In Conversation with Bobby Kennedy, Jr. – Video

Buckminster Fuller called the CIA Capitalism’s Invisible Army. Since its creation, it has been doing coups d’état and assassinations as part of its work. It has been deeply involved in creating war game scenarios, weaponizing diseases, conducting mind control operations such as that with Covid, creating havoc at home and abroad, etc. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., through his family’s longstanding battle with the agency, knows all this, and in the video above he and I discuss it.

Following the video there is the word “More” in red, which if you click, will bring you to many valuable sources on the people and issues we discuss.  All of these and more are due to the extraordinary work of my dear friend Dave Ratcliffe, a genius not only with technology, but with presenting and preserving at his site – – an unmatched repository of crucial historical materials.  He is not responsible for my poor video recording of my side of the conversation with Bobby, where I am too close to the camera etc., for I am a technological amateur at best.  That comedic aspect aside, I hope you will find our conversation illuminating.


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  1. Thank you Ed. I used to think that the Joint Chiefs under JFK were the most bat-shit crazy war mongers in our nation’s history, but sadly I keep having to revisit and revise that assessment regularly. The “spiritual death” MLK predicted would take place if we maintained our path of war and domination has taken place right before our eyes, yet no one it appears can be bothered to look up long enough from their “smart” phone screen to even notice.

  2. Regarding the murder of JFK, I think what we may forget is who runs the world from the late 19th Century into Kennedy’s presidency (and beyond). JFK mentions it in a press conference speech: secret societies: Anglo-Saxon bankers (AKA WASP). Kennedy, an Irish Catholic, didn’t fit this elite at all. This cabal tried to recruit Major General Smedley Butler (author of War Is A Racket) to kill President Roosevelt. Butler refused and went to the press to announce this coup threat.

    Tragedy & Hope: A History of the World in Our Time by Carroll Quigley over 1,300 pages goes from late 19th C to early 1960s. It’s the most in depth historical (insider’s) view of who rules (and this cabal is clearly in charge today globally – they’ve never owed any national allegiance). I also recommend the classic work: The Power Elite, by C. Wright Mills and Giants (an update by Peter Phillips).

    I would add one more thing, as Quigley states, the idea has always been to have 2 policy-wise identical parties to provide the appearance of “choice” but where the policies never change regardless of which party is dominant during a cycle.

    This is something, I think, RFK, Jr. should keep in mind when he says “I’m a Democrat” as if that distinguishes him and his views from some other party. If you want to get to the bottom (and Ed I think you have in your many essays), you need to put all of this in historical context, not simply as a particular tragic event in 11/22/63 but all the way back to when these secret societies were established.

  3. While I think Mr. Kennedy is a passionate and compassionate person, there’s deep strain of nostalgia that runs through these conversations regarding “democracy” and American ideals.

    I don’t think, though it is historically and culturally imprinted, that the US of A is an exceptional nation. It is and has been since its emergence on the global scene, a power which has been mostly destructive.

    Pre-JFK murder, much of what happened was built, as with all empires (and even relatively neutral nation-states) on an authoritarian elite rule. This is simply rule by the few over the many. How that’s accomplished may vary, be more nuanced, but push-comes-to-shrove the boot is ready to pounce with whatever force is necessary.

    The Real Anthony Fauci is a tale of deep and thorough correction. But if we pull back the curtain we see that it is spread throughout all of our institutions and the system driving it is merciless. In a word, a system corrupted is corruptible (hackable) and cannot hope to be something else. Power, who has it and who doesn’t, has been the driver since the nation state and its hierarchical order has prevailed; a concentration of wealth and power. (The Politics of Obedience: The Discourse of Voluntary Servitude by Étienne de la Boétie, written 1552-53.)

    Power is now concentrated globally through investment firms and the thousands of cohorts. The system demands a pound of flesh…and it will make every effort to get it. There are no “good guys” in charge. Americans have been under systemic management for most of the existence of the US. Whether Howard Zinn is a thorough historian is questionable; but he alerts us to the power structure from the beginning concentrated by wealthy elites, a constitution to manage, a push westward to expand and to pre-occupy the underclass while they continue to concentrate their (elite) hold on power. Pre-occupation with war and slavery, divide and conquer.

    Lincoln’s words are simply that, he was responsible for the murder of nearly a million Americans, many women and children. Arguable a needless war. FDR knew to the minute when the Japanese were going to bomb Perl Harbor and never told his admirals to allow them to prepare a defense. Why? Because he wanted to enter the war.

    The policy makers have no historical record of ever caring an iota about what was happening inside Nazi Germany. The elites were not sure if they should fully support Hitler to eliminate the Soviets, or let the Soviets end the German aggression. Op Paperclip shows just how the US government operates.

    Humans have not always lived this way. It takes going back thousands of years to understand this. It’s always been non-linear. We got stuck in this current arrangement which wants to dictate through technocracy and the Descartes, reductionistic world view. The elites have embraced it for world domination and control.

    How will this trajectory go?

    1. It is clear the Military Intel Industrial Complex and its myriad of cohorts run the joint. Call it a mafia gang who took over with the murder of JFK who made a brief but valiant effort to change the trajectory. Military and the monetary…

      This operation with the big trees in the power elite own every asset. It’s all run by a cabal…

      1. Thank you Art…, yes, 500 years of violence and death distributed everywhere on the planet.

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