4 thoughts on “A Wake-up Call From Graeme McQueen”

  1. Viewing the current situation as Curtis so accurately describes it I find myself wondering what the warmongers and Deep State operatives get out of it. In a spiritual sense it seems as though marauding evil beings have taken human form to commit unspeakable crimes. Why, I keep asking? I have put great effort into changing the only thing I truly have the power to change; myself. And I see others doing the same. As the frequencies of sanity have risen so too have the corresponding frequencies of insanity. A clash seems inevitable. The final question then is: will humanity transform or simply become extinct.

    1. Esmond – You ask the key question: what do these warmongers who are bringing us to the edge of extinction get out of it. It so happens I am writing about that at the moment, trying to answer that for myself. Thank you. Ed

  2. I have followed Graeme McQueen work for years now and always welcome seeing his name and what he has to say. This is the second time that I have read this piece, once on the original site and then again here. To answer his question at the end of the article, yes, if we don’t stop this madness trip we have persisted with and, no, after of all places the UK said no to the last President’s idea of all out war with Syria, perhaps we will say no ourselves this next time and that will end the “urge”.

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