Alexei Navalny’s Death and Curious Well-Timed Coincidences

There is propaganda by commission and propaganda by omission, the former often serve to conceal the latter. Timing is crucial.

That the U.S. President Joseph Biden, his British, NATO, Israeli allies, and their corporate media mouthpieces are in need of a major propaganda victory is obvious. They are losing the war in Ukraine, have been condemned throughout the world for the genocide in Gaza, and are ruling over a disintegrating empire. Biden and Netanyahu’s political lives are at serious risk. And so they have just rolled out a full-court propaganda press effort aimed at covering their losses. It should be crystal clear to anyone who can use logic to see the timing involved.

The great French scholar of propaganda and technology, Jacques Ellul, wrote years ago that propaganda “is not the touch of a magic wand. It is based on slow constant impregnation. It creates convictions and compliance through imperceptible influences that are effective only by continuous repetition.”

However, once this groundwork has been laid over time – as it has been with the continuous anti-Russia Putin hysteria and support for Israel’s Zionist policies – it can be intensely ratcheted up in exigent circumstances when the long-serving narrative is in jeopardy, such as it is now.

Once the death in a Russian prison of the Western backed Russian dissident Alexei Navalny was announced on Friday, February 16, 2024, it was immediately followed by a cascade of anti-Russia pronouncements whose aim was to not only continue the demonization of Russia and its President Vladimir Putin but to serve other purposes as well.

With one fell stroke, the calm history lesson about Ukraine, Russia, and U.S./NATO that Putin had just delivered to the world via Tucker Carlson disappeared down the memory hole, as Biden, without any evidence, declared that “Putin and his thugs” and Putin’s “brutality” are responsible for Navalny’s death. This, of course, is a replay of the false charges sans evidence waged against Russia for an earlier poisoning of Navalny, the Skripals (since disappeared by the British government), Alexander Litvinenko, et al.

Shortly after, Zelensky, performing his puppet routine while coincidently appearing at the Munich Security Conference – on Saturday, February 17, a day after Navalny’s death was announced – with Navalny’s then widow, said it was “obvious” that Putin had killed Navalny, while Biden pushed for more money for Ukraine’s doomed war against Russia, a U.S./NATO war created by the U.S. from the start with its aggressive military push to Russia’s borders and its 2015 Ukrainian coup d’état that ousted the pro-Russian leader, setting the stage for Russia’s incursion into Ukraine in February 2022. That Putin told Carlson these obvious facts, while slyly mentioning to Carlson that he understood that Carlson once tried to join the CIA, is now for most people in the West history lost behind the headlines, if it ever were anything more.

All this happened while Russia pushed through Ukraine’s defenses and took the city of Avdeevka, which had long been contested. With each day that passes, it is obvious that Biden’s Ukraine war strategy is that of a desperate politician on the ropes and that Putin has completely outfoxed the American desperados and their NATO European stooges. The MSM prefer to suggest otherwise, that hope is just around the corner if we send billions more dollars and weapons, and if with the help of our British friends, we take the war further into Russian territory and risk a nuclear confrontation. But we are in a propaganda war for the minds of the Western public.

Much of the rest of the world has seen through the risible MSM headlines used to delude the public that Russia is the great threat to world peace and stability. Like the previous Russia-gate lies, this ongoing one, coinciding with Navalny’s death, is timed to divert the public’s attention from key ongoing matters.

Tomorrow and Wednesday, Julian Assange will have his final appeal in a British court to prevent his extradition to the United States. Biden wants this journalist prosecuted for doing the job that the MSM have failed to do: Exposing the facts about the ruthless U.S. killing machine. But the bruhaha about Navalny has rendered the absolute hypocrisy over the torture and imprisonment of the innocent and brave Assange secondary and “inconsequential.” As intended, this has now become an afterthought as the mainstream media’s Russia-obsessed headlines flow uninterruptedly. The New York Times, the key propaganda organ for the Biden administration and the deep-state, reports just today that “The gravity of President Putin’s threats is now dawning on Europe” and “Navalny’s Widow Promises to Carry on Opposition Leader’s Work.”  These are typical Times’ rants.  As is its Magazine article headline from yesterday “Marilyn Robinson [the writer and friend of Barack Obama] Considers Biden a Gift of God.”

I don’t think the Palestinians would agree, but then too, their slaughter by Israel with U.S. assistance – more than 29,000 Palestinians in Gaza alone have been killed so far – and the coming IDF invasion of Rafah, have also been pushed to the back pages or to nowhere by the propaganda about Navalny and Russia.

I won’t mention the Russian election in mid-March that might possibly factor into all this since we all will be dutifully and timely told that the evil killer Putin is a dictator, ignorant, ruthless – add your own adjectives – and is no doubt trying to rig the fair-and-square U.S. November presidential election – for someone, just as he did in 2016.

Nor mention The NY Times article of February 17 by David Sanger and Julian Barnes that the “U.S Fears Russia Might Put a Nuclear Weapon in Space.”

Everyone knows that the Russians are coming to get us, as they always have. They probably killed JFK, right?

It’s easy to follow along as this propaganda eruption circles the Internet like painted ponies on a carousel. There will be no time to stop and think, to pause; to ask what the hell is going on? The ponies will dip and bob and make you dizzy.

For more corroboration of these matters, read the political analyst Gilbert Doctorow’s astute piece on how the Turkish broadcaster TRT World refused to post the interview that they did with him. Doctorow claims British intelligence killed Navalny. For some reason this should not be broached, according to TRT.

Whether Doctorow is right or not, only a very dimwitted person would think that Putin would have Navalny killed. He has nothing to gain and everything to lose by doing so. Yet the MSM and their government overlords consider most people very stupid and so are trying to blitz them with obvious propaganda through commission and omission. We have heard this story before.



18 thoughts on “Alexei Navalny’s Death and Curious Well-Timed Coincidences”

  1. It is endlessly OBVIOUS to anyone with a brain cell that the PROPAGANDA machinery kicked in this past week.

    Topping it all off: DATA breaches, mentioned as likely caused by Russia, were on last night. I do not listen to MSM news casts, but we dully listen to it to keep on top of the Machinery.

    Great article.

  2. Good analysis. I read Gilbert Doctorow’s interesting piece yesterday.

    I’m rather gobsmacked that more people aren’t seeing through all this. It seems pretty obvious when you lay it all out in one small place. People have really been hypnotized–it is getting very scary.

    One prediction I might make concerns what might happen soon in Ukraine. All the West’s big money guys (BlackRock et al) had those conferences with Zelensky about Ukrainian investment “opportunities”, including the big post-war rebuilding projects they might like to participate in soon. In fact, Germany’s Rheinmetall just announced that they are going to be up and running with a big ammo factory INSIDE Ukraine by 2025–I assume their “production” plan is to catch the shells as they fall from the sky…

    It wouldn’t surprise me to see a massive Ukrainian asset sale to these big Western investors, with the hammer going down for pennies on the dollar. Then the West will truly be painted into a corner, since the only way they can maintain title to those assets after Ukraine is toppled is to either take back the country by force, or use it as an excuse to confiscate those Russian Central Bank reserves as “compensation.”

  3. And the UNSC rules need to be changed and made relevant. US once again votes NO to a ceasefire….and everyone follows this blindly ??? This planet has a severe problem ! Are we to enable barbarians ?

      1. Good morning Doug….yes, we, between the Pacific and Atlantic oceans are the barbarians ! There is not one thing worth taking into tomorrow ! Someone once told me, with my 5 word vocabulary, I should write a book. I replied, there are already millions of books and we are still stupid! If one feels, intuits, one knows !

        1. ” You simply cannot fit more America into a single incident than a man dying a horrifying death in protest of war crimes while a first responder screams at cops to stop pointing their guns at him and go get fire extinguishers.”
          Yes…that video for me was both very sad and very disgusting. I wonder if the fire extinguishers were the final blow?
          This is not my website….however, please do not pingback a bob dylan poem ! Thank you.

  4. One of the issues with the constant barrage of obviously stupid propaganda is that one winds up feeling isolated and suffocated here in the good ole USA. I know people who trust everything the NYT says (fewer and fewer though) even though I point out historical lies the rag has engaged in, and the obviously stupid and baseless stuff they print now. This current Navalny shit harks back to the Nord Stream idiocy–MSM trying to convince us Putin did it when he’d have NO reason to, and it would hurt him in fact. Yes, we’re all propagandized here in the US, but I think those of us who see through the MSM are effectively neutralized because we walk around in a constant state of incredulity and frustration. and isolation. I think Ellul talks about that in his book _Propaganda_, too, although I haven’t finished reading it yet. A few years ago I know lib-types who were all agog over Marilyn Robinson. I couldn’t get through her first book at all. Obviously aimed at the haut bourgeoisie, designed to make them feel good about their haut-ness. (not hotness haha, because they ain’t hot.)

  5. The Drudge headline says a lot about who is behind all of this:
    and Ray Mcgovern on Napolitano’s Youtube site yesterday suggested MI6 had a hand in Navalalny’s death (to push the coincidence narrative along).
    MS Media wants us to believe this whole election is about Biden and Trump. Its not going to be Donald. Maybe Michelle. Bobby is the threat both Party’s fear_and he has his own persuasions will need attention_The alternatives are not mentioned because information sources are paid shills for the advertisers sponsoring them.

  6. Spot on the money analysis Ed. I’m waiting for the NYTs to report that their “unnamed sources” indicate that Putin personally put Novichok nerve agent on Navalny’s prison “door knob.” Serendipitously my wife and I were only yesterday, out of the clear blue, discussing the Skripals, and how father and daughter have simply disappeared down the MI-6 memory hole as if they never existed – and that it is considered very impolite indeed to even mention their names in polite company in the West these days least one be saddled with the label of – “Putin’s useful idiot.”

    Speaking of the phrase – “Putin’s useful idiot,” one wonders what the comparable phrase might be when referring to our own most revered, yet completely demented, head of State. Perhaps – “Biden’s fellow idiot” – would work?

    At moments like these the Desden James quote comes to mind:
    “When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.”

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