5 thoughts on “In Conversation with Jesse Zurawell on TNT Radio’s Perspective”

  1. Great interview.

    I have a different take on feeling “alone” or an outcaste.

    I’ve never felt particularly on the side of anyone, and long ago lost my appetite for partisan politics and particularly those who are self-described “liberals” usually Democrats who only care about which party runs the empire, war and all. The hypocrisy is significant if you are expecting principled positions from partisans. I’m particularly leery of major influencers (even when I generally agree). They can take loyalists in harmful directions at the most critical junctures.

    The more independent “leftist” generally follow the Chomsky proclamations. In other words, they’re not independent just a different master. Most people when confronted with a “new” (manufactured) threat look for someone, generally the government officials to tell them how to feel and think about it. Since it’s these officials who represent the threat, they of course tell them to just follow “doctor’s” orders and promptly stop all critical thinking (independently).

    That’s how the system rolls. It is a system that runs on command and control. All the institutions are programmed to follow the system.

    It took some adjusting to see what alternative news outlets were somehow bought out. Check who funds them and you’ll know what they can and cannot publish. Some of it doesn’t come in direct cash, but by allowing them to continue to publish as long as they toe the official narrative where it’s most critical.

  2. One hesitates to use the word “enjoy” when referring to a conversation covering the topics you and Jesse engaged with – but I must say that I did very much enjoy it Ed. Perhaps in part because it momentarily eased the sense of isolation and disconnection that I routinely experience these days, which seems qualitatively different than at any earlier period in my life. Today, outside of my wife and one close friend, I might as well be living on a different planet from most of those whom I know and love as family and friends. Their “reality” being so vastly different from my own sense of reality – theirs clearly having been delivered ready made and pre-packaged at the push of a button from NPR, or some other MSM outlet. No need for any messy “critical thinking” or to engage in any personal “research” on a topic. “Reality” delivered conveniently and ready made to the comfort of one’s home, just like a pizza.

    Any attempt to counter or challenge their pre-made reality with some factoid is met only with stern resistance, never with a sense of inquisitiveness or curiosity as to why someone who loves and cares for them might have a different perspective on something important. The same group of people whom I regularly engaged with in together challenging U.S. foreign policy in Latin America twenty years ago – have over time morphed into shills for empire, credulously expounding on whatever the propaganda narrative of the day might be, vilifying and hating whomever the CIA propagandists instruct them to vilify and hate. This transformation of former “left leaning” and “progressive” friends and family is both striking and disheartening.

    Listening to you and Jesse engage in thoughtful dialogue about the state of things was a breath of fresh air this Sunday morning. Thank you to both of you for helping to ease my sense of isolation and reminding me I’m not alone in my concern for where we are collectively and where we seem to be going.

    1. When time avails I will listen to this conversation. Rest assured I hear you loud and clear regarding the suffocating hypocrisy and pervasive cognitive dissonance. There are more of us out here !

  3. Great interview. I remember when Hillary Clinton was delighted that the color revolution in Egypt was made possible by Facebook and Twitter. The argument was that the “people rose up” because they could band together with this wonderful technology. We’ve since learned that a large percentage of tweets and Facebook posts are AI bots. When we see that seismic world events are currently molded by AI, it becomes crystal clear why the internet was conceived. Elites didn’t pump billions of dollars into this technology so we could message grandma (instead of talk to her on the phone).

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