No Service

“For the Kings Bay Ploughshares 7”

In a temple somewhere
In a normal house
In a church whose doors
Are open so God
Can escape
The mice stay put
Nibbling at the wireless
Disconnect between cells
In which sit prisoners
Of unconsciousness
Texting nothings
To no one nowhere
With their latest smart-
Ass little gadgets
Their innocent little fingers
Flying across the buttons
In eager flight
As God sends urgent messages
That few can hear
Lacking service as they do.

While in a fortified bunker
The basement of the White House
Some secret hole
Men born to serve
Lack nothing but the word
To press their dirty fingers down
And do the mice
One better.

An announcement will not follow:
“Out of service forever.”

2 thoughts on “No Service”

  1. I thought that there was no one home
    But then, it chilled me to the bone
    I saw ten people, all alone
    Just sitting there, each with a phone

    It seemed they were all unaware
    That there was someone else right there
    Their eyes were fixed in a blind stare
    I tried to speak, but didn’t dare

    They all looked terribly dejected
    All conversation was rejected
    And I think they all suspected
    That they might get disconnected

  2. Yeah.

    One does also recall Marat Sade…Judy Collins did a good job.

    And “Thanksgiving” (Burroughs)

    And Tom Lehrer “We Will All Go Together When We Go”

    Sterling Hayden’s Ripper…Jack Ripper.

    What a coincidence that the real general ripper sank the us fleet in 10 minutes in “macs 02” wargame…

    God has a sense of humor.

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