Interview with Manny Garcia, MD at Voices for Freedom, New Zealand

The link below is to an interview/discussion I did with Dr. Manny Garcia.  He is a medical doctor, psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, poet, novelist, essayist, actor, director – a brilliant Renaissance man.  My camera work is pathetic since I am very low-tech and I apologize for that.  But if you are interested in the Covid matter, then you might find the conversation interesting.

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  1. Thanks so much for this video. I get a lot of information and commentary in written form on line, which satisfies me on an intellectual level that I’m not the only one who sees things this way. But the video is the next best thing to actually talking to like-minded people, and as you mention, it is pretty isolating to have most of the people around you fully in thrall to this narrative that continues to be pumped out, even escalated.

    Like you, I live in an area where liberals predominate (coastal CA), and as you observed, they seem to be more susceptible to this propaganda campaign for some reason. Also like you, everyone in my extended family thinks I’m on the fringe, as well as those few of my friends I’m still able to stay in touch with. Only one friend will even engage on the subject.

    I’ve been following your blog for some time now, and I’ve also bought and read your book. When you wake up and think “Why bother?” as you mentioned, remember that many of us who are also isolated count on writing such as yours to reassure us that we are not alone (which is another part of the narrative, designed to get you to quit fighting). Please keep up the great work you’re doing.

  2. it did my heart good to listen to this. i so completely feel what you said, Ed, about the frustration of not being able to reach friends who used to have open ears. it’s really heartbreaking. thank you for what your doing.


  3. This “Covid” is a blessing in disguise. It exposes all evilness of the Statist power a.k.a Government Authority without which this Covid fraud and crime against humanity could never have been pulled off successfully in such global scale with such easy! It also exposes all the cowardice and stupidity if not evil-selfishness of all the “intellectuals” , especially doctors and lawyers in our society, who are supposed to know better and would come forward to speak truth to power, to give voices to the voiceless, to defend the defenseless, to light up freedom upon totalitarian darkness… to lead the charge against tyranny. Unfortunately most of them are now just mere order followers who are cowering and complicit in directly murdering their fellow human beings just to keep their license and payment!

    Governments are deliberately murdering people! It’s their plan for cry out loud! Why not a single people dares to utter the word REVOLUTION? With Prof Michel Chossudovsky is the only exception at least as of this comment with his call for “Bastille 2.0: “Real Regime Change””


    Thank you Ed, Claire, Garcia, you are among the best of human race for your compassion and your love for freedom and justice!

  4. Hi Ed, watched the discussion which affirms my experience and thoughts. Thank you for this encounter.
    This is certainly a multi-layered and long honed means of mass control and resetting of what we think of (perhaps too fondly) as Western Civilization. But I do think it’s very important to come face to face with the truth: there is no proven “pathogenic virus”.

    There’s as much proof of this “pathogenic virus” as there is for unicorns. Western allopathic medicine and it’s cohorts, yes that includes those who are alarmed by the current injections, have been either trained in germ theory as real, when it has never been proven, or use it as a means to mass control (via institutions).

    I’m not impressed by the notion of it’s just THIS “injection”, this non-vaccine vaccine or gene therapy which is of major concern. Vaccines have always been fraudulent and anti-human. They follow the path of human civilization and the conquest of everything, nature, and human natural existence. Accordingly, these are to be conquered, destroyed and made to heel.

    The “traditional” vaccine is built on a fraudulent notion that 1) the human body requires intervention from some invisible attack 2) the concoction is a fragment of the “pathogen”. Actually the human body is undermined, and ultimately weakened and destroyed by these non-natural intervention. And there’s never been proof of the invisible pathogen and hence no means by which to use it to set the body up for “immunization”. Today we have mRNA, something that appears to be intended to go a step further and produce a “spike protein” for a fabricated unproven virus – SARS-CoV-2. There is also no proof, to date, that this injection actually produces the synthetic spike protein or that such would “immunize” the subject. It is an experiment, but one so poorly contrived that there are no controls, and virtually no follow up with the subjects of the experiment. But let’s be clear, the allopathic doctors might say this COVID vaccine is the problem but the traditional vaccine was “real”. This is really a deceit as they weave fanciful tales of “wild viruses” and “bats” and Wuhan virus escapees.

    This medical tyranny will end when we realize that allopathic medicine practiced in western civilization has laid the ground work for the psychological operation. They are complicit, even if by training. They believe in invisible invaders that must be tamed, like the wilderness and nations that don’t heed the West’s demands of full spectrum dominance.

    Saying the virus may or may not exist is really no different than saying unicorns may or may not exist. We are where we are today because we’ve allowed the myth to continue when for the most part illness is primarily a industrial civilization creation. There has never been proof of any “pathogenic virus”. The link (below) shows how the “SARS-CoV-2” was created whole cloth in a computer and then used to test for it, something which is non-unique using a RT-PCR protocol which cannot distinguish this “virus” from the so-called flu (natural detoxification).

    Here is the research that demonstrations the virus fabrication process.

    Here is one answer to the concern about isolation of our humanity, and how this can be overcome.

  5. Hi Ed,
    I just finished watching your interview. I’ve read you for some time now, including your last book, but it’s so nice to finally see you. I see you’re still getting sun from your walks. If you weren’t 2500 miles away I would come and buy you dinner or something. You may feel isolated, but you know you are not alone.
    People don’t of course have to agree on everything, but I am with you on everything I can think of. I like how you wrote that it’s impossible to understand where we are or how we got there without understanding 5 things. If people would only read people like Fletcher Prouty, James Douglas, William F Pepper, Lisa Pease, RFK Jr. along with people like David Ray Griffin or Christopher Bolyn. Along with you of course. Ain’t it something now how thoughtful people that do their homework are thought of as the fringe kooks! This by design of course, mostly likely led by people Ed calls the “umbrella people.”

  6. Hello Ed….did you intend to use the word…Reconnaissance… in your 2nd sentence ? I don’t mean to be a correction Charlie since my grammar is that of a 7 year old child.

  7. Just watched your discussion Ed.
    It’s beautiful to see and hear fully conscious people with BIG hearts.
    Thank you.
    Keep fighting.
    Peace to you and yours.
    John (Australia)

  8. A wonderful interview and discussion Ed. Thank you for sharing it. I must say that just “seeing” human faces during such a discussion is a wonderful thing, especially with the insane “masked” new normal assaulting our humanity.

    A brief observation. My wife and I visited a local Trader Joe’s grocery a few days ago – I don’t know if you have these out east or not, but it’s an organic healthy foods sort of place populated by the “liberal” self-described “progressive” NPR listening crowd most of whom now seem to be “covid true believers.” I was stunned at the difference between Trader Joe’s and our local Von’s grocery store in terms of mask wearing. Literally EVERYONE except us was wearing masks at Trader Joe’s not because they were required, but because they were requested for anyone not “vaxed” – and my guess is that all these mask wearers were in fact vaxed already. The same mask “suggestion” applies at our local grocery, but very few people wear masks there these days. The local grocery shoppers represent a much broader cross-section of the population than the supposedly more “progressive” Trader Joe’s clientele. Since I can’t stomach any MSM these days my wife keeps me up to date on the level of covid propaganda at NPR, which she reports as completely off the charts even compared to other corporate MSM.

    On a recent camping road trip I managed to stomach about 90 seconds of NPR on my car radio before I had to turn it off in disgust. In that brief 90 seconds the reporter explained that the Department of Homeland Security is concerned about possible violence on the 20th anniversary of 9/11 AND the FBI is concerned about possible violence this summer related to opposition to covid lockdown policies. So in one fell swoop – in the tiny 90 second blurb I was able to tolerate before my gag reflex kicked in – NPR promoted the notion to its credulous audience that anyone who questions the official 9/11 propaganda or the official covid propaganda are potentially violent terrorists or sympathizers. I find it likely no coincidence that 9/11truth and questioning the covid narratives were juxtaposed in this brief information blurb. As you point out in the interview tremendous resources and expertise go into the creation of these propaganda narratives and they are sadly very effective.

    If you want to raise a few eyebrows just try shopping “unmasked” in a Southern California Trader Joe’s these days. As they say – “if looks could kill.”

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