3 thoughts on “An Interview with me at Geopolitics and Empire”

  1. A marvelous interview. A dose of sanity for what is surely one of the most thoroughly propagandized nations in the world today — the United States. There should be a transcript of it. You and your interlocutor may not be entirely right on every point (on the other hand, you may be!), but this level of independent, well-considered and well-informed discussion is needed and is extremely rare outside of the Internet. I read something in a mainstream newspaper today by a Washington Post writer on the nerve gas poisoning of Sergei Skripal and his daughter in Britain, complete warmongering and sickening garbage considering what is known to be true, what is known to be not true, and what is not known to be true about this case in history. Then I thought of similar recent columns from the same Washington Post source in the same local newspaper, more deftly written but of the same low-grade quality. Really dispiriting until one considers that maybe the newspaper-reading public isn’t as gullible as these writers think they are and that — for the time being — the Internet provides here and there some perspectives that are getting more exposure, and that if the mainstream media keep this up they’ll put themselves out of business.

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