My absence

I’ve been ill for a while and have needed to tend to a sick relative, thus no writing for a while.  I hope to be writing shortly.  Thanks for your support.

13 thoughts on “My absence”

  1. You get well. I am thinking of you as I watch the last of Stone’s four-part JFK Revisted.

    Peace and nuclear disarmament. Dialogue. Love of children worldwide.

    1. My bad: That’s JFK: Destiny Betrayed. You wrote a great piece on JFK Revisted. This newer four-part series gets into more detail. Definitely gets the ire up for an old socialist and journalist like myself. What a destructive and murderous country AmeriKKKa is

  2. Always look forward to your writing; have been checking your website on a regular basis. Looking forward to your next post!!!

  3. What you’ve already written can be read many times. I’ve been reading your book, love it.

    I hope you and your relative recover soon.

    Thank you for your writing and inspiration.

  4. Dear Ed,

    I pray all goes as well as possible with your family’s health. I greatly appreciate your writings.


  5. Get well Ed…, the Morning Glories are blooming on the trellis. The Bees and the Monarchs are enjoying the buckwheat flours.

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