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  1. Dear Mr. Curtin
    I watched your latest interview on LewRockwell.com and agreed with every word you spoke I’ve been awake since 911 being a native NYer and Architecture student who visited those towers hundreds of times in the early 80s. I sincerely hope more people wake up and we can turn this monstrous situation around Godspeed sir

    Sincerely yours
    Frederick Muhlbauer
    Sag Harbor, NY

  2. when i think jfk assassination, i think about how mary pinchot meyer, his main squeeze, from millbrook, said: “they couldnt control him. he was learning too much. he was changing too fast…” fits in with my own personal experience after taking LSD. turned me into a revolutionary, but its a big difference between average joe hippy, like me, turning on, and the president of the united states of america… so jfks LSD use was a big factor as to why the banking dynasty and allied families who run the world had to kill jfk, but the other main reason was that jfk was standing up to their israeli nuclear program, so they leveled the boom. of course my opinions mean relatively nothing compared to the INFORMATION upon which one might base an opinion- so im going to link to some articles which people can read and judge for themselves. in a nutshell, jfk assassination = Lord Rothschild, Tibor Rosenbaum (israels hidden swiss banker from permindex- its well known among jfk researchers but since tibor is a tribal member, nobody mentions him much in the tribal media….) and Meyer Lansky the mobs tribal brain. just as an aside, its kosher to say italian mafia, like its just a statement of fact, and every italian on earth doesnt get all offended. it is certainly not implied that although the mob is overwhelmingly italian, not every italian on earth is in it…also, EXTREMELY importantly, the tribal mainstream media drilled it into our skulls trillions of times in every language that “muslims did 911” also as a mere statement of fact- that the 19 alleged arab hijacker (patsies) were of the muslim persuation- so later when i get to the part about how JEWS DID 911 and had the hutzpah to blame it on “the” muslims, try not to be too shocked. if you think these words are somehow “racist” then i think maybe you should weigh the bombs we have dropped all over the muslim world because of this gargantuan tribal lie, weigh them against the brainwashed hurt feelings and sensitive toes of my fellow tribesmen and women. sorry i cant divulge our tribe for reasons of taboo stigma engineered by the aforementioned bankers, but eventually you’ll definitely understand, especially if you actually check out the links im going to include, such as dean hendersons book which clearly shows how the banking dynasty families give the orders to the intelligence agencies such as CIA, Mossad, and Mi6 https://www.amazon.com/Big-Their-Bankers-Persian-Gulf/dp/1453757732 . as far as the details of 911 go, youre either still trying to hide behind mohammed attas tiny passport in the rubble, but we can see you, or youre just feigning ignerince if you dont understand how 911 was more of a jewish conspiracy than a muslim one. lets go to the videotape: https://archive.org/details/911MissingLinksFULLLength – this excellent documentary names all the names of the guilty jewish individuals who are the real 911 criminal masterminds and if you still think muslims did it, try this one. it never mentions the word jewish, because of course the filmmaker didnt want to get blackballed from hollyweird, but it does show clearly that 911 was a false flag intelligence agency operation. and its even funny, and shorter than that horribly cognitive dissonant 911 Missing Links documentary. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dcFyS3GzmeA its painful but neccessary to KNOW THE TRUTH- otherwise youre just racist as hell against muslims for not speaking up about the real criminals despite the taboo stigma against casting any tribal member in anything other than a victim role… and people think they wouldnt lie about covid 19! what a joke. ive got exactly the same medical degree as bill gates and im better looking than klaus schwab in a zippy the pinhead dr evil suit. big jew pharma- you betcha its all connected!!!!! good background context from 2002: https://www.jta.org/2002/02/05/lifestyle/religion-has-role-at-economic-forum the emporer wears no clothes. covid is a TOTALITARIANISM crisis, not a health crisis, and so, im going to say that the myth of jewish bolshevism was not a myth AND the bankerfolk also established communism in china. this may seem counterintuitive to some who are unfamiliar with the details, but yes, the arch capitalists of wall street did in fact set up communism in russia AND china not just for a strategy of tension, but mainly for totalitarian CONTROL. i could go on and on and on, but hopefully you’ll learn something new from these links and come to your own conclusions. in closing i would say that i am a jewish person by blood going way way back on my mothers mothers mothers side to prehistory lost in the mists of time… and anyone who thinks me racist has another think coming. in fact im not even a ‘self hating jew’ in any way shape or form. anyone who would assume that i hold these jewish atrocities against rank and file jewry is wrong. its like jeffrey epstein the playboy- they wont mention it in their media, but the Jew World Order is COMPLETELY exposed through epsteins paymaster sleazy les wexner who founded the MEGA Group with shady Bronfman. its a ‘legitimate’ lobbying organization made up of 20 strictly jewish american billionaires who tell our politicians what to do specifically focusing on jewish issues, and EPSTEINS TAPES WERE THE “OR ELSE” part of the lobbying. kinda strange how even caught red handed, there is no mention of the history of political sex blackmail in america even though the bankers did it to woodrow wilson to get their Federal Reserve, US entry into ww1, and the balfour declaration. but again, this has absolutely nothing to do with all of our jewish friends neighbors and relatives. i guess i didnt exactly close my comment after mentioning that i am a jewish individual, so consider this like a PS at the end of my letter. its just that you mentioned in your article about THINGS BEING CONNECTED, and so its important to point out things like how the same crew that killed jfk also put trump into their white house. if you dont understand, just read the links, but in a nutshell, trump was just another jackass rich kid real estate developer until he entered the fold of the world controllers when he joined up with resorts international casinos. resorts was started by cia and mossad to launder the proceeds of heroin and other nasty businesses. when trump fell on bankruptcy the OWNERS had their boy wilbur ross from rothschild Incorporated bail him out because they saw his potential as a showman- and they eventually did use him in their show government. funny how trump made old wilbur “our” us secretary of commerce… https://www.forbes.com/sites/chasewithorn/2016/12/08/trump-and-his-commerce-secretary-wilbur-ross-a-look-at-25-years-of-connections/?sh=42379b96f820 . its funny how a right wing website like AFP can completely expose trump back in 2016 as another rothschild agent, but people still dont get it. its just like homer j simpson said- “facts are meaningless they can be used to prove anything.” we are far past 1984 today. super orwellian. so as far as eroin goes, and everything being connected, theres afganistan, and the opium wars with china and england back in the day- exactly like today. this tiny .000001% super rich cabal uses the militaries of governments like the uk and us for their personal business profits. Sassoon the opium kingpin using her majesty’s fleet to kowtow the emporer of china was just about exactly the same as the us invading afganistan. we sent the troops and all we got out of the deal was a heroin epidemic. CUI BONO who benefits??? same as it ever was. when david sassoons son married lord rothschilds daughter, you could say the CIA was born. https://lukeford.net/blog/?p=70956 . and in case you didnt know, because the media didnt tell you, obummer was a 3rd generation cia agent. i guess maybe i am a little bit racist because i always used to tell my friends that obomber was ‘too white’ with his mom and her parents being all spooky, stepdad gestapo,… oi veh … “rasta no work for no, cia rat race” RNM https://www.voltairenet.org/article166759.html as a final aside i would note that you should read all these links immediately because theyve been cleansing the internet of ‘harmful content.’ i suppose my ‘harmful opinions’ will be censored too, but good on you if you read this while you still can! https://www.globalresearch.ca/world-economic-forum-announces-creation-orwellian-global-coalition-digital-safety/5749245

    1. Arnon Milchan was an executive producer of the following movies : Fight Club, Medusa Touch, JFK, Noriega: God’s Favorite, Once Upon a Time in America and Brazil.

      The research in “Confidential – The Life Of Secret Agent Turned Hollywood Tycoon” established that “at least through the mid-1980s Arnon Milchan was a full-fledged operative for Israel’s top-secret intelligence agency, Lekem. His activities included “buying components to build and maintain Israel’s nuclear arsenal” and supervising “government-backed accounts and front companies that financed the special needs of the entirety of Israel’s intelligence operations outside the country”.


      John F. Kennedy demanded that David Ben-Gurion end Israel’s nuclear deterrent program, deemed necessary to ensure Jewish survival in a very hostile world.


      According to evidence uncovered by the U.S. House of Representatives Assassinations Committee in the 1970s, Jack Ruby (Oswald’s assassin) was later linked to mobsters Carlos Marcello and Santos Traficante, who the panel considered prime suspects in a possible mob conspiracy to assassinate Kennedy.


      When U.S. forces invaded Panama they sought to capture two men: Dictator Manuel Noriega and his Israeli advisor, Mike Harari


      Yair Klein, a former Israeli colonel, was held at a Moscow airport on an international arrest warrant. He was sentenced to 10 years for training drugs traffickers and right-wing paramilitaries in the 1980s.


      ‘Fight Club’ Anniversary: How the Movie Foretold 9/11 and Trump


      A scene from Medusa Touch (1978) showing a plane crashing into a high rise (later in the movie, it showed a cathedral with twin towers collapsing):


      Milchan is among the 565 Israelis reportedly named in the Pandora Papers, a massive trove of leaked documents about financial secrecy in global tax havens that was published by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists.

      “Arnon has never forgotten where he came from… in the emotional, deeply personal way that he as been attached to Israel and Israeli projects. He has always remembered his country.” -Benjamin Netanyahu

  3. This is Ed’s site so he can do whatever he wants….I think we left the previous discussion far too soon. Transcending the ordinary will not happen very easily. I don’t think Real knowledge will be gained by simply reading. There is a ‘work’ involved. Group work can be helpful. Group work can be difficult and requires courage and paying very close attention. (don’t be afraid of having the ego stomped on, welcome this) This work is not academia.

    1. Joseph – There is no need to stop a discussion because of a new posting. That is not my intent. Pax, Ed

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