A Letter to my Classmates

The following letter was sent to me by mutual friends and I thought it would interest readers as much as it did me.

By Naimul Karim, Ph.D.

Attached is a letter that I have recently sent to my high school classmates.  This is a group with a shared experience spanning more than 50 years.  We know each other since our adolescence – all having attended an elite residential school1) for six years.  Ever since, contacts have been maintained with and within the group.

I sent the letter after realizing that they have excluded me from the next reunion, the decision having been taken behind my back.  Historically I have rarely participated in such events.  But this time, I have been expressing my interest to attend – primary because the planned reunion location is close to where my mother lives.

I have edited the original version of the letter a bit to provide some context for readers outside of the original recipient group.  I have also added a few reference links.

At this stage in my life, time is precious, and life is good.  Why then bother with such unpleasant matter?  For two reasons.  First, this incidence is a microcosm of what is happening in the larger society.  It reveals how our entire social fabric is being torn apart.  And the second one is the memory of pastor Martin Niemöller.2Today, a significant majority of Americans consider any questioning of the narrative coming from the government and the legacy media as heresy, even if the questioning is supported by factual arguments.  What happens next is generally as follows:

  • Instead of trying to understand the questions, or having a civil discussion, the majority immediately assigns certain labels to the questioner – conspiracy theorist, XYZ-denier, Trump supporter, Querdenker, etc.
  • ​If the questioning is done on social media, then those questions arcensored, ultimately leading to deplatforming of the questioner
  • ​If it is done within a physical social group (friends, neighbors, colleagues, even family) then, here too, there is rarely a factual discussion,   and the outcome is the same. But the process is different.  It all starts rather innocuously enough.  There is a quick exchange of glances, a faint smile or subtle turn of the eyes shared among the other members of the group, acknowledging that something is not quite right with the questioner.  If the questioner persists, it only goes downhill from there …. all the way to an exclusion from the group.

In my specific case, it all begun about 9 months ago when I had started raising questions about inconsistency and illogic of many things about the Covid-19 pandemic that were being told by the government, health authorities and the legacy media.  I did so within a closed WhatsApp group for our classmates only.  I have no social media presence.  I also put up a blog on my personal website listing the inconsistencies.  Back then, at the earlier stage of the pandemic, I was mostly guided by gut feel, coupled with scientific rationale, and some initial scientific data.  BTW, when I review the earlier post today, I am amazed how correct my gut feel was!

Anyway, back then I had concluded that considering the incomplete nature of the available safety and efficacy data, and my risk profile, it would be wiser for me to wait with vaccination until confirmed data become available.  Although my conclusion included a clear proviso that what is right for me may not be right for everyone, my conclusion did not sit well with my classmates.  Remember, at that time, vaccine promotion by the government, the health authorities, and the legacy media was already in full swing.  On further questioning on my part, I was accused of “confirmation bias” but was provided no examples.   At that point I left the WhatsApp group but kept in touch with them by other means.

Then came the preparation for a reunion.  This is the genesis of the letter to my classmates ….


Dear classmates,

I found out that I have been excluded from the upcoming reunion.  Fine – I haven’t attended many of them anyway. Annually wallowing in memories of adolescent mischiefs is not my cup of tea anyway.  But as the subgroup was making the decision behind my back, (yes, there always is such a subgroup), I wish that at least one person from that subgroup had the decency to inform me. There goes six years of education at our elite high school1) down the drain….

I assume that I was excluded from the event to protect other attendees from Covid-19.  What stupidity!  Obviously, you continue to uncritically consume misinformation, half-truths and lies spread by the government and the legacy media.  I know you are shocked by my strong statement.  After all, none of them have ever lied, right?

If you were not blinded by the propaganda, then you’d realize that your greatest risk of getting infected with SARS-Cov-2 comes not from an unvaccinated person but from a symptomatic person – irrespective of that person’s vaccination status (see here3) and here44)).  Interestingly, a recent study finds that some “vaccinated” persons can carry a delta variant viral load that is more than 200 times higher (than that of an unvaccinated person) before becoming symptomatic.  If that is true, then maybe you should keep your distance from “vaccinated” persons instead?

Or is it that you are trying to protect me?  That, of course, is none of your business.  As long I don’t endanger others (see last paragraph), then please leave it up to me to decide what risks I take in life.  This holds true for every adult.  But if you are still in the business of protecting responsible adults (on their behalf), then how about excluding those with multiple comorbidities and/or a weakened immune system? 

If you could think clearly, then the proper plan at the reunion would be to (a) primarily do outdoor activities, (b) have good ventilation by opening doors and windows, when you have indoor activities, (c) check everyone’s symptoms regularly, (d) wash hands frequently, etc. 

BTW, I have been jabbed once, which is obviously not good enough.  Just curious what your requirement will be for the next group event.  1 booster or 2?  And for the subsequent one?  3 or 4 boosters?  Or will it be an IV drip constantly pumping the “vaccine” in your body?  When something doesn’t work as promised, do you always double down on it?  Do you really think that the more the better, especially for an experimental drug based on an unproven technology? 

But I am not so naïve to think that protecting me/you was the primary reason for my exclusion.  If that were so, then at least one of the powerful decision-makers would have asked me about my vaccination status, and possibly asked about my willingness to take a second one.  No, my crime was much more serious – that of Thought Crime.  I question the truthfulness of government and legacy media.  I also do not blindly trust unsubstantiated claims by big pharma, like Pfizer, which was recently fined almost $3B for fraudulent claims.  Such crimes are inexcusable.

Now let’s consider a few examples that demonstrate your immense capacity to be gullible.  Despite what you are told ….

  • Strictly speaking, the jabs are not vaccines – these are experimental gene therapies made with experimental technologies. That’s why the quotation marks around these “vaccines”. The relevant technologies were developed for cancer treatment but were abandoned due to clinical failure.  None of the “vaccines” have completed clinical study.  Pfizer will be the first one to complete it in 2023!  All of them have skipped animal study and therefore, none of them have toxicokinetic data. 
  • The “vaccines” have questionable efficacy. The originally claimed 90+% referred to relative efficacy and not the more relevant absolute efficacy.  Besides, proper efficacy could not have been determined anyway because of the extremely shortened study protocol.  See how they have now moved the goal post to claim “reduced severity of symptoms”? Reduced symptoms is not a bad thing – but what else are they making up as they go along?  A lot, which you’d recognize if you did not have blinders on.
  • Covid-19 is not an exceptionally fatal disease. Its infection fatality rate in most countries is between 0.1% and 0.5% (the higher number applies to the elderly, institutionalized patients). Neither is it an untreatable disease – provided you don’t follow FDA guideline to wait at home until it gets so bad that you have to go the ER.  Long Covid is also not a unique Covid-19 phenomena.  Other viral infections have similar issues. 
  • None of the current “vaccines” can stop the infection chain because none provides sterile immunity. Neither do they provide immunity (from getting sick).  The only immunity that is iron clad is that of the “vaccine” manufacturers from getting sued for any harm caused by their experimental gene therapy products.
  • Dangerous mutants are more likely to be caused by those who have taken the current “vaccines“ vs. by the unvaccinated. You can understand this by drawing an analogy with antibiotics resistant bacteria. They emerge when incomplete and uncontrolled use of antibiotics leave behind some of the bacteria alive. These then become resistant to antibiotics (remember, what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger).  Similarly, the current “vaccines“ kill only some of the viruses but leave others alive. These surviving viruses mutate to more resistant strains. There is a scientific term for this phenomenon – escape mutation (That’s why a golden rule of epidemiology is to vaccinate before, instead of during a pandemic).   Just as it is laughable to blame antibiotics resistant bacteria on those who have never used antibiotics, it is laughable to blame the more resistant Covid mutations on those who have not been “vaccinated“.  This doesn’t change even if Fauci says otherwise. He used to be a scientist but has long turned into a politician.
  • The Pfizer “vaccine” has not been recently approved by the FDA5). Instead, FDA has issued two simultaneous letters – in one of them the EUA of the current Pfizer vaccine was extended, and in the other, a vaccine called “Comirnaty” was approved.  Both are from BioNTech, and are manufactured and marketed by Pfizer.  The approved “vaccine” Comirnaty is not yet available in the USA.
  • Naturally obtained immunity is much stronger and longer lasting than one obtained by getting one of the currently available “vaccines”. That’s because the former relies on additional mechanisms than just antibodi
  • The PCR test can determine neither infection, nor infectiousness. The test method has neither been standardized, nor validated.  It certainly cannot determine a “Covid case” because it has never been approved as a diagnostic device, and because only a clinician can determine a “case” (with the help of some diagnostic test, if needed).  And yet, PCR test positives are being misrepresented as “cases” – primarily to scare people with large “case” numbers to justify unjustifiable and harmful blunt pandemic measures

I could go on with more examples but will stop here.  I had considered most of you to be smart enough to recognize so many inconsistencies, even without my help.  But either I was wrong about you, or Mark Twain was right when he said, “It is easier to fool people than to make them concede that they have been fooled”.  

But I digress.  In case your mind is drifting towards the response I typically on similar discussions, then here are a few hints:  I am not a Trump supporter, I am not a Covid denier, and I am not an antivaxxer.  Just last month I got my Pneumovax 23 against pneumonia.

Going back to our health authorities, do you know that about 80% of both FDA and WHO budgets come from private entities directly or indirectly linked to big pharma?  Do you know that several years ago WHO had changed the definition of a pandemic to exclude mortality as a criterion6)?  Do you know that late 2020, WHO had changed its statement on herd immunity to remove the role of natural immunity (version from June 20207) vs. version from Dec. 20208))?  Do you know that pharma and health products groups together are by far the largest lobby group in the USA.?  Unfortunately, many peer reviewed medical journals are increasingly financially dependent on big pharma as well because preprints make a huge chunk of their revenue.  These are not direct evidence of collusion – but let us not be naïve about human nature.

Then there is the issue of medical experimentation on humans.  Administration of an experimental drug (which all three “vaccines” are) without Informed Consent violates both Nuremberg Code (1947) and the Declaration of Helsinki (1964). Both were instituted to prevent horrors committed by the Nazi regime on prisoners – think Dr. Mengele.  When you got your shot, did any doctor tell you that clinical studies for the vaccine are not complete yet?  Did he explain the known and possible adverse effects?  If not, then you have been subjects of human experimentation!

I am not a legal expert.  But I have many years of professional experience in developing medical products and devices that required clinical studies.  In every case, we had to strictly abide by the above two conventions – even for the simplest, and apparently most benign, human clinical studies.

BTW, If Covid-19 is such a dangerous disease, don’t you find it odd that even after 18 months, the health authorities haven’t come up with any early treatment or prophylaxis recommendations?  Does resting at home, drinking a lot of water, taking aspirin as needed, checking temperature, etc., and going to the ER if symptoms become severe look like sound advice to you for such a dangerous disease?  And while many clinicians are claiming that they can reduce Covid-19 complications and hospitalization by 80+% by using existing safe medications, FDA ia doing everything in its power to shut such voices down.

I am not partial to any individual early treatment medication for Covid-19 because any severe disease requires a regimen of therapeutics.  But I will give an example with Ivermectin to show FDA’s shameful and deceptive, if not criminal, behavior.  FDA’s website9) suggests that dumb people are overdosing themselves with a horse medicine, thanks to misinformation from some clinicians.  First of all, Ivermectin, like many many other human medicines, is also produced for animal treatment.  Ivermectin has been in use for almost 40 years to treat humans – in fact, so successfully that two of its inventors were awarded the Medicine Nobel Prize in 2015.  A medicine Nobel prize for a horse medicine, right?  Not a single proponent of Ivermectin has ever suggested that anyone takes the animal version of the medication.  So, what FDA is spreading on its website is a perfect example of someone pointing finger at another person while three fingers are pointed at himself!  Then the only reason why some people are overdosing themselves with an animal version of Ivermectin is that FDA has made it extremely difficult for physicians to prescribe, and pharmacies to sell Ivermectin. BTW, Ivermectin is one of the safest medicines, based on a track record of almost 4 billion doses prescribed. 

On its website FDA also mentions that it has not yet reviewed clinical data that many clinician groups have been providing for review since more than a year now.  Why not?  I’ll provide you with some additional dots beyond the ones I have already mentioned earlier:  emergency use authorization (EUA) for the “vaccines” would not have been possible if there were any treatment available for the disease; Pfizer’s revenue from its Covid-19 “vaccine” already exceeds $30B+; all vaccine companies have been given complete immunity from any lawsuit concerning harms from these “vaccines”; etc.  Now you may choose to connect the dots or not.

Do you remember how within months of the pandemic we were told that we can go back to normal only after sufficient number of the population will be vaccinated – with a vaccine that was not even available?  Do you know that until then it took 8-10 years for any vaccine to be developed?  From the very beginning, the pandemic measures have in reality been vaccination measures.  There is a big difference between the two.  As a result, there has been no overall cost benefit analysis. – as if huge costs related to the economy, collateral health and psychological damages, disruption of the civil society, children’s education, etc. simply do not exist.    Our friend Khand**r’s health situation is just one example.

Yes, there may be benefits of taking these “vaccines” – for some.  I made sure that my mother gets one of the “vaccines”. But there is absolutely no medical, rational, ethical, and legal ground either for vaccine mandate or vaccine pass.

Just a few more things.  Have you noticed how in 18 months, a two-week lockdown (to flatten the curve) has morphed into “show your papers”?  Today F**k Checkers of unknown credential and technical competence decide what eminent scientific and clinical experts, including Nobel laureates, are allowed to share in the public. This is akin to killing science. Science, especially in a developing area, never has one single answer.  Asking questions, proposing alternative hypotheses, creating and sharing new data to support or refute the hypotheses are the ways science advances – not by any edict from the Ministry of Truth.  Yet, that’s exactly what is happening.  The Ministry of Truth has outsourced the job to private media corporations.  Therefore, good science is one of many victims of this pandemic.  If you question the official narrative then you get censored, banned, deplatformed or excluded from a reunion.

It is amazing how otherwise intelligent people are not only fine with all these irrational and harmful measures and policies, but they are even clamoring for more.  As if they want to prove both Sheldon Wolin right on his prediction of Inverted Totalitarianism, and George Orwell’s vision of the future: “If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever”.

Life is too short and enjoyable to dwell much on such unpleasant experience.  But I had to pen this because my exclusion reminded me of Martin Niemöller, “First they came for the communists….”  

Wake the f**k up!





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  1. Even the WHO agrees that the RT-PCR is so flawed that none of the numbers from cases to infections to hospitalizations to death are meaningless for 2020. They “sarcastically” (one assumes) said the only thing would be to retest everyone!!

    Instead of stopping the use of a “test” which is not licensed as a means of detecting infection, but as emergency measures. It used 40 – 45 CT creating massive false positives. But what’s even worse? They have no isolated genome as a gold standard to test against.

    This has been known since the beginning. But instead of halting its use the RT-PCR has continued to spew out false positives throughout 2021. There are 59 versions of RT-PCR many using different computer generated genomes. There’s no isolated SARS-CoV-2, hence there is no variance – Delta or otherwise.

    By the way, neither the WH staff or Congress are mandated to get the mRNA injection.
    This is a psychological operation, pure and simple. It was hyped with specific fear tactics. (FDA has not test vaccines for nearly 40 years – they simply review big pharma’s testing.)

    People are dying from the injection. Hundreds of thousands have experience adverse reactions – according to the FDA panel member – 1000% higher than any other injection since records have been kept.

  2. As of today, Sept. 17. 2021, the CDC says: 652,871 USA death “involving” COVID-19.

    And the CDC says: “For over 5% of these deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned on the death certificate. For deaths with conditions or causes in addition to COVID-19, on average, there were 4.0 additional conditions or causes per death.”

    That would equal 32,644 deaths the CDC is saying are surely DUE TO the disease.

    And 620,227 otherwise. With an average of four co morbidity — “involving” COVID-19


    The CDC VAERS, vaccine adverse event reporting system: reports data by year since 1990.

    The below are after covid shot deaths, only after covid shot by year = 14,925
    2020 109 1%
    2021 12,417 83%
    Unknown Date 2,394 16%
    Total 14,925 100%

    Below for all shots, 1990 to present, including after covid shot deaths by year = 23,817
    1990 80 0%
    1991 164 1%
    1992 165 1%
    1993 210 1%
    1994 179 1%
    1995 122 1%
    1996 141 1%
    1997 127 1%
    1998 155 1%
    1999 148 1%
    2000 185 1%
    2001 186 1%
    2002 152 1%
    2003 199 1%
    2004 172 1%
    2005 154 1%
    2006 159 1%
    2007 229 1%
    2008 247 1%
    2009 241 1%
    2010 244 1%
    2011 212 1%
    2012 200 1%
    2013 192 1%
    2014 231 1%
    2015 188 1%
    2016 235 1%
    2017 213 1%
    2018 179 1%
    2019 184 1%
    2020 224 1%
    2021 12,570 53%
    Unknown Date 5,460 23%
    Total 23,817

    The below are after covid shot permanent disability, only after covid shot = 19,210
    2020 448 2%
    2021 17,946 93%
    Unknown Date 806 4%
    Total 19,210

    Below for all shots, 1990 to present, including after covid shot permanent disability = 38,725
    1990 146 0%
    1991 170 0%
    1992 180 0%
    1993 244 1%
    1994 197 1%
    1995 282 1%
    1996 313 1%
    1997 324 1%
    1998 359 1%
    1999 443 1%
    2000 455 1%
    2001 389 1%
    2002 321 1%
    2003 377 1%
    2004 260 1%
    2005 272 1%
    2006 384 1%
    2007 741 2%
    2008 613 2%
    2009 721 2%
    2010 591 2%
    2011 586 2%
    2012 624 2%
    2013 610 2%
    2014 733 2%
    2015 730 2%
    2016 659 2%
    2017 723 2%
    2018 817 2%
    2019 688 2%
    2020 828 2%
    2021 18,099 47%
    Unknown Date 5,519 14%
    Total 38,725

    Below after covid shot only, all adverse events/reactions to covid shot only = 701,561
    2020 27,034 4%
    2021 621,966 89%
    Unknown Date 52,288 7%
    Total 701,561 100%

    Below all shots including after covid shot, all adverse events/reactions, all shots = 1,519,356
    1990 4,031 0%
    1991 8,268 1%
    1992 9,795 1%
    1993 9,167 1%
    1994 8,656 1%
    1995 9,626 1%
    1996 10,291 1%
    1997 10,270 1%
    1998 10,190 1%
    1999 12,364 1%
    2000 12,367 1%
    2001 12,348 1%
    2002 12,735 1%
    2003 17,716 1%
    2004 13,522 1%
    2005 14,971 1%
    2006 17,144 1%
    2007 26,780 2%
    2008 26,845 2%
    2009 34,126 2%
    2010 30,213 2%
    2011 25,398 2%
    2012 27,796 2%
    2013 30,412 2%
    2014 33,058 2%
    2015 36,131 2%
    2016 33,441 2%
    2017 32,477 2%
    2018 42,731 3%
    2019 42,350 3%
    2020 57,075 4%
    2021 627,345 41%
    Unknown Date 218,213 14%
    Total 1,519,356

    Below after covid shot only hospitalizations, covid shot only = 60,741
    2020 724 1%
    2021 56,789 93%
    Unknown Date 3,212 5%
    Total 60,741

    Below all shots including after covid shot hospitalizations, all shots = 138,597
    1990 510 0%
    1991 962 1%
    1992 1,056 1%
    1993 1,082 1%
    1994 1,069 1%
    1995 1,228 1%
    1996 1,208 1%
    1997 1,134 1%
    1998 1,082 1%
    1999 1,276 1%
    2000 1,260 1%
    2001 1,282 1%
    2002 1,205 1%
    2003 1,583 1%
    2004 1,289 1%
    2005 1,502 1%
    2006 1,746 1%
    2007 3,041 2%
    2008 3,342 2%
    2009 3,624 3%
    2010 3,656 3%
    2011 3,160 2%
    2012 2,991 2%
    2013 3,155 2%
    2014 3,114 2%
    2015 3,080 2%
    2016 3,091 2%
    2017 2,891 2%
    2018 3,001 2%
    2019 2,932 2%
    2020 2,034 1%
    2021 57,197 41%
    Unknown Date 17,504 13%
    Total 138,597


    1. 5% of these deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned on the death certificate

      The main problem with those 5% is that even those are fake. Since no “expert” can distinguish a regular pneumonia from the special pneumonia (in reality it’s just a PCR kit sticker) there is no way to tell if those deaths were PCR kit sticker “COVID-19” expect if the coroner only relied on the PCR kit result.

      Remove the PCR kit tool and you have ZERO “COVID-19” deaths… Just the good and old PNEUMONIA killing as usual.

      1. Even the WHO agrees that the RT-PCR is so flawed that none of the numbers from cases to infections to hospitalizations to death are meaningless for 2020. They “sarcastically” (one assumes) said the only thing would be to retest everyone!!

        Instead of stopping the use of a “test” which is not licensed as a means of detecting infection, but as emergency measures. It used 40 – 45 CT creating massive false positives. But what’s even worse? They have no isolated genome as a gold standard to test against.

        This has been known since the beginning. But instead of halting its use the RT-PCR has continued to spew out false positives throughout 2021. There are 59 versions of RT-PCR many using different computer generated genomes. There’s no isolated SARS-CoV-2, hence there is no variance – Delta or otherwise.

        By the way, neither the WH staff or Congress are mandated to get the mRNA injection.
        This is a psychological operation, pure and simple. It was hyped with specific fear tactics. (FDA has not test vaccines for nearly 40 years – they simply review big pharma’s testing.)

        People are dying from the injection. Hundreds of thousands have experience adverse reactions – according to the FDA panel member – 1000% higher than any other injection since records have been kept.

  3. Edward Curtin… my fellow Black Sheeple!


    These are the titles of the papers that started this entire COVIDIUS CIRCUS back in 2020:

    A Novel Coronavirus from Patients with Pneumonia in China, 2019

    A pneumonia outbreak associated with a new coronavirus of probable bat origin

    Don’t you find at least curious that so many billions of “humans” suddenly became so scared to death of developing PNEUMONIA that they are willing to be injected with an experimental stew? And obeyed so religiously to such lunacy as house arrest, wearing a muzzle, OCD with alcohol liquids, closing business and all the rest?

    As if PNEUMONIA is something new.

    Well… This entire CIRCUS allowed us – black sheeple – to be even more aware about the TRUE level of Irresponsibility, Ignorance, Idiocy that the majority of our “friends”/”family” and so on actually have.

    My earlier suspicions are now confirmed… It’s a very very very low level.

    Keep that direction!

  4. There is a big difference between disapproval and (to the extent possible) disobedience to vaccine mandates and other enforced “healthcare” provision and whether or not one chooses on our own to participate and avail oneself of a particular product like the vaccines currently on the market based on one’s personal healthcare circumstances. So I completely disagree with forced vaccination in all its forms; bodily integrity and basic human decency mitigate against mandates. And I will support anyone who objects to enforced vaccination.

    Being over 50 and with potential comorbidities, I myself have chosen the admittedly imperfect protection against serious disease that seems to be afforded by the vaccines. I have had no side effects that I can see. And neither has my wife or my several older relatives that have taken the vaccines for similar reasons. Btw, I’m amused about the fear expressed by some here in re to the dreaded “spike” protein in the vaccine … you all realize the the dreaded spike is merely a piece of the RNA of the virus, right? In other words, if we actually contact the virus, we will be exposed to millions and millions of “spikes” all attaching themselves to various parts of our body, causing damage until they are nullified by our immune system.

    Good luck to all of us. The main thing here is not to divide ourselves as the ruling class would like us to do, but to stick together and support each other’s health care decisions. The equivalent of the raving vaccine enforcing fear mob the author speaks of are the commenters (some on this very page here) who fear/despise the people who have chosen to vaccinate.

    1. Yes, good luck to all of us. One possibility that I have read about on alternative sites is that the vaccines themselves are responsible for the variants like Delta. Because the vaccines don’t actually kill the virus completely, but just supposedly make symptoms less severe, the virus mutates and survives. So those who are vaccinated and contract COVID anyway are inadvertently responsible for the continuation of the disease. This may be completely false. I am not qualified to evaluate the argument, but I don’t trust BigPharma shills to give me the truth.

      I have two friends that were vaccinated (double jabs) that contracted COVID anyway. One developed a fever of 105 and was hallucinating for about 12 hours. The other developed pneumonia and took weeks to recover. I would not call either of those reactions mild.

      I believe I contracted the original SARS in Singapore in 2003. Altogether it was a two month ordeal, but I came through it with no permanent disability. Although I am 65, I consider myself healthy and active, so I choose to trust my own immune system to deal with COVID. I will also choose therapeutics if I contract the disease. I humbly suggest that you do everything possible to address your co-morbidities and boost your natural immune system.

      1. Good advice, Skip … of course, some comorbidities like a history of cancer or autoimmune issues are difficult to shake, but certainly we should all strengthen our defenses. Certainly, novel vaccines aren’t everyone’s first choice.

        Man, if you survived the original SARS, you’d likely have some protection from this version of it and all its variants. In fact, wasn’t there some thought that recent exposure to the four common cold versions of COVID viruses provides some protection?

        1. I am hoping that my experience with SARS provides some immunity from COVID. And Corona viruses are some of our common colds. I would think there would be some immunity improvements from contracting them; but I am not an expert, so I may be wrong. Another factor in my decision to remain unvaxxed is that I live in a very rural area. I also like to avoid crowds. I am one of those weird old folks you see shopping at 6am. I doubt I am much of a threat to anyone’s Grandma.

          1. I appreciate your sane and compassionate comments Skip. There is a strange type of cognitive-dissonance at play these days. I have friends who because “they themselves” have not had negative side-effects from their vaccination simply can’t imagine or believe that others might be negatively effected. For example one dear friend and I share four people in our circle, in our age bracket, who now have developed serious post-vaccine responses out of the blue with no co-morbidities or health issues prior. Three have had serious heart issues and one a serious organ response. Yet my friend who hasn’t had a negative vaccine response can’t even begin to to allow himself to entertain the thought that sudden onset heart issues in three friends and family could in any way be vaccine related. The public ‘censorship’ is bad enough, but this level of personal individual level ‘censorship’ of what one sees with one’s own eyes – in favor of believing the “official narratives” is quite frightening.

            1. Thanks Gary. I always appreciate your comments as well.

              Unfortunately, it seems to me that tribal membership has become more important than rational discourse in our society. I suspect that it is largely related to the effects of television and other forms of passive media consumption on the human psyche.

              If you haven’t already seen it, Mike Whitney has a new article at Unz review. I’m not sure how much of it I subscribe to, but it sure makes one think. Scary stuff.

  5. This article appearing on Global Research is pertinent to this discussion: https://www.globalresearch.ca/species-genetically-modified-humanity-march-toward-extinction-analysis-microbiome-virome/5753516

    This looks like an interesting analysis of what actually happened in the last couple of years, which the author says is based on recent developments in the relevant science. It seems to me that it does a good job of explaining the medical issues which arose and which were attributed to the actions of a novel virus. I would be interested to know what other people think about this. I have not researched the science on which it is based personally.

    But it does align with things long-time medical fraud investigator Jon Rappaport said early on about the real causes of excess deaths and disease in the areas hit first with the “pandemic” – Wuhan and northern Italy in particular. He said that air quality in Wuhan was so bad that the Chinese people were protesting in the streets – not a thing to be done lightly in that country.

    It points to a strategy by the powers that be to cover up the actual environmental issues caused by man which affect human health, and which any benign government (an oxymoron, as becomes increasingly clear) or institution should be addressing, with a story about a virus. That story then was used to frighten the citizens of the entire world into accepting tyrannical and otherwise pointless measures to “control the pandemic”.

    Efforts by the same or related powers have worked to redirect the efforts of the environmental movement from actual pollution and its negative effects on human health and all forms of life toward a focus on carbon dioxide, a harmless and necessary component of life.

    One might easily assume that human life is regarded as expendable in communist China with their authoritarian government and huge population. This is not supposed to be the case in western “democracies”, and certainly not in that shining beacon of human freedom, the United States of America.

    But I have found that most world events become much more understandable if the idea that the most powerful people in the world are proponents of depopulation, or what is politely called “population control”, is incorporated into the equation.

    It is easy to see that the idea of overpopulation has been sold to us since we (senior citizens) were in grade school. Combine that with the fact that some people whose families have always been extremely wealthy and powerful (especially) begin to consider themselves a breed apart from the hoi polloi, and you can understand that we live on a people farm, where humans are to be exploited and managed as a form of livestock.

    We have already, as a society, limited our procreation due both to the idea that fewer children are a good thing and the fact that the arrangement of society is such that children tend to be a burden on a household, rather than the asset they once were in rural societies. Religious objections to the methods used to achieve fewer children have been conveniently marginalized. At the same time, sex is idealized as an end in itself.

    But that is not sufficient for those who sponsor such things as The Georgia Guide Stones, which offers ideas in the spirit and the language used by the UN in describing its agendas. It recommends a world population of half a billion to maintain balance with nature.

    Of course, such a goal would entail finding some seven billion people willing to leave. Or perhaps willing to obediently undergo whatever medical interventions are dictated to them to alleviate a fear of death or a fear of leaving the safety of the herd.

  6. No one likes to admit they’ve been had. Lied to. Willingly duped. Played for a Fool. Taken a JAB and afraid they’re going to die from it or have long-lasting side effects.

    Unfortunately all of us on the OTHER side of the fence need to let these people go. They have stumbled wilingly into the abyss. We cannot force them to “see the light”. They either will or they won’t.

    We need to concentrate on making connections with like minds for they will lift us up.


  7. While I agree with the writer’s position based on data of the injection, this is a psychological operation. She writes about the first of many layers.

    Once the injections, aka “vaccine” became available and pushed, the great divide commenced. The psyop works on the vast majority of people. Some only see the injection and lack of efficacy and low harm done by the “virus”. But they don’t question the fundamentals: 1) is there a pathogenic virus 2) does the RT-PCR actually determine infection of a pathogen? If it doesn’t than all this is just fiction including viral load which is determined by RT-PCR.

    For social creatures who have wandered far from their “tribe” they are suffering. The answer: find a new tribe. They exist. It’s hard when you’ve had so-called friends “forever”…but it’s time to breakup or where possible peacefully co-exist. But what is illogical cannot be undone through logical discussion, facts and the like. There is no medical prevention for a psy-op. RE link below.

    “The ideal subject of totalitarian rule is not the convinced Nazi or the dedicated communist, but people for whom the distinction between fact and fiction, true and false, no longer exists.” ~ Hannah Arendt

    This essay by Kit Knightly (OffGuardian) brilliantly connects September 11, 2001 with our current psychological op. https://off-guardian.org/2021/09/13/covid-9-11-forever-war/

    1. I agree. I am reading “The Shock Doctrine” by Naomi Klein and it lays the scheme out brilliantly. Decades in the making…

  8. Thanks for sharing this Ed. Clearly the deceptive policy practices at the CDC are now conveniently avoiding calling post-vaccination injury and death what they actually are – by simply claiming a 14 day moratorium on designating someone as officially “vaccinated” after they have taken the “vaccines.” I hate to think ill of our benevolent caring authorities, but my guess would be that untold numbers of people who have had the vaccine, yet have not passed the post-vaccine 14 day “waiting period” to be called “officially vaccinated” – are now when entering the hospital for “post-vaccine injury” being routinely given the absurd 35-45 cycle PCR test to almost guarantee a false positive – and then conveniently are being labelled as an “unvaccinated covid death” should they expire – even though in any rational science based world they would be labelled a “vaccine related death.” We have long passed any point that this kind of blatant manipulation and deception can be explained by mere “incompetence,” this is clear and obvious criminal behavior that is leading to death, to loss of civil liberties and of course to massive profits for those who matter.

  9. This would have made sense if the author hadn’t been vaccinated. But he has. I stopped reading when I learned this. What he proves – and I have been noticing this a lot – is that people will outright condemn and strongly criticize what is going on in our world today…….but then comply anyway. These people are perhaps more dangerous than anyone else.

    1. I agree that it is somewhat incongruous, as I note in my comment below, that the author of the letter has had one shot and also made sure his mother was part of the experiment. My interpretation is that his understanding of the situation has improved since he got the one shot, and I think it is implied that he was supposed to get two, but did not, which is why he isn’t included in the event. If he was in compliance, there would be no need for the letter.

      “Yes, there may be benefits of taking these “vaccines” – for some. I made sure that my mother gets one of the “vaccines”.” Here is where he falls short, believing that it makes sense for his mother (and it sounds like he is making her decisions). He understands that these are not what they are portrayed to be, that this is an experiment with unknown consequences, but doesn’t know of any better way to protect his mother than to have her participate as a trial subject.

      Just in talking to people in different places, I have heard a number of accounts, from people who knew them, of old people dying or becoming disabled soon after the injections. If someone is more vulnerable due to age and/or health to the virus, they are also more vulnerable to the adverse effects of the shot.

      In such a situation, we are all working from incomplete information, so it is hard to blame the letter-writer for not knowing all the facts. It is good that he has come as far as he has after already starting the experiment on himself.

      Many people don’t want to hear anything about the dangers of the official treatment after they’ve already taken it. One otherwise excellent author and owner of a popular webzine which publishes good information on this (by other authors) and many topics is emphatically uninterested in the subject, and it seems that he was an early trial subject in the experiment, though that is my own speculation.

  10. I have just finished reading this article on Global Research (minus your brief introduction), and I see now that it is credited to this Behind the Curtain website as original publisher. The author does an excellent job of summing up both the mounting evidence of fraud by the medical and political establishments and the social ramifications of the lies being sold to the gullible and insouciant US public.

    Personally, I would question why, in the face of the evidence provided by the VAERS and other reporting systems that the injected solutions in less than a year have been responsible for twice as many deaths as reported for all other inoculations combined since the system’s initiation last century, would the author both get one injection himself and make sure his mother was subject to the experiment?

    Other serious adverse effects have also been reported in unprecedented numbers. And those numbers are a small fraction of the actual adverse effects, as can be discovered in reading the stories of those who have had them, not to mention the study published a few years ago which found that only about 1% of adverse events are reported.

    And of course, it is not possible to determine the long-term effects, which according to some researchers could impact a majority of those taking part in the experiment.

    It is, I suppose, a statement about the power of propaganda and the trust even the most astute may have in authority, by habit if nothing else.

    Fortunately the author has seen sense, and what is more, has frankly communicated his position to his classmates and pointed out the dystopic nature of the process which led to his exclusion from the reunion event. “Divide and rule” is still a major tenet of the interlocking organizations of the wealthy and powerful which seek to further enhance and protect their exalted places in what they like to think of as the world order.

    All of us who see the deceptions should do something similar, if not writing such a letter, at least speaking up to our relations or friends when the subject comes up. It is uncomfortable to stand alone against the group, but there are some within the group who may have doubts in the official narrative and who need to know there are others who think the same way.

    In my experience, expressing such disagreement can open the door for others to relate their own honest thoughts. I found that some of my nieces and nephews had been advised by their doctors to wait or to not take part in the experiment due to pregnancy or other medical conditions. One of my elder in-laws with serious medical issues and on oxygen said that he had gotten one shot, but had such a bad reaction that he would not get the second dose.

    This crime against humanity must not go unopposed, and we cannot depend on any white knight to deliver us from the progressive tyranny which is incrementally shredding the constitution and replacing it with an illusion of safety reserved for the obedient.

    1. Thank you Eddy, for raising two valid questions. First about my mother. She is a frail, octogenarian, living with my brother’s family. They provide excellent care for her – something I could not. It was their wish to get my mother vaccinated, and I had to defer to their wish. They are a busy family. They have children to raise and they both work (one of them is a physician). Since I am retired, and have more time, I took up the job of checking for availability and making appointments for my mother. Remember, as anoctogenarian, my mother was offered the vaccine very early on when very little was known through VAERS. So, “I made sure that my mother got a vaccine” was an inaccurate phrase to use on my part.

      As for me, I took one jab of Moderna under extreme familial duress for reasons I won’t get into here. But I used the opportunity to try to awake the clinicians at the site from their stupor. I raised all the relevant issues, including the ethics of human experimentation. As a result, I was led to a separate room to discuss my objections with the “head medical honcho” of the site. She was poorly informed on almost all issues and had no answer to my questions. I hope my factual conversation with her made her stop and think, if not immediately, but down the road. In that sense, my “sacrifice” may have had some positive impact.

      Here is some good news. My classmates have reached out to me to assure that it was an unfortunate lack of communication rather than deliberate intent. They are welcoming me to attend the reunion. I’ll give them the benefit of doubt but will not attend, also because of the shortness of the notice.

      We did not discuss the two core issues – Covid, and stigmatization of dissent. But I am confident that my letter did prompt them to pause and rethink. I give them credit for that. I’ll stay in touch and down the road, I am sure, there will be some discussion on both.

      The whole episode has made me pause and think as well. Until now, I was primarily interested in understanding the reality, or intellectually deconstructing the matrix, as I used to say. I have let others believe what they want to – also because I have no “save the world gene” in me. But maybe that is not the right attitude.

      And finally, Ed had removed my intro, both from his site and Global Research, on my request. If anyone is interested in certain aspects of my background, please e-mail me and I’ll respond.

      1. The “healthcare” workers who bully people into getting JABBED are “supporting the killing machine” and should be sued for malpractice, arrested, executed – whatever it takes to remove them from the Medical-Pharmaceutical-Industrial-Complex.

        This might be of interest to you and Mr. Curtin’s readers:

        This is a WAR for your soul, for the soul of the World.
        1:07 PCR tests are under EUA and therefore they are experimental; and therefore they cannot be mandated under law. Under federal law it is a violation to mandate the PCR test. There may nanoparticles and graphene on the swabs.
        1:16 …you’re supporting this killing machine.

      2. Thank you very much for your reply, Naim. It does clear up those questions which I brought up, and confirms some of my guesses about the circumstances. It does make sense that your mother would be offered the inoculations early on, when not much was actually known. Hopefully, she has come through in good shape.

        I am glad you raised the issues you did with the medical staff and made the most of that opportunity.

        And it is hopeful that your classmates did ultimately invite you to the reunion, though one wonders if it was not your letter that made them ensure you were invited.

        Your letter was an excellent idea, and I hope more of us will do similar things to help inform those who have ears to hear.

  11. This brilliantly written letter perfectly describes what I’ve been experiencing for the past year and a half. Sadly, I have only one friend to whom to forward this. All the rest have been weeded, or weeded themselves, out of my life. I now understand how Nazi Germany happened. I’m seeing it with my own eyes. Thank you, Naimul, for writing this beautiful, powerful letter. Thank you, Edward, for posting this crucial, essential message. God bless you both.

  12. Because of my views (also based on extensive research as well as experiences working in the pharma industry) largely align with yours, I’ve been disinherited, so I can relate to your betrayal. The Twain quote undoubtedly points at much of the problem, but I think there’s more to it.
    For many people, the lockdowns and isolation were unbearable. Like a prisoner in solitary isolation, they were ready to accept any plan offering release from their misery, whether sensible or not. When we point out the lack of sense in the official narrative, they think we’re trying to stuff them back into their personal hell, and react accordingly. We can only hope that time will reveal the truths to them, but I’m not holding my breath.

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