Amazon Censorship of 9/11 Unmasked?

On September 10, 2018, I published a laudatory review of the new book, 9/11 Unmasked: An International Review Panel Investigation by David Ray Griffin and Elizabeth Woodworth. The review also appeared at many sites.  It is the definitive book on the defining event of the 21st century.  The book concludes that the official version(s) of the attacks of 11 September 2001 are false.  The review was subsequently re-posted at many publications.  There was great reader response and interest in the book, which was due for official release the next day, 11 September.  My review provided a link to the book’s Amazon page that noted the 11 September availability date.

By the next day readers were responding in great number that the Amazon site was reporting the book was “out of print,” when in fact it had just been published.  This “out of print” notification lasted until the evening of 13 September when it was changed to “in stock on September 30, 2018.”  By the following morning it was changed to “in stock on September 21, 2018,” only to be changed again between 11-12 PM on September 14 to “in stock on September 24, 2018,” only to be changed again to September 26, 2018, only to be changed again on Sunday, September 16 to “in stock on September 28” and by evening to September 29, where it remains on the morning of September 17 as I write.

It is unheard of for a book that has an official release date and that is available straight from the publisher to be listed as “out of print.” Amazon Canada continues to report that the book “has not yet been released” and Amazon UK that the book was published on September 4th and you can have it “usually dispatched between one and two months.” But these are unusual times, aren’t they?  And obviously, all the date changes that push the book’s availability back by weeks suggest a clear-cut effort by Amazon, or someone manipulating Amazon, to make sure readers cannot obtain the book quickly and in a timely manner from the most popular source, if ever.  Will they soon announce that the book will never be available for national security considerations or because it violates Amazon’s “content guidelines”?  The book’s publisher, Interlink Publishing, is selling the book now and says Amazon has the books.  So why is Jeff Bezos’s company playing this game?  His other major business, The Washington Post, (known as the CIA’s newspaper) is surely not going to review the book, nor would their editorial staff post encomiums to David Ray Griffin, Elizabeth Woodworth, their colleagues in this important research.

Readers should demand that Amazon immediately change their website and accept orders to be shipped today.  Whether they are responsible for this game of chaotic discouragement or the intelligences services, who are fully capable of hacking into Amazon, as Edward Snowden has pointed out, I do not know.  But something very odd is happening and Amazon should correct it.


8 thoughts on “Amazon Censorship of 9/11 Unmasked?”

  1. Ed – this is the same blatant censorship that has made the German bestseller “Journalists for Hire: How the CIA buys the News” unavailable in English.

    The book was first projected to be available in English in a year, then two, then finally it would be published, but the dates kept getting pushed back to the point that finally, a brand new release of what was a best seller in Germany, is simply not available in English in the U.S. My attempts to get any response from the publisher have been futile.

    This is the modern equivalent of book burning. That Amazon would do this now with an American author is both stunning and telling.

  2. The whole idea of censorship seems to be a misunderstanding of Amazon’s practices. The book is immediately available from Amazon UK, Amazon France and Amazon Germany, although with delivery taking one to two months. I deal a lot with all three of those and it is not uncommon for a book not to be available immediately upon release. Amazon UK puts up a message saying “currently unavailable”, which can mean that a book is out of print, that Amazon is out of stock, that Amazon hasn’t yet received any copies, if it is planning to keep a stock, or is not yet in a position to obtain copies from the publisher to fill customer orders. The problem in the US may just be the general illiteracy of modern Americans. What are the chances that some poorly-educated Amazon employee who has read fewer books than anybody other than Donald Trump knows what “out of print” means? Thus, the idea that Bezos handed over all copies of the book to the guys in the black helicopters strikes me as childish (which brings us back to lack of elementary reasoning skills of modern Americans!). In addition, Amazon is a private company. It has no “public service obligation” to stock any particular book and no need to justify its, essentially commercial, decision not to stock a book. Since the book is (logically!) available directly from the publisher, why not just buy it from them and cut out the middle man? If you don’t like Amazon, why make such a fuss to ensure that they get their commission on the sale?

    1. “The whole idea of censorship seems to be a misunderstanding of Amazon’s practices.” – see my comment on Udo Ulfkotte’s book “Bought Journalists,” which was obviously privished in the U.S. and only briefly available on Amazon UK for around a $1,000 bucks. It is perhaps too early to say if Giffin’s latest work will meet the same fate, but this is certainly looking suspiciously like suppression at this point.

      Your defense of censorship as the “right” of private enterprise (no matter how tightly that particular “private enterprise” might be connected to the CIA) may be endearing to some, but others of us find it a rather repulsive defense of our totally corrupt power structure.

  3. Somebody’s playing games. As of 9:45 EDT this morning, September 17, Amazon says the book will be in stock on Sunday, September 30, with delivery by Wednesday, October 3 (for “prime” members). Also weird, the price has dropped from $20, which I paid when I ordered it on September 13, to $16.81, AND there is a “coupon” embedded in the book’s Amazon page for a further $1.03 savings.

    Meanwhile, on September 15, I received a notice that my copy has shipped, and will be delivered Wednesday, September 19.

  4. After this article appeared, I went back on Amazon and was then able to order a copy of the book. It will be delivered by the end of September.

    Maybe Amazon noticed the article.

  5. I’ll try to order it through a local independent bookseller. If it doesn’t or can’t order it from the publisher or a distributor, I’ll order directly from the publisher, Olive Branch Press, if I can. Tomorrow morning. It’s apparently a book the powers that be see as threatening and are, pathetically, throwing everything in its way to keep it from being read.

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