A Rare, Respectful Disagreement on an Important Issue

From the 56 minute 30 December 2022 conversation (click to listen) I had with Kevin Barrett on his radio program:

Edward Curtin discusses his recent article “Tucker Carlson and the JFK Allegations.” He writes: “Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., a man whom I hold in the highest esteem, tweeted that it (Tucker Carlson’s CIA-killed-JFK broadcast) was ‘the most courageous newscast in 60 years. The CIA’s murder of my uncle was a successful coup d’état from which our democracy has never recovered.’” But Curtin goes on to question Carlson’s background and motives, and underlines the difference between suspecting that the CIA was “involved” in JFK’s assassination and definitively knowing that they did it.

Note: About 15 minutes into the interview, things heat up a bit as we argue about the Michael Collins Piper/Laurent Guyénot thesis that Israel was the primary culprit behind the JFK coup.

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  1. Where does an ANTON CERMAK fit into this RUBIK’s cube? Are present day Democrats using El Chapo and the Sinaloa Cartel as the neo MEYER LANSKY and co- Fast n Furious- Sean I LOVE Ukraine Penn visited Guzman while he was on the run- as for Mossad- most people are clueless about the Epstein Files, especially former Jewish intellectual and OSS veteran DONALDS BARR- Convert to Catholicism and your son(yes that BILL Barr) can deflect:)

  2. And, by the way, that theory would also have to claim the aborted Chicago and Tampa (and other?) plots were to be fake attempts as well? Maybe the profile of the guy in Tampa (Gilberto Policarpo Lopez) resembled a Castro sympathizer (like Oswald, he had connections to the FPCC), but Arthur Vallee was known to be rabidly anti-Castro. How does that fit?

    And why would you need a team of four snipers to shoot and miss?
    Or were the Cubans sent by Tel-Aviv? Sheesh.

  3. Just to chime in here. I agree with Jim, and am totally in line with Ed’s thinking.

    It is of course morally exigent to recognize the atrocities Israel has and continues to commit. But claiming Israel is the master ruler of the world and the real driver behind all US foreign policy is a hydra-like distraction (and is dangerously close to speaking of a world-wide Jewish conspiracy redolent of the swastika –– and yes, I do understand the distinction between anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism). It is an escape route for those who just don’t want to come to terms with the fact that the U.S. has become, since the 60s, “the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today,” and the imperialist lever for globalist agendas.

    As far as coups d’état being the work of small factions or cabals … of course they are. The wheels of the machine are usually greased well enough to serve the elites without having to take extreme measures, but when extreme measures are necessary, they are usually undertaken by a small, radicalized group (though not necessarily tightly aligned), which the others in power do not care to impede, let alone prosecute, and end up cooperating with and covering for, since they also benefit from the risky action they would not otherwise themselves have taken. But it is absolutely necessary to recognize the institutional contexts which nurture such cabals. “It wasn’t the CIA as a whole” is a straw man argument. The institution itself was born illegitimate and continues to be, as the linchpin of what grew into the “deep state.” The same cabals are not operative at all times, but they all belong to and perpetuate the structure or system which facilitates them.

    I have to confess, though, that I am familiar with the Mossad postulate only by hearsay. I have not read any of those books, though I am very widely read in the assassinations of the 60s. However, from what I gathered from Barrett’s explanation, the idea that the Mossad piggybacked on a CIA false-flag operation to stage a fake attempt on JFK’s life sounds like one of the silliest theories I’ve ever heard. Stop and think: Bay of Pigs failure, but JFK does not invade. Missile Crisis, and near nuclear apocalypse, but JFK still does not invade (hell, he doesn’t even bomb). But riding down the streets of Dallas, and some potshot by some alleged Castro sympathizer is taken at him but misses (on purpose), and all of a sudden he would be convinced to invade? And he wouldn’t get his brother to investigate and uncover the false flag? What kind of cockamamie thinking is that? If that is the case, then the CIA really is the most incompetent set of bumbling keystone cops there is, and they really had no idea who JFK was.

    1. And, by the way, that theory would also have to claim the aborted Chicago and Tampa (and other?) plots were to be fake attempts as well? Maybe the profile of the guy in Tampa (Gilberto Policarpo Lopez) resembled a Castro sympathizer (like Oswald, he had connections to the FPCC), but Arthur Vallee was known to be rabidly anti-Castro. How does that fit?

      And why would you need a team of four snipers to shoot and miss?
      Or were the Cubans sent by Tel-Aviv? Sheesh.

  4. Gaping hole in the Zionists dunnit viz. 911 & JFK crimes is there is little to no consideration about motives of those pushing these narratives.

    And, they are premised on: assumptions that somehow Zionist Entity’s intelligence services are the best thing since Jesus Christ or Sliced Bread, and so on and so forth.

    And, it is essential to distinguish: 1] actual operations/physical actions of the actual deeds; 2] from cover stories, hangouts, limited hangouts, modified limited hangouts, military grade propaganda and other propaganda following the actual, physical deeds themselves.

    None of this is to outright dismiss theory Zionist Entity was in charge of these crimes, rather, to suggest that other crimes where no dispute they committed them, such as USS Liberty, remain matters of unrequited justice.

    Also, why does Israel want the USA to fight Iran? If Israel is this great and wise and omnipotent power, why don’t they do it themselves? Ditto Syria and ditto Lebanon and especially ditto Palestine.

    Since 1949 armistice more than 70 years ago, Israel while destroying Palestine can’t beat the Palestinians! And yet this same Zionist Entity masterminds JFK murder, 911?

    When hundreds of US military killed in Lebanon, circa 1983, including CIA station chief Robert Ames, was there a Warren Commission scrutinizing Israeli culpability? Neo Cons and Zionists to this day blame Hezbollah. Neo Cons and Zionist to this day blame Bin Laden, to this day for 911, despite the fact Bin Laden at the time said he did not have capability. Whatever.

    Conspiracy to murder JFK may have had many moving parts; theories stating Mossad was steering the bus is the sort of intelligence work Mossad is actually known for. . . JUNK!

    It seem to me it make more sense that propaganda linking Mossad to JFK and 911 is a Mossad operation to present illusion they are capable of great feats. . . but shh. . . don’t say it too loud. . . “we don’t really want credit for it, rather, just the appearance of credit for it: to brandish our inflated [and unearned/undeserved] image of ourselves.”

  5. Ed, I appreciate your position, and in fact, agree with the facts, the evidence that US agencies (not just the CIA) as well as major financial institutions killed JFK. He’d crossed a line they simply could not tolerate (perhaps a number of lines).

    My concern is that while the murder was done to demonstrate – like a mob hit – what the elite powers could in fact plan, execute and get away with, it was one of many such events throughout history. This precedes JFK by literally thousands of years. We are under this elite power, no less or more so, than in 1963.

    Unless we deal with what we’re confronted with today, human existence as we’ve known it will end. The details are there for all to read and hear. Currently we are in the process of an engineered financial collapse which will kill millions – with the intent of reducing the global population by billions. This has been the intention of every war…and lord knows we’ve had more than any other.

    The US has never been a democracy. It was set up as an oligarchic republic prone to take over by powerful special interest. The power elite are above the law. There will be no justice for any of their insanity.

    What we are confronting now has gone fully global, meticulously planned piece by piece, most conclusively over the last 50 years. A reign of terror like never experienced by so-called civilizations is at hand. We only see the front people. Those who enjoy the limelight and are involved in the planning. But the real powers are far behind the scenes. Extensive historical documentation has been written.

    The elites include Russia and China. There are no saviors. Protest and resistance are meaningless. These can be subdued. My guess is they prefer we have all kinds of conversation and energies spent on the assassination of JFK, MLK and RFK, just like identity and party politics. They executed Operation COVID as cover as they grabbed trillions and enhanced their power. They have nearly all the levers of power. They decided to go “direct”. Ultimately it means an engineered economic collapse.

    Nothing a “president” releases regarding documents on the Kennedy assassination will ever bring resolve. It’s a cat and mouse game. One of an endless stream of distractions. If they admit anything it will be questioned, and must serve their purpose, not ours. We’re born into a world under insane rulers. Truth lies somewhere outside of that.

    1. Thanks Art for your commentary. I just wrote a brief message on the need to transcend man-designed hierarchies. I feel we are alienated from each other for the most part and authorities reinforce this condition by threats, fear, violence. This has occurred for centuries.

      I think we must gain insight into all of this and develop real communities in the present. We must understand and learn from our distrust, our fears and skepticism of each other. The number of people do not matter. It is simply helping each other so to help each other. It is not easy. We simply cannot continue this bad act and the way we live with little love and respect!

      1. Joseph, I’m with you on what needs to happen. But numbers do matter. Not how many people Earth can support – and there’s talk of overshoot – but two other factors: 1) scale and 2) consumption. The scale issue has to do with human scale community essential to accomplish what you mention. Consumption really gets back to whether there are limits to growth, or the Earth can provide for endless growth. I think history shows the latter has failed repeatedly. Technology creates as many if not more (and worse) problems than it purports to solve.

        I do think we need a strategy. The power structure has existed for thousands of years, and with it they’ve acquired all the major levers. But there are more smoke and mirrors that many fail to realize. It depends on the people.

        1. Thanks Art…I think part the strategy is thinking small. What ever number of people there might be with a common understanding, a relatedness, ….6, 9 citizens perhaps and this can occur in various geographic locations.

          I’ve been talking about this for a very long time. I’ve had no comments or questions indicating any interest.

          People are skeptical, frightened, seemingly like in a state of paralysis. Apparently for many people, it is easier to comply with what they are accustomed (conditioned) to. Familiarity is really not safe !

          Another part of this is….I think communications needs to be, for the most part, intuitive. As soon as someone appears to be an initiator, a facilitator, a leader, however this individual is perceived; once again, fear of manipulation, skepticism, distrust easily prevails, thus sabotaging any effort for communing and communicating.

          Again, I don’t think it is easy to transcend our limitations. But then, why shouldn’t we attempt to do so and help each other in the process?

          1. Joseph I may have mentioned but the powers, those who have been and so far continue to run the world, have all the levers including communication at all levels.

            We need to understand this and how they rule through fear, divide and rule tactics and most of all gaslighting. The latter is accomplished through intensive and constant media messaging – so you begin to doubt what you see, logically reason and any notion of personal critical thinking/skepticism. They have all the resources including carrots and sticks to keep most in line.

            What they don’t have they invent through cinema and entertainment to plant seeds and then claim to have what was planted. Much of that is smoke and mirrors – like AI which exists on a very limited scale as programable algorithms. They invented a “pathogenic virus”, they continue the threat of nuclear war, they claim CO2 is the enemy of life when without it there would be no life.

            The JFK assassination, for me, was a planned inside execution. I’m convinced we know what happened and that the government agencies will never fully confess unless it serves their purpose at some time – likely when all who lived through that time are long gone.

            What we have is now and we need to confront it. The US Constitution was nullified with the first steps subsequent to its ratification. We’re under corporate rule with a ploy to move all power to a super-national setup.

            We need to have a strategy that effectively confronts this. The state has one to confront us. As GW Bush is claimed to say during his reign – “you can fool some of the people all of the time. those are the ones we need to focus on.” 2020 Operation COVID was a demonstration of this in spades.

            1. All the political powers and their agencies cannot prevent 5 people from sitting down and having coffee and conversation in the quiet of there home…at least at present.
              The big stories take us away from ourselves…ourselves are who stand in ‘our’ shoes.

    2. Perceptive comment Art.
      We are on this Earth for two reasons.
      To Love and enjoy Life.
      Everything else is entertainment for our busy, busy brains.
      The Ghouls who rule gave up on Love and Life a long time ago.
      They think they have everything. They are delusional.

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