Friends, Please listen to this important interview of Dr. John Ioannidis conducted by the filmmaker John Kirby


John Kirby is the director of FOUR DIED TRYING, a feature documentary and series on the major assassinations of the 1960’s and their calamitous impact on the country. To join the struggle for justice for Dr. King, Malcolm X, and John and Robert Kennedy,

10 thoughts on “Friends, Please listen to this important interview of Dr. John Ioannidis conducted by the filmmaker John Kirby”

  1. Yes, I’ve seen it, and added to a presentation on the same site ( called something like “12 Swiss Doctors”, I am already firmly convinced that the world is being hugely scammed.
    To die WITH or FROM COVID 19 is very much like dying with or from grey hair!
    To return to an earlier dilemma – When I was young we used newspaper for toilet paper. Impossible now of course, they are all already full of it and you would be wiping more on than off.

    1. I, for one, agree with you. The virus is real – but nowhere near as real as the ruling elites, who are using it to scarf up the last remaining dollars from the world’s people. As it turns out, toilet paper wasn’t toilet paper after all: it was litmus paper, for the ultimate litmus test. Would the people respond to the “pandemic” by rushing out and buying up all the toilet paper? If so, then the rulers knew they would fall right in line with the agenda.
      The rest, as they say, is history.

  2. Haven’t had a chance to listen to this Ed, but certainly will. This Swiss site has been providing excellent updates though they appear in reverse order, with the oldest first and then moving toward newer posts:

    There is a lot of material out there, thanks for flagging this one as something valuable to watch.

    1. Great interview. Sadly the doctor’s rational and measured assessment of the situation stands out like a sore thumb and a complete outlier when compared to the MSM hysteria being endlessly promoted.

  3. I forgot to add a thought; a price tag accompany’s every breath we take, every move as if this predatory man designed monetary system, this system of exchange is some cosmological law that cannot be redesigned or changed to be more humane, to exhibit civility.

  4. This interview was the inoculation I needed for the dis-ease I have been suffering these last few weeks. The bad case of ruminating and stacking of pathological terror cleared up within a very short time and I began prescribing the cure to all my friends and family. It would give me great satisfaction to shake Dr. Ioannidis’ hand and thank him. My gratitude goes to Ed for once again being a beacon of truth and sanity in these anxious and potent times.

  5. Thanks very much for this interview with Dr. John Ioannidis.
    Who is benefiting from the current CV-induced frenzy?

  6. Mr.Loannidis stressed gathering data. I think he also stressed finding the truth of the matter. He also warned about sensationalizing an issue. I wonder if our sensationalism’s become the data, become the truth…, concerning any topic? Have we been living upside down and inside out for too long?

  7. BY FAR, the best information I’ve been given about Covid-19. Bless you, Ed, for offering this video to your readers to provide reasonable, prudent, and critically-needed perspective in the midst of this madness. One hell of a blog you’ve got here.

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