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  1. First I hear a Bronx accent from Edward, not a New England accent. But close enough.

    I didn’t hear Mr. Curtin agree with the geopolitical neocon theory, but a statement of a. the author’s track record of sound logic and b. a willingness to explore the theory.

    That said, it has appeared from the get-go that this is a multilayered psychological operation. We know that trillions of USD was transferred to the financial ledger and the billionaire class and their cohorts. Under Operation COVID cover much has happened in the “dead of night” while we bicker about each of the layers and as the rulers throw out the Trump notion of the Wuhan Lab. The latter is baseless and Mr. Boyle in the beginning found Occum’s Razor a handy device and has stuck with this vague hypothesis. Nothing but a red herring, perhaps a bone for Tucker Carlson and some Republicans to knaw on.

    There has never been a pathogenic virus isolute as defined by any dictionary and common understanding. Therefore there is no new disease caused by so-called SARS-CoV-2.

    We know of 3 things that cause disease: toxins, malnutrition and accidents. We were “attacked” by a weaponized 150 year old myth. Fear inducement caused the mass destruction for the commoners.

    Given the history, and it is very long debt based slavery, there is an attempt (some already implemented) to greatly enhance and control the population. So I don’t see neocon fingerprints. They’ve always been a bit player in the grand scheme.

    1. I couldn’t tell if you were responding to my comment, but in case you were, here are some thoughts.
      “Therefore there is no new disease caused by so-called SARS-CoV-2.” What is the flu? Even Dr. Nass, who works for RFK, Jr. and was on Barrett’s show after Curtin, accepts that this is a novel virus. The no-virus theory sounds like a clowning psyop, akin to the no-plane holographers of the 911Truth movement. The MSM will use this, as they have used no-planers to make the entire movement look ridiculous…just one more giant strawman.
      You’re right to point out that Curtin didn’t subscribe to a particular theory yet, and I appreciate that he’s doing the rare thing of *thinking* about it first. It just looked to me like all three of them are starting to form a nascent theory that misses the point.
      Let me be frank and spout off a crude theory, something that Edward has honorably avoided: There are no countries anymore, at least not in the way we think of countries. There are only businesses, ie Google is “worth” more than most countries, has its own charter etc. If there is any war happening, it’s not across political boundaries, but between giant businesses. Going to war with China would result in an economic MAD…and I don’t see the American military (which includes Pfizer etc) willing to hurt its bottom line for political reasons.

      1. Andy, I was only responding to your point about the Edward’s accent and that you seemed to think Mr. Curtin bought into the neocon take regarding Wuhan and conflict with China. If I’m wrong about the latter fine.

        Regarding the lack of evidence for the pathogenic virus (or really any virus) it would take more of a history discussion on how the “virus” was invented and sustained by the Rockefeller/Rothschild foundations and materialized into the medical cartel called allopathic medicine, snake oil toxin medicine that keeps the patient ill and the medical industry rich beyond one’s wildest dreams. (Same story with what keeps the war machine humming.)

        If you have proof, rather than pointing to Mr. RFK, Jr and those anti-vaxxers who are doing pretty good off this scam, than please present it. My research and the research of many others demonstrate that there is no proof for SARS-CoV-2 nor any other pathogenic virus. Virus comes from the Latin for poison. It was changed to mean a microscopic organism (though that’s rather vague) that invade the body. Simply no proof. Our medical institutions (and government associated health agencies) are bought and paid for by pharma and the major foundations.

        My issue with those anti-vaxxers is they really believe in the “virus/germ theory” sans proof, and simply are against “unsafe vaccines” whereby pharma can’t be sued. But based on logic and the fact of no proven pathogenic virus, no such “safe vaccine” can be manufactured or has ever been produced. Vaccines are the money making rabbit hole that ignores First Principles – no pathogenic virus has EVER proven to exist using scientific methods. Check out Dr. Stefan Lanka, et al. (By ant-vaxxers, I’m not talking about parents who have seen the horrible harm done to their children after the 70+ vaccines their children were given. I’m talking about those who parade out as speaking for them.)

  2. It’s so good to put an article to a voice! Now when I continue reading *Seeking Truth in a Country of Lies,* I can imagine a calming New England accent 🙂
    This is unusual, and maybe (probably) means that I’m wrong, but I disagree with powerhouses Curtin, Barrett and Unz on this topic. I was surprised to find that Unz’s recent article on Covid sourced an “official” number of “deaths from Covid,” which were fabricated from a completely bogus and misused PCR test. He then bought into the myth of asymptomatic transmission, now famously refuted by a peer reviewed study of 10 million asymptomatic people in China that showed only 300 passed the virus on.
    But my biggest question to a hypothetical panel of Curtin, Barrett and Unz is the obvious: cui bono? If this were indeed an American attack, it was wildly unsuccessful: multiple Chinese companies (Zoom, etc,) have benefited tremendously from this new technocratic nightmare. Trump was fraudulently booted from office by some of these same tech companies, and he (at least ostensibly) maintained a strong stance against China. America is now even starting to look more like the Frontline Documentary, *In the Age of AI.”
    I suppose this could all get turned on its head if the American MIC decides to flirt with another cold war….maybe the goal is to show how horrible America has become *because* of China, etc., and then push for war, “The CCP Virus killed Grandma! etc.”
    But no I don’t think this was a casus belli against another country as much as against a microbe, for which the solution can only be found in paying billions of dollars to a handful of *globalist* companies.

  3. Hello Edward I’m really tnterested in listening to your interview but can’t access it as it is password protected as there another option to listen?

  4. Hi Ed, hoping to listen to your interview. However it’s protected. I guess this is exclusive invite(?)

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