30 facts you NEED to know: Your Covid Cribsheet

The following article by Kit Knightly from Off-Guardian is so good and important that I am linking to it here.  We are, as I’ve written before, in a battle for the soul of the world, and what Kit presents here needs a very wide readership.

30 facts you NEED to know: Your Covid Cribsheet

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  1. This is from GR this morning:

    Some of this reminds me of an idea which recently occurred to me. It has been apparent that George W. Bush was selected for the leading role in 2000 due to his appearance of stupidity., as well as the fact he was from a wealthy and famous family. This was in harmony with the idea that the events of 2001 were a result of incompetence, not evil intent. It was “a failure of imagination”, despite the entire thing having been imagined and drilled for, “coincidentally” at the time of the actual attacks.

    I’m thinking that our current head puppet was selected due to his appearance of dementia, so that the progressive destruction of the country in progress can also be deemed the result of incompetence, whereas it is a combination of an inexorable breakdown of the economic system and the “solution” applied by the powers that be (which appears to be to make it worse and blame it on the virus). The previous puppet could have filled the role, but was not reliable and talked too much. Plus many people already thought of him as evil, encouraged by the nonstop shrieking by the media.

    Is it reasonable to think that because GWB was incompetent that the failure of NORAD to do what they do everyday is also due to incompetence? No. But it is not necessary to say that it was. The president is always praised or blamed for things which he had nothing to do with. The period of time was colored by the fact of the Bush presidency.

    Likewise, when the outrageous actions of the powerful are channeled through Joe Biden, they become associated with his persona, which these days is pretty vague and distracted most of the time, and unable or unwilling to answer questions. The breakdown in progress will be viewed through the lens of the Biden presidency, and that also goes for the failures inevitable in the coming “build back better” phase.

    Someone will have to take the fall for at least some of this stuff, and who better than someone who is already almost down?

    1. “Is it reasonable to think that because GWB was incompetent that the failure of NORAD to do what they do everyday is also due to incompetence?”

      THANK YOU for mentioning NORAD. That’s one of the first things I wondered the morning of the attacks. “WTF?” They were nowhere to be found…

  2. Thank you for posting, Ed. Good piece substantiating the manipulation, but there’s just one fact, and yes it is a fact, there is no proof of an isolated pathogenic virus. What we have is in silo computer simulation from a catalog of chromosome patents. It’s fabricated. The logic I learned in school is that first principles must be met before one can proceed. The biology is fraudulent brought to you through the magic of bio-technology and meta-genome gaming. The fabrication is used in the RT-PCR to produce high false-positives (as well as the calibration of CT to 40+) as well is what appears to be a formula for a mRNA/synthetic spike protein injections. This may have been the “gain of function” discussed rather than the creation of a pathogenic virus.

    The many facts Kit presents are important, but they are the exposure of the “tools” of a psychological operation, intended to deceive, control and assure full spectrum domination. So far, for the most part, it’s working. You can fool just enough people all the time, or to paraphrase GW Bush: You can fool some of the people all of the time, and those are the ones we need to concentrate on.

    The rulers know what they are working with and what they’re doing. They may have to improvise from time to time. This is not, nor ever has been a health “Pandemic”.

    1. I am not a medical researcher or physician, however it’s become apparent that two major factors are missing in the “pandemic”. One is as noted a proven pathogenic virus. (That it may exist is no cause for proceeding as if it does.) Second that there is no proven contagion. Studies attempting to prove the hypothesis that a “viral” infection can and is transmitted from one person to the next has never been demonstrated. In fact try as they might medical researchers could not show any indication of a sick person transmitting a infection to a healthy person.

      These are 2 critical pieces of the “pandemic” story. If there’s no proof of either, than there can be no health reasons for any of the measures taken. It’s not that the mRNA injection does or doesn’t prevent “spread”, but that there is no proof of any “spread” whatsoever! This is simply an exploitation of a long held myth.

      In Milan, Italy this was very apparent in early 2020. There is no proof of people who were test positive for “COVID” infected anyone else. This should have been cause for further investigation into other biological explanations rather than running with the notion of an unproven pathogenic virus. Dr. Ilana Nurpi practicing in Italy provides some important research. In the case of the severe symptoms – not attributed to pneumonia or influenza – Dr. Nurpi shows that the older people suffering from what has been called “COVID” in fact were suffering from a neurological disease – likely caused by the medications they were taking and potentially triggered by the installation of 5G. The important point not to miss is that his research demonstrates the connection but requires, as he indicates, further in depth investigation. This is what should have happened from the start. We don’t know what caused illnesses in Wuhan, but thus far it’s clear there is no “virus” to point to.

      Of course while there may have been some illness triggered by microwave and medications, there is still the issue of why the global response. Here the story has nothing to do with health at all.

      1. M. thanks for the link. I’ve been following the presentations. I think they’ve helped on the RT-PCR and general sense that this is a lockstep psychological operation.

        However, the key is still the “pathogenic virus” and “contagion” which are the foundation of all such “pandemics”. In this (and all others) there’s never been an isolated, purified or characterized pathogenic virus which as proven through the scientific method of Koch/Rivers Postulates to cause an illness, and no evidence of physical transmittal from person to person contagion, the whole scam is fraudulent from the get-go.

        Regarding these investigations, they have never interviewed the German microbiologist/virologist Stefan Lanka. Dr. Lanka has actually requested to provide testimony and it never materialized. Nor have Drs. Cowan and Kaufman of the US who have done extensive research on the history of “germ theory” and it’s lack of scientific proof as well as the lack of any proof of contagion.

        As long as this is hinted at or ignored, such fear-mongering of invisible “pathogens” and the nefarious “vaccination campaigns” will continue to rule. Dr. David Martin has come closest to providing important findings regarding the lack of a proven pathogen.

        Dr. Reiner Fuellmich has done an admirable job in targeting the fraudulent RT-PCR; however the fear mongering and decades of indoctrination have not been penetrated yet. He and I would agree, see the judiciary as so corrupt as to be yet one more road block to ending this madness.

    2. The no-plane theory was an obvious Cass Sunstein cognitive infiltration psy-op. I fear the no-virus theory will accomplish the same goal, which is to kill nascent Covid-truthers in the crib. Of course, that has nothing to do with the actual truth (that indeed the virus has not been isolated) but will be used as a bludgeoning tool nonetheless. “My grandpa died of the virus; how dare these anti-vaxxers say it doesn’t exist! They should be [fill-in-the-blank] fined? quarantined? rendered? executed?!” It reminds me of the role of Zionism in 9/11….beginner truthers would start asking questions about thermite and get barraged by a history of the Rothschild family. People need to drink water from a faucet, not a firehose. This list accomplishes that. Maybe from there, curious minds will start looking into Corona patents from 2001, DARPA etc.

      1. Two days after receiving his 2nd JAB, our neighbor’s son was rushed to the emergency room complaining of chest pains. He is in his early thirties and has no history of heart issues. He was diagnosed with an ENLARGED HEART. Additionally, he developed meningitis. When the doctors performed a spinal tap they found large amounts of SPIKE PROTEINS.

        My boyfriend HAS heart issues. The matter of blood clots from these JABS (no matter how “small” the “experts” say the chances are) would mean SUDDEN DEATH FOR HIM.

        I am sick of individuals who choose to point fingers and spit venom at those of us not willing to get JABBED. Those people don’t care about anyone but themselves. They are selfish, self-centered, narcissistic neanderthals. May they rot in hell.

  3. This is an excellent collection of information and links to sources, which if anyone takes the trouble to read, they should have some understanding at least of what has been perpetrated on the world in the last year and a half.

    But of course, many will not trouble to read it. Many will, if they get that far, see “Off-guardian” and remember from somewhere that some fact-checker said they were a disinformation site. But all we do is plant seeds, and hope they grow.

    1. Hello Eddy…It seems as if it is easier for most people to simply ‘parrot’ the lies of the emperor in place of thinking. Are we so drained of our humanity that lies are preferred in place of the fear of ‘feeling’ ourselves?

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