Lucid Summations When Tomorrow Is Today and MLK Day

“What they [regular people] need, and what they feel they need, is a quality of mind that will help them use information and to develop reason in order to achieve lucid summations of what is going on in the world and what may be happening within themselves….what may be called the sociological imagination.”

– C. Wright Mills, The Sociological Imagination

In what follows, I offer some conclusions I have arrived at and am skipping all the steps taken to arrive there.  Everyone needs to follow their own path to the end.

I know Mills was right when he penned those words long ago.  Arguments don’t go too far to convince others; only self-directed investigations do.  It is a question of the moral will-to-truth and the desire to be free, plus the imagination to connect the dots using reason that lead to conclusions that make sense.  There are many explanations for every public issue and personal problem under the sun that tell us why this or that is true or false.  But since we live in an age of non-stop lies and propaganda, determination and the willingness to do our homework is essential.  The following summations are the results of my study over many years, and this is a partial list.

There comes a time to state them outright and as clearly and concisely as possible, when silence is betrayal, as Martin Luther King, Jr. said so passionately in his speech, “Beyond Vietnam: A Time to Break the Silence,” from the pulpit of Riverside Church in New York City on April 4, 1967, a year to the day before he was murdered by U.S. government forces.  He said:

This I believe to be the privilege and the burden of all of us who deem ourselves bound by allegiances and loyalties which are broader and deeper than nationalism and which go beyond our nation’s self-defined goals and positions. We are called to speak for the weak, for the voiceless, for the victims of our nation and for those it calls “enemy,” for no document from human hands can make these humans any less our brothers.

I feel bound by that deeper loyalty and offer these summations in that spirit.

  • The United States is now, and has long been, as the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. said, the greatest purveyor of violence in the world. It is led by leaders possessed by a demonic spirit leading the world toward nuclear conflagration by initiating and waging war against Russia via Ukraine.  It cares not a bit for all the dead and suffering victims of its policies there and around the world.
  • Because he so passionately denounced the warmakers and fought for racial and economic justice, MLK, Jr. was murdered by the same government that later gave him a national holiday to hide its guilt.
  • Most people in the U.S.A. do not care that this is true but wish to live their small-world lives, not thinking about it. Indifference reigns.  Another holiday means more shopping at the sale counters.
  • Anyone who reminds them of this is considered a pain in the ass or worse.
  • The violence of the U.S. state is directed not just against people in other countries but against those who live in the United States. This has long been true as the CIA and the FBI have conspired assiduously for decades to control the population while the Pentagon slaughters people all over the world.  Mind control is necessary to achieve this goal.
  • To accept this reality is anathema to most people, for it means their own government is their enemy and that they are its targets, this being contrary to the myth of democracy.
  • This targeting of Americans by their government is not new but has reached new heights in recent years as the national-security state and its organs of propaganda in the media have gone on steroids.
  • The corporate mass media, and elements of the “alternative media,” are the key organs of this propaganda and are completely infiltrated by the CIA, National Security Agency, FBI, etc.
  • Agents of these agencies, while enemies of regular people, are often seen as friends because their deviousness is profound. They smile a lot with their fake white teeth.  “One may smile and smile and still be a villain,” wrote the Bard.
  • All the wars known and unknown waged by the U.S. warfare state are based on lies and propaganda that’s been developed over a century and more. Actually since the founding of the country and its extermination of native peoples.
  • Not some foreign country or its secrets agents, but the U.S. National security state led by the CIA and FBI has assassinated all anti-war, racial and economic justice leaders who have tried to change things: JFK, Malcom X, MLK, Jr., Robert Kennedy, et al., and anyone who tries to distract from this fact by ambiguity and slick words is serving the national security state. Many of these people are assets or agents of the intelligence services and there are far more of them than one can imagine.
  • The events of September 11, 2001 and the anthrax attacks were carried out by elements within the U.S. national-security state and not by foreign terrorists under the leadership of Osama bin Laden. That their own government would kill thousands of innocent people is beyond the imagination of so many Americans because they have bought the myth of U.S. innocence and on a personal level have come to think of themselves as victims also.
  • Such thinking is self-destructive. While it is very true that everyone has been subject to vast and never-ending government propaganda campaigns, the only remedy is to fight back by assuming all official pronouncements are false until proven otherwise, and to do one’s homework.
  • This sense of victimhood is the result of decades-long propaganda that has been promulgated by all institutions that have taught and reaffirmed a materialistic philosophy that there is no free will but only biological and social forces that make people who they are. Key to this is the promotion and use of drugs for all problems.
  • The War on Drugs has always been the War on us, a deep fake intended to distract and control the population. This includes all the happy “pills” and drugs used to silence thought and the connection between the social and the personal, like anti-depressants, etc.
  • The War on Terror was a war to kill as many foreigners, mainly Muslims, as possible, and to kill the conscience of decent people by appealing to their worst prejudices and fears. It was used to institute the Patriot Act and tighten the stranglehold of unfreedom on the population.
  • Yet this “war on terror” that has led to the wars on Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya, China, Russia, etc., was long preceded by decades long wars against Cuba, Vietnam, Iran, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, Iraq, Yugoslavia, throughout Africa, etc. – endless open and secret wars all over the world.
  • The promotion of fear has been the prime propaganda tactic of the Deep State. Fear to immobilize the population to do as the propagandists tell us.  It’s all about control. The root of all fears is the fear of death, thus the power to assassinate dissidents, wage war, and kill through “medicine” are all employed by the power elites.
  • Reality, by any simple definition, or news as the communication of reality, has been replaced by entertainment. Everything is now a spectacle geared to a crowd of naïve children who sit on the edge of their seats enjoying the disasters that are continuously promoted to induce fear and passivity.
  • The War of Drugs used against the population, while having been waged for many decades, has since March and April 2020 been internationalized and coordinated as a global coup d’état against humanity with the Covid-19 propaganda program with its lock-downs, deadly “vaccines,” and push for the World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset.” Corporate media led (and leads) this propaganda pandemic narrative that has abrogated human and constitutional rights in the service of corporate capital interests, resulting in the enrichment of the richest few and the impoverishment, injury, and death of the many.  It is the vastest propaganda campaign in history and continues unceasingly even as all its claims have been shown to be false.
  • Central to all the efforts of the international gang of political and financial gangsters responsible for so many crimes against humanity is their deep-seated nihilism and their antagonism to the religious spirit of love and non-violence that informs the great religions of the world. Demonic is the best word to describe their evil deeds.
  • The digital revolution is more accurately described as the digital propaganda program with the cell phone being the key to its enactment. It is an effort to coax people into loving their machines more than the human touch and to think of themselves as extensions of their machines.  Clicking numbers, statistical analysis, the mathematical mindset, etc. have all been used to indoctrinate people into a world of artificial intelligence and robotic thinking in which flesh and blood become abstractions and nature something to be conquered and controlled.
  • This so-called “digital revolution” with its computer technology dominating people’s lives has allowed the ruling elites to penetrate deep into the population’s psyches without them knowing it. It has allowed propaganda to infiltrate every moment of every day as people click the buttons on the machines they think are their lifelines to reality.  All becomes a miasma of manufactured illusions and spectacles in the service of the “third industrial revolution.”
  • All of this is part of a “spiritual” machine revolution in which the human spirit and its connections to God, nature, and our common humanity is slowly extinguished, everything that MLK said was necessary for our salvation.
  • Martin Luther King was a transmitter of a radical non-violent spiritual and political energy so plenipotent that his very existence was a threat to an established order based on institutionalized violence, racism, and economic exploitation.  He was a very dangerous man to the U.S. government and all the institutional and deep state forces armed against him. So they killed him.
  • The best “service” we can offer on Martin Luther King Day is recognize that fact and oppose the evil and violent forces directing the American nightmare.
  • And to do our homework connecting the dots that run down the years.

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  1. All of the enumerated “conspiracy theories” make sense–indeed, border on the obvious as Ed explains them–except for the plandemic, an alleged conspiracy so vast that it must take in not only the collective West but also Russia, China, India, Africa, Latin America, and virtually the rest of the world. It’s like a series of rabbit holes led you to the Grand Canyon, and then you imagined a rabbit THAT big.

    1. I suggest you read Ron Unz’s opinion on the origins of COVID. It wouldn’t take the whole world to plan a bio-weapon attack. It wouldn’t even take the approval of the president. The Big Pharma “vaccine” aspect that IS global was the reaction to the attack. As for the rest of it, I think it is always wise to “follow the money”, especially regarding the suppression of Ivermectin and HCQ.

      1. Scott, appreciate your point.

        There’s a lot of talk about bio-weapons. First, it certainly appears that there was a formal agreement orchestrated prior to 2020 to respond to a health crisis. We witnessed this orchestration across the world as the WHO proclaimed a pandemic. The definition of a pandemic had been changed to allow for minimal deaths to proclaim it.

        Technically there are no “bio” weapons, per se. There are chemical weapons which can attack living beings’ biology. Such weapons require a delivery system. Funding has been going to all kinds of biotech labs (level 4 labs) which are used for pharmaceuticals and weapons development. “Gain of Function” by definition requires a particle (virus?) to enhance the pathogenicity and transmission. Since no original particle has ever been found in nature. It would all have to be synthetic. The bio-weapon is the injection.

        Pharma, it turns out, for this operation is an agent of the military/government. Pharma is not acting on its own as a business. This is not their developed concoction, but DARPA’s who funded and developed the so-called mRNA and is distributing/administering the shots. There’s no proof of synthetic mRNA, though there are “experts” using it as an explanation. The manufacturing process was done under “warp speed” which likely produced contaminants along with whatever DARPA was trying to test on billions of humans.

        Ivermectin and HCQ are treatments for parasites…i.e., to kill parasites and thus contain toxins. If not properly used they can cause problems including death. These two were presented as repurposed for COVID-19 to avoid the jab. There’s some evidence that the use of HCQ actually killed a number of people during the peak episodes of panic.

        Lastly, you don’t need a “pathogenic virus” to create massive panic in societies where the fear of death is massive. All kinds of harm can be perpetrated just by claiming an invisible demon is after you. The orchestration was needed for the motives that drove this operation: shut down the economy and put it into an induced coma.

        1. Excellent Mr Costa. This reply by you is a perfect understanding of “virus,” which is a questionable theory and that the vaccine transmits the chemical ‘bioweapon.’

    2. The day after Martin Luther King day, January 17, 2023, there is this headline about an African American in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette. I read a different version of this story and was sickened !
      ‘Family of a man they say starved to death at the Sebastian County jail files suit’ Depending upon which version of this story you read will determine how much you vomit ! We are animated social decay with no vision of what to do!

    3. If the deep state can get away with pulverizing three skyscrapers, killing thousands of people and blame it on Saudi terrorists who hijacked a plane armed with box cutters, then create a global “war on terror” killing millions . . . the plandemic doesn’t seem like that big of a stretch to me.

      “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”
      Joseph Goebels

  2. Very insightful and gets to many gists. Particularly appreciated, the sections with “…as people click the buttons on the machines they think are their lifelines to reality” and “…a world of artificial intelligence and robotic thinking in which flesh and blood become abstractions and nature something to be conquered and controlled”. One thing i would add is… “Actually since the founding of the country and its extermination of native peoples” … “attempted extermination” b/c Native Peoples/Nations are still here!

  3. The “demonic spirit” is, I believe, power: gaining and retaining it is the raison d’être of all empires. Power is an illusion, which is why all empires fall. They delude themselves, thinking they won’t – but they do. They get the conflict they are trying to avoid. World War Three beckons as they ignore history.

  4. Sorry but the American government was not incorporated and convened in Philadelphia. Not D.C., which was an international City-State set aside for our subcontractors the British Crown and Vatican. U.S. history is not American history. In the early days Britain provided banking and defense services and Rome mail services. This is documented fact. Not conjecture or opinion. 3 Constitutions exist. One for the American government. One for the British Territorial Corporation and one for the Papal run MUNICIPAL corporation. And there was no democracy established here. It was a Republican form of governance(self governance).
    Democracy, mob/majority rule, was Rome and Britain’s system. Not ours. So, oh yes, it is not one but two foreign owned corporations dry docked in Washington D.C. It is not a National government and is not ours. The American government has not functioned since 1861 and convened in Philadelphia, our Nations real Capital, not D.C.
    If you want to deny this truck on over to Anna Von Reitz’s site and weep til your hearts content. There is now a mountain of documented proof of what I posted here. The thing in D.C. belongs to Britain and Rome. Not us.

    1. Thank you Joe Roberts…, we certainly need a huge shift from how we think and live. What is possible ?

    2. The “Civil” War keeps popping up.

      No doubt we have a number of “inflection” points throughout US history and the US Constitution. But the “Civil” War seems a major one with the cover of “freeing” the slaves which has kept this major event hidden from the kind of critical review that we could actually learn from, rather than patting our collective selves on the back. Let’s see, adjusted for population, this so-called “civil” war today has been estimated to cost 7 million lives. It was a war of terror, total warfare (civilians be damned). A variety of quick monetary schemes paid for it so it’s hard to say how “green backs” translates into dollars.

      But the main outcome was the failure of the US Constitution which if it meant anything should have stopped this barbarism. The centralization of power nullified the understanding that states could rightfully secede, even Lincoln thought so before he became president and headed up the empire expansion project.

      1913 is a key date – the creation of the bankers’ coup of US financial system (Federal Reserve). 1963 was the coup that captured the Office of the President – no matter who occupies the WH. A slew of emergency proclamations and executive orders most pronounced (but not for the first time) the unitary presidency under Cheney/Bush. 9/11/2001 sealed the deal with the Patriot Act and the capture of all agencies within the Federal government.

      The Constitution began unravelling shortly after it was ratified. Key moments were recorded, and ignored (or forgotten) which lead to the complete elimination of a republic into an oligarchical corporatocracy. Never a democracy – rule of law without rulers.

      The seeds were sown early on, but with 94% of the US existence at war, the Executive gained power as the Commander In Chief. Again, it’s not the guy in the Oval Office, but the Office of the President which was captured and controlled.

      I think the most salient moment in time was when our “greatest president” went to war with a dozen or so states to “save” the Union. He did that because he said that was his oath of office – it wasn’t it was to protect and defend the constitution which never mentions that states can’t secede. This is the moment when whatever might have been conceived under the Articles of Confederation, the Declaration of Independence and US Constitution was null and voided.

    3. Joe Roberts, The word “democracy” (demokratia) from “demos” (people) and “krzatos” (power). Literally translated it means “people power. The organizing principle does not produce “mob/majority rule”. It’s Athens that developed Democracy whereby self-rule was its basis, not Rome. Of course like the US republic’s start, it was an land-owning male elite set up. But Athens had was not a republic in the sense that sovereignty was not delegated to representatives.

      Organized as Athens did, it can work, but need to include all people. It’s not mob rule which is propaganda used through grade school indoctrination to mitigate thinking about alternatives to oligarchy – which is what this republic is and was designed to be.

  5. i won’t go celebrate his life wypeople who believe he would be “for ukraine.”

    thank you.

    1. Most people are clueless that the Obama State Department overthrew Ukraine’s government in 2014 and installed a puppet regime. And they are equally clueless that Putin is cleaning up Obama’s corrupt mess. Not all of us in America are brainwashed.

  6. And to just keep in check that S.O.B.’s military industrial complex faux reputation, Eisenhauer did what? Quoting:

    “In Gambling with Armageddon, Martin Sherwin shows deftly how nuclear weapons gradually became a key part of international relations. Although Harry Truman favored some limitations on the integration of these weapons into U.S. national security strategy, his successor, Dwight Eisenhower, significantly expanded their role. According to the Eisenhower administration’s NSC 162/2, the U.S. government would henceforth “consider nuclear weapons as available for use as other munitions.” At Eisenhower’s direction, Sherwin notes, “nuclear weapons were no longer an element of American military power; they were its primary instrument.”


    And, to give Stevens his due, he being the only sane one in JFK’s stable, quoting:

    Initially, among all of Kennedy’s advisors, only Adlai Stevenson, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, suggested employing a political means―rather than a military one―to secure the removal of the missiles. Although Kennedy personally disliked Stevenson, he recognized the wisdom of his UN ambassador’s approach and gradually began to adopt his ideas. “The question really is,” the president told his hawkish advisors, “what action we take which lessens the chance of a nuclear exchange, which obviously is the final failure.” Therefore, Kennedy tempered his initial impulse to order rapid military action and, instead, adopted a plan for a naval blockade (“quarantine”) of Cuba, thereby halting the arrival of additional Soviet missiles and creating time for negotiations with Khrushchev for removal of the missiles already deployed.


    Check it out:

    1. And so…, where do we go from here ? Tomorrow won’t be today ! In fact, it seems most people are content with marching in place in quicksand !

  7. Useful information. Clear examples. But a bit too few details. And I would also like to compare the product to other similar ones as it’s done on COMPACOM. It’s always more convenient to make a choice of any service when you review various offers.

  8. Most people today are not critical thinkers. They do not “connect dots.” They have been hypnotized by their TV sets, and now their “smart” phones as well. MLK was a great man, and what got him killed was not his stance on civil rights (although he made enemies with that as well), but his speaking out against the war machine. Maybe we should add a new holiday called “martyr’s day” for all the truth tellers that have been assassinated by our our real rulers over the years.

  9. Yes, thanks, and the irony of the daily Monday news — USA arming, thugging, being the United Terrorist States of Amnesia and Ignorance and Chaos and Terror.

    I see the Russians and Chinese are boycotting the perversion show, Davos, World Economic Felons Forum. Hmm, 33 billionaires from USA, 13 from India, and others. And, so many billionaires the Chosen People, and many of the billionaires who are Goyim, have their dirty blood money in Chosen People BLackrock. What, $20 trillion in that Larry Finkelstein, Fink, Felon outfit.

    And how would MLK roll today with the Misleadership Black Class? How would he roll? And the double edged sword of making bank and making it in the liars’ club. The most insipid and superficiality now as they, the vaunted and beautiful people, laugh at us at their awards shows, as they bank bucks, buy up land, scarf up power, and we, the little people, tune in? Slaves, baby, slaves.

    King would be talking that new/old enslavement, the Madison Avenue-Psychology Today-K12 enslavement many times lead by, well, the Chosen People. COme on, would he be called antisemite?

    You betcha. Israel is the second most destablizing outfit on planet earth, behind U$A, and then, the Anglo Saxons, the City of London, all of those inbred idealists and idiots, they weield power.

    Would MLK be talking about that? Ghosting, deplatformed, cancelled, trigger warnings left and right. King would not be making it today, for sure. He would be a drop in the ugly bucket of commercialism, which is just a short jaunt to enslavement, now 5.0 with digital and surveillance capitalism.

    Would he be frog marched into a cell, like how many Black Panthers. FOrget about JFK and RFK, but hink about the hundreds of activist of the Black Persuasion murdered before King’s time and druing and after. Those thinkers, potential Kings? In lock-up. School to prison to debt to prison to rehab to prison to hospital to grave PIPELINE.

    Blacks. Chicanos. Asians. Think hard about those folk. This represents 19 = #SayTheirNames: List of 19 Assassinated Black Activists And Leaders In History,

    Here, the rotten NYT, their 40 top count = The 40 Who Fell in the Turbulence Of the U.S. Battles for Civil Rights

    Black unemployment was higher in 1966 (after more than a decade of struggle) than in 1954.

    32% of Black people were living below the poverty line in 1966.

    71% of the poor living in metropolitan areas were Black.

    By 1968, two-thirds of the Black population lived in ghettos.

    The Panthers realized that the movement needed to progress beyond the battles for desegregation and to address the fundamental economic problems that people faced in their daily lives. They were the first independent Black organization to have a clear analysis of the type of society we live in: one in which a small class hold all the economic and political power and use it to exploit the majority.

    Bobby Seale said,


    What would King say, no, about this 2023, where the billionaires and millionaires have created for themselves a new dirty on steroids algorithmic New Gilded-Digital Age? We can’t even get clean water, or irrigation to crops, or flooding taken care of. We can’t even feed K12 in schools without putting the hundreds of millions of receipts on the schools. Imagine that, a world where a Nazi is a Jew and a Nuclear Seeking Corrupt Country like Ukraine, is on the national stage . . . with a Black Woman, Harris, receiving a dirty Nazi blue and yellow flag in the People’s House with a criminal speaking to the entire criminal gang known as Senate and Congress and was SCOTUS there too?

  10. Ed, regarding the incredible talk MLK, Jr. gave at the Riverside Church and what has happened to King’s legacy over the years since, I’m reminded of a song (one sung by Arthur Prysock called Who (will take my place). It’s a most haunting song, song by someone who weaves his emotions into it:
    “Oh, life, isn’t what it seems
    Fickle as the wind
    Fragile as a dream
    When I end my years
    Who will ease my pain?
    Kiss away my tears?
    And bury me again?”

    I think King’s legacy, the one spoken here, Ed, has been erased in the larger effort to “bury him again”.

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