3 thoughts on “A Conversation between Playwright and Writer John Steppling and Me”

  1. I’m happy to know there are people having conversations with their vocal cords! I think it is quite ‘natural’ for people to converse with others and learn many things…, about what it is to be human. In this region, fear has people isolated and alienated. Not virus fears, just the accumulation of many fears I suppose.

  2. Yes! I second Gary Weglarz’s idea. I’d love to hear more conversations between you and John. I didn’t want this one to end.

    Great stuff about John Berger, the cave paintings, etc., too.


  3. I just finished listening to your stimulating and very enjoyable conversation with John. I do think you two could do this regularly – and I for one would gladly tune in – enjoying every twist and turn. Thanks for sharing it Ed.

    Your stories about your grandchildren and their creative spirits filled my heart and made me smile.

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