The (Undercover) Epicenter Nurse: Watch, Weep, and Rage

9 thoughts on “The (Undercover) Epicenter Nurse: Watch, Weep, and Rage”

  1. I came across this interview at OffGuardian and watched it earlier today. Now my wife is watching it. There really aren’t any words.

  2. With lots of luck and a strong tailwind, a few of my acquaintances will watch this sordid account of mass-murder in New York, and maybe sprout a seed of doubt…or two. The horsemen of the planned apocalypse are determined to remake the world in their own image. Resist! Render the misguided, cowering masses impotent with a barrage of truthful information. Thanks Edward! We can only hope that this video gets a billion views.

  3. This was the most extensive interview I have seen from a nurse or any other medical profession taking care of Covid19 patients. Because there are many more doctors and nurses describing similar cases and speaking out about it online. What is worst is that Covid19 is not just a real illness, but it is man made according to many articles I have read and one video I watched showing that Covid19 is in the same family of virus as Sars and H1N1, which were also man made. When the nurse said at one point she felt she was living in a Twilight Zone movie. I personally could relate to that description, because I had said that a week ago to my husband. But for her and others like her in the medical field that care, it is even worse. Because they are facing death of their patients every day. I could just weep with despair and frustration, because the world has turned upside down with insanity around every corner of our lives. I believe that the majority of people in the world do care and are generally good and down to earth. The thing is how do we go about waking up people who are totally believing the social media and are afraid to seek out the truth. Because I’ve tried talking with others and sharing my views, but they are so programmed by social media that they refuse to even contemplate other sources of information. It is like being in a boat drifting for days and getting no closer to land.

    1. Our hope is that as things continue to deteriorate, and the older propagandized generations are replaced by newer ones less influenced by BS MSM narratives (note that the young these days pay little attention to the MSM), it will become increasingly evident to the majority of Americans (and to the majority of other nations, especially those under American control) that fundamental systemic change is a necessity if the human race is to survive, much less thrive. This process of a general awakening leading inevitably to a revolution overthrowing the immemorial “rule of the rich,” as well as a vividly detailed vision of what that post-revolutionary society might look like, actually feel like to live in, can be experienced right now by sequentially reading and pondering two books freely available on the net: Edward Bellamy’s “Looking Backward” and “Equality,” written during the first Gilded Age. I know that Victorian prose is not everyone’s cup of tea, but these twin testaments contain BY FAR the most incisive and comprehensive critique of capitalism I’ve encountered over a lifetime of avid reading AND the most concrete and compelling description of how a radically egalitarian post-capitalist society might be organized and operated. Even the great Marx was rather amorphous when it came to describing the workers’ paradise. Bellamy isn’t, and while his work is certainly not the last word here (being written in the late 19th Century), it is IMHO essential reading for those of us who long for–and want to work for, devote our lives to building–a better, more beautiful world.

      1. Thank you for your insightful info. I will read the two books you mentioned by Edward Bellamy and let you know what I think. It will probably take me a while to respond back though.

        1. And thank you Marianne, for being willing to take a time-travel trip back to the first Gilded Age. Please take your time with works written in the polar opposite of the currently popular sound bite/twitter mode. Try not to let the elegant, sometimes elaborate language get in the way of the ideas, more timely than ever, to which Bellamy gives voice. In some 70 years of living, reading, and experiencing, I NEVER was able to imagine concretely a viable alternative to neoliberal capitalism, as much as I despised it, until I stumbled upon Bellamy’s work. We’re all different, and it may not be the same with you as it was with me, but your willingness to try my suggestion is deeply appreciated. So often these days, when “big narratives” (other than TINA) are instantly met with postmodern mockery, I feel like a bottle with a message inside, bouncing around in the middle of an indifferent, if not hostile ocean.

  4. It is known in secret societies that a hazing ritual of committing some atrocious deed will forever bind you to the group. How many more medical personnel will now be bound to this club of murder?
    The world is accelerating the sorting of itself into two camps: can you play with the psycho/socio-paths? Or do you have a conscience?
    Do you want to work or participate in society? Or do you want to be driven from your job and harassed or disappeared?
    Weeping and raging are taking over my life. Thank goodness for a song of the morning, a tune of the dawn.

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