10 thoughts on “This RFK, Jr. Interview Is Very Significant”

  1. This is a remarkably intelligent man, and just look at his memory for the facts and the dates! Thank you so much for leading me to this video. Kennedy answers pretty much all of the relevant questions arising from this HalfWit19 panicdemic.

  2. Just finished this after three days of piecemeal listening between babysitting the grandkids. Wow. Thanks for sharing this Ed. This is an incredibly valuable interview. I’m glad I listened to the entire thing. I’m going to repost it in a comment at OffGuardian if you haven’t already done so.

    1. Great read. I was a senior in high school and have no recollection at all of this flu. I do, however, remember the murders, Vietnam and my amazing three days in Bethel. Thanks for this.

  3. There may be three family members who disagree with his stand on the safety of vaccines, but I suspect that his father and his uncle are proud of him. Thanks, Ed, for another great interview most of us would have missed.

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