The Test

She went for the test
They said to go for the test
She had just graded students’ tests
Some passed and others failed
They said everyone should take a test
Just to be sure just to be positive
She wasn’t positive and wasn’t sure
So she brought a lime
She asked them about the test
Was it a mouth or nose test
She sliced the lime
They said it was mouth
She asked for some ice
Put the ice in her mouth
Then hung a lime slice on her lip
Opened first her mouth
Then her bag
Took the corona from the bag
Opened the bottle
Took a long cool drink
Then another
For extra insurance
Not sure she passed the test

2 thoughts on “The Test”

  1. I don’t understand anything. I failed every test I took. Every test I took Failed. I don’t like beer or any other form of alcohol. I do like limes. Did I pass?

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