Phil Ochs RIP

Phil Ochs, like John Prine who just died, was a great songwriter and singer who probed the depths of our human experience and social issues of great import.  Phil died on April 9,1976.  He left us this, among other great songs:



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    1. No, no update. By “invited witness” I assume you don’t mean, nor does Glover, that Phil was in on the government’s side of the murder. He maintains he was gulled into being present as part of a plot to be able to blame it on leftist-Cuban lovers if needed.

            1. It was AutoCorrect that did it.
              The most embarrassing mistake with self correcting word was when I was invited to give a paper on earthquakes prediction in Italy. It involved the homesickness of seismic activity as a function of lunar phase. The data has to be corrected for the evection effect, how the distance from the earth to the moon effects when the phases occur. I went on at length to describe the lengths I went to go eliminate the evection effects. I printed out a copy for everyone. Right before I handed out the draft copies, I realized that AutoCorrect changed all the v’s in evection to r’s.

              1. Auto correct strikes again. Homesickness should read frequency. There are other typos…

      1. Yeah, the road to Hell is paved with good intentions. Only God knows who’s being truthful. They were in Dealey Plaza because they were invited to be there.

        Almost immediately after the JFK ritual murder there was the uncanny assemblage of rock musicians to create the LA music scene in laurel Canyon with musicians like Jim Morrison son of the ADM Morrison who reported the fictional Gulf of Tonkin incident and Frank Zappa who grew up on an Army base wheere his father, Francis Zappa, worked on chemical weapons at Edgewood Arsenal which was involved in the CIA-funded MK-ULTRA project. See the work of David McGowan.

  1. I first noticed Phil on ” Nobody cares but a small circle of friends. ” “There but for fortune” was also favorite. But “Changes” still makes my eyes tear up.

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