebrities and government officials – stare into the abyss of the camera lens and dutifully explain that – “genocide isn’t genocide – because we say so.”

    The “virtue mask” worn by the West claiming – “tolerance,” claiming respect for “the rule of law,” claiming respect for “human rights” – hasn’t simply been removed – it has been ripped off and shredded to reveal a grinning skull sporting a deranged smile. One must be oneself quite “deranged” not to have “noticed” this state of affairs.

    That quote you use Ed, from MLK Jr. is so painfully accurate. The biggest impediment to peace and justice in the world is the – “sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity” – of most Americans/Westerners. Meanwhile the conscientiously ignorant and stupid among us continue to be transfixed by the MSM public debate over whether the mass murder of children constitutes “genocide” – or is in fact simply – and with less cognitive dissonance – better described as – “self-defense.”

    Thanks Ed.

    1. Thanks for your comment Gary. I too am concerned about what the people wearing neckties will try to do next so to attempt to….,?

  3. Magnificent, as usual, summing up the strange mixture (because it is full of contradictions) of massive ignorance, arrogance, cynicism and blatant hypocrisy defining the collective West’s stunning and utterly depraved criminality. Words indeed fail us to convey the revulsion of what the West’s ruling class, and its puppets around the globe, are doing, while proclaiming to be the bastions of morality, democracy (!!) and civilised behaviour (!!!!!!). Sickening.

    This will be one of the lead articles in our weekend Bulletin edition (The Greanville Post).

  4. A black swan event is an event that cannot be foreseen. How can any response to what Israel and the U.S. are perpetrating be considered to be such an event?

    1. Thanks, James. I realize that and what I meant was exactly that. My guess is that something unexpected will happen – perhaps an internet blackout, etc. – but I didn’t mean it had to do with US/Israel necessarily. There are many possibilities, financial, political – eg Biden dropping out, etc

      1. I think the US is gambling on Russia backing down, not wanting to risk a nuclear conflagration. These acts, Gaza, Yemen, Syria and now Iran, are acts of desperation but also of nations, US/Israel, consumed with hubris and the arrogance of Empire. I truly think that this is a pivotal moment in history as the pendulum swings. Yes, provocations, false flags and so forth, these are tried and tested tools but time is not on the Empire’s side.

        1. Yes William and the very large nato war exercises are scheduled to begin. What will happen ?

      2. Black Swan, indeed. And such surprises as 9/11 and the Covid pandemic have been preceded by strangely synchronistic announcements from high places. Perhaps the recent Netflix disaster flick “Leave the World Behind”, launched by Obama’s Higher Ground Productions, is a hint of coming attractions. A dog of a movie, but it certainly has an eerie quality to it.

        1. Indeed it does have an “eerie quality” to it. One can’t help but wonder if its purpose is preparing the American psyche for what is to come. When I heard the Obama’s were producing it all I could think was – “well, then it’s actually a ‘deep state’ production – eh.”

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